2018 Ford Ranger

Judging by the old rumors and the newest leaks, there will be an all new 2018 Ford Ranger. It will not be something we are used to seeing. Do not expect anything similar to the fourth generation. That is not official, but the new Ranger is probably going to be a lot bigger than the previous models. All that, and more, was leaked by Ford’s designer on Reddit. Although that user has erased his account, the posts are there and it seems like nobody has flagged them so far.

The user himself didn’t have any reason to lie. His answers were compendious and precise; just like you would expect from someone who actually knows what he/or she is talking about.

History of This Model

The Ranger has changed a couple of purposes. The last one was a compact pickup truck which was sold in North America and in some parts of South America. There was a parallel production of the Ranger model meant for the international markets.

Although the production for the US markets was canceled in 2011, production for the international market never stopped. International model is called Ford Ranger T6, and that one is our main hope.

The main difference between the two models is its size. The T6 is a much bigger vehicle, much closer to the Ford F150. Back in 2011 company feared that the American market would flop because they already had the F-150 as their favorite.

Release Date and Price

The production of this vehicle is probably going to start during these first months of 2017 and it will be released in 2018. The price range is not determined because they just finished the development. You can expect it to go from $25,000 for the basic version to $55,000 or even $60,000 for the highest trim level and the strongest engine in the lineup.

Ranger’s Exterior Design

Everything the Reddit’s user had to say about it was that it is going to be a facelifted version of the newest T6 model.

Do not expect it to change a lot. Maybe you could expect some cosmetic changes around the headlights, taillights and the tailgate. Headlights are of course going to have a LED daytime running lights because there is no new vehicle without them.

The platform is going to be a body on frame, which means a little bit heavier vehicle but a much stronger design than the unibody. They will leave the unibody design to the future Honda models.

The body on frame is a heavier construction but a lot more flexible. The frame is the one that is holding all the bits and joints together and not the body. It is possible to change the body of the vehicle at will, which is not the case for the unibody architecture. That one has the engine and suspension directly attached to the body, which is good only for the weight.

All three cab versions are going to be present. The Regular Cab, Crew Cab, and Super Cab. The Crew Cab with 5-foot bed and the Super Cab with a 6-foot bed will be an extra paid options. Crew Cab versions are going to be marketed as family trucks and Super Cab trims are going to be marketed as a “work trucks”.

The design itself is probably going to be an exact copy of the Ford Ranger T6 and a main competitor to the Colorado. The size is going to be far from the fourth generation Rangers. The reason for that is the market research. They simply cannot afford the new flop on the US market. The research has proven their thesis about the profitability of that kind of a project. It is simply not possible to sell any small, compact SUVs. Everyone wants those big trucks like F-150. That is why they will make the Ford Ranger closer to the size of F-150. Our concern is that they are in a great danger to eat the sales of their own vehicle…

Same Interior as on T6?

The one strange thing that was coming and going from all the forums are the cup holders. Americans need soda drinks in their vehicles, so they demand new cup holders. Strangely enough, the “mole” confirmed that speculation… Oh, the humanity…

The design of the global Ranger is slick and uncluttered. There are a console-mounted shifter and a 4WD switch. That central console is going to have the SYNC where you will find navigation, hands-free phone control, voice controls and a “birds eye” 360-degree camera system, just like in F-150.

Seats are going have a couple of trims. The lower variations are going to have cloth and (maybe) even vinyl all over. Of course, as you go higher on the trim levels, you will see wood, metal, and clean nice leather.

Engine Options

When asked about the engine, “traitor” (as one of the users called him) said that he doesn’t know anything for sure but he can speculate like anyone else. He said that there are some combinations that are being considered and that it is very hard to say anything about the possible MPG. But the obvious thing is that they are not going to make anything as thirsty as F-150. It will have better mileage, for sure, because that was one of the main flaws of the last generation.

The sportier version of the old Ranger SVT concept from the 90’s is also a possibility. Same goes for the autonomous driving, but he is certain about the parking and trailer assist options.

The most likely option will be a 3.2 liter inline five cylinder turbodiesel. If they can afford that kind of a risk, of course. That kind of an engine is already present in some of the vans, and it has 185 hp. The other option for Ford is to tweak the power stroke. That would be the Ranger’s premium offer…

The EcoBoost is something you can’t imagine Ford’s vehicle without. The 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6 is the most likely option.

The gasoline option will also be included. Something with four cylinders like 2.3 liter EcoBoost l-4. That could give the new Ranger some additional 280 ponies and some decent 310-pound feet of torque. All that power will be tamed by a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic.


The existence of this vehicle is no longer a secret. Especially after the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. Ford actually announced three new vehicles there: the new 2018 F-150, Ford Ranger, and Ford Bronco. And since it is official, somebody from the company decided to tell us something about the vehicle.

