2019 BMW Z5

Details about the 2019 BMW Z5 Release Date

The information which surfaced about the 