The things he had to say astonished us all. We understand Ford’s need to sell their vehicles as best as they can, but it is not logical to make a vehicle of a similar size and class as their currently most profitable model. Of course, we are talking about the F-150. Why would they make a competition for their own vehicle? Maybe they think that the US market demands some refreshment… That would be the most obvious reason…

The new 2018 Ranger is going to look a lot like the current Ranger T6, it will have the same size as the tenth generation of the Ford F-150 and it will have three Cab versions. That is all we know so far. One more quality vehicle is something that can’t hurt anyone, but do we actually need it?

We are curious about your opinion… Do we need another Ford Ranger, which is the same size as the F-150? Please leave your comment.

Image sources: www.carsoid.com

2018 Ford Expedition

There were some awesome pictures going around the Internet, showing the 2018 Ford Expedition under the camouflage cloth. That may and may be not the right vehicle under the cloth. Generally speaking, Ford hasn’t come out with any official information about the Ford Expedition, but there are those rumors. All kinds of reviewers are trying to make out of them, some decent news and there is one, that totally got our attention. The name of his channel on YouTube is Town and Country TV and it looks like the guy actually knows something, we didn’t know.

Ford Expedition is the one SUV, Ford hasn’t changed a lot since the mid-’90s. Actually, there was an intention to completely discontinue the product, after the 2017 release. But, some rumors started spreading; the sales of the good old Expedition raised to the level, Ford had to do something. Or we like to think that. That is how, all the rumors started spreading, including the newest rumor about the whole aluminum body.

The reviewer actually worships Ford Trucks and has an automotive Ford dealership. He said that he was on some kind of a presentation in Las Vegas somewhere at the end of the last year. During that presentation, Ford’s manager showed some vehicles, including something that looked like an empty shell of the 2018 Ford Expedition. Why an empty shell? Well, it was an empty shell, because they weren’t able to see anything inside. Furthermore, the managers actually pushed the vehicle to the reviewer and his crew for that presentation, so there wasn’t an engine inside either. That draws a necessary conclusion that 2018 Ford Expedition has a long way ahead, towards the production version.

When Are We Going To See It?

Since there are no plans to unveil the newest 2018 Ford Expedition during the current Detroit Auto Show, we think that the chances are pretty high for the Michigan Auto Show during the early days of February 2017. The price is really an impossible thing to talk about since this vehicle hasn’t been confirmed yet. It is confirmed to the dealerships, but it’s still a secret for the public.

What Did It Look Like?

Many of us, reviewers or people who actually think we know what we are doing were allegedly wrong. This gentleman very confidently said that all the spy photos were wrong. That they were all lie. He described the vehicle like a total redesign; like something we are not used to getting from Ford. And that guy is Ford’s dealer so he certainly knows what he is doing. His sales depend on whether or not he is well informed about Ford vehicles. And when he says that this full-size SUV looks a bit like F150, we believe him.

The front and back of the vehicle pretty much remained in the spirit of the Expedition, profile looks like F150 and the main cause for the heavy resemblance to the F150 is the shared platform. The new 2018 Expedition is actually going to grow on the basis of F150. That is actually one of the biggest worries everybody had, prior to the F150 showcase. The main reason for that was the eventual price increase, having in mind the high price of the aluminum.

The commodity of that “shared platform” is actually the easiness of the update implementation. The F150 gets refreshed almost every year, because of its great platform. On the other hand, Ford Expedition only got some mild changes ever since its first release in 1997.

One of the alleged biggest differences (apart from the aluminum) is its profile look. There is some waist line going through the upper part of the doors. That detail is closest to the looks of the 2016 Lincoln Navigator Concept.

What Will The Interior Look Like?

Unfortunately, no one, except the actual car designers, has had an opportunity to see the interior. But, based on the rumors that the entire architecture is going to be taken from the F150, we must assume that the interior is not going to be taken out of that equation.

You can expect the same infotainment system and pretty much the same (or similar) seat layout. There will be three rows of seats with power seat option for higher trim levels. The quality of seats is naturally going to vary depending on the trim you choose.

The dashboard will have the two analog gauges and a digital information screen in the middle. There will also be an infotainment screen in the central part of the dashboard with integrated Sync3. Of course, all that is a pure speculation, because no one has had an opportunity to see the interior of the vehicle.

EcoBoost Again?

The 2018 Ford Expedition is going to be a continuation of the EcoBoost’s usage. This has slowly become one of the hallmarks for Ford. They listened to their drivers and continued to work on something that was highly praised all over the United States.

This particular engine is also going to be transferred from the F150 and we don’t see any reason that performance is going to be different in any way. It is going to use the 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine with 375 hp and 470-pound feet of torque. It will go from 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and it will use the all new 10-speed automatic transmission. When combined, those elements can produce really good mpg, but no one wants to say anything official on that subject. Everything Ford’s officials may be used against them… obviously.

Pros And Cons

Visual styling and the engine are going to be best things coming from the 2018 Ford Expedition. Visuals are going to be unique for this vehicle and one of the most refreshed Fords out there.

Cons are going to be those scissor doors if and when they think that is a good idea.


2018 Ford Expedition and all the details are not official. Since the product hasn’t been officially announced and presented by the official manager publicly, the company holds its rights to cancel or change everything that was announced to their dealers.

Image sources: www.caranddriver.com

2018 Chevrolet Equinox

I am not fond of any muscle car or SUV, just because of their thirst. I have become some new man in the previous years. A great majority of my friends think that I am crazy and that I don’t know anything. They like their car to be noisy. They would like some v8 or v12. They would like to hear their engines roar. I am not saying anything against the sound, but I like my cars to be ecology friendly. That is the only thing I have against those “stronger” cars. But, this time, I am not standing behind my words, and I can say that I really like the new 2018 Chevrolet Equinox.

Equinox was presented in 2010 and it was refreshed in 2016. We thought that there was some truth behind all the rumors, but we have expected nothing like this. The vehicle was actually available during the Detroit Auto Show. Anyone could enter and try it. Every single opinion was the same. Very roomy, elegant and (if the info is correct) it is very cheap to drive.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox Release Date and Price

The exact 100% certain release date is nowhere to be found. You can go to the official website and build your own setup and order the vehicle, but there are no official dates. The only general information is that it is going to be available for, us mortals, during the summer of 2017.

The base price for the vehicle is $23,580 and you can get a lot for that price. The average fuel efficiency is going to be 40 MPG. That number is only for the 1.6L Turbo Diesel engine. We are going to cover that side of the story later in the text.

What Has Changed?

The 2018 edition is a total redesign of the vehicle and that is simply noticeable as soon as you catch a glance of the vehicle. The entire exterior is perhaps recognizable only because of the insignia this SUV proudly wears at front. While we are there, there is no way that we can neglect the front fascia and a huge grille. Beautiful design which lives in symbiosis with menacing LED daytime running lights. The entire hood is also redesigned and just like some blogger wrote a couple of weeks ago, “it looks like chevy has been going to the gym lately”. Seriously, the hood is now more muscular and, although it is still very short, it looks larger. I don’t know. Maybe that is simply something like a buffed up Hobbit.

The Same philosophy goes around the car with the subtle edge, going all across the vehicle, and stops at really cool taillights.  Now placed vertically, split by the hood they now look more exotic and not just bland like the previous versions. The entire body is somehow molded better, and it now looks like some elegant sculpture with a curve here, a bump there and there you go. You have the best version of the Chevy Equinox ever made.

The next detail that should be interesting for everyone is the diet this car has gone through. It miraculously stripped over 400 pounds, which, again takes us to yet another reason, this car is so fuel efficient.

Look at the Inside

The entire interior has been done to please the customers. There are tons of security measures for you as a grown up and your kids. Teenagers to be precise.

Trim levels are L, LS, LT, and Premiere. You could choose to have the FWD or AWD version. While the AWD shows itself as better with only $4,000 to differentiate them. The AWD is made to be the smart version of the “mountain crawler”, where it automatically turns itself off when the computer doesn’t see it as a necessity. Thus, you save fuel, and you still have the commodity of bringing your family and friends through the treacherous trails over the hills and mountains. Or you could just go by yourself because you are an adventurer.

As we could notice, all trim levels have the central infotainment screen and only the Premier trim has leather seats with driver memory. Every trim level will have an optional collision alert triggering the “not so subtle” vibration underneath you. Maybe the audio warning you could see on the previous version had some flaws, or you couldn’t react in time. Other options go from smart high beams to teenage control. That teenage control is one very interesting option and it exists as a spy for you. It will activate some extra safety options like side blind zone alert, forward collision alert and low speed forward automatic braking. The computer remembers every single problem your “young hope” had during the drive. It will basically point out every single detail like distance, speed, over speed, collision alerts, etc.

The rest of the safety measures are nothing special for one modern vehicle. Stuff like Low speed forward automatic braking, lane keep assist and forward collision alert are the stuff taken from the semi-autonomous vehicles.

Available exterior colors are Nightfall Gray Metallic, Silver Ice Metallic, and Summit White. Premium color which costs somewhere around $400 is Orange Burst Metallic. The only interior color is Medium Ash Gray.

Green Engine

There will be three versions of engines for this SUV: the 1.6L Turbo Diesel Engine, 1.5L Turbo Engine, and 2.0L Turbo Engine.

First one is going to be the best of the bunch. When combined with all the previously mention attributes like lower weight and Switchable AWD, it will bring you to 40MPG, on a highway. The estimated fuel consumption for the 1.5L is somewhere around 31MPG, while we don’t have any numbers for the 2.0L. But there is something special with the 2.0 and that is an ease you can feel when trying to tow anything. Hell, you can even try to tow the Titanic with the Tow/Haul switch just below the shifter. If you are to believe everything one company tells you in order to sell something to you.

Final Verdict

The 2018 Chevrolet Equinox is one well-designed monster. It would be the smart decision if you are trying to find the perfect SUV for you. It is certainly one of the most fuel efficient SUVs you can find and it comes with a nice price tag. There are some extraordinary safety technologies and you can open your trunk by placing your leg under the rear bumper. Isn’t that groovy?

Image sources: www.motorauthority.com, www.netcarshow.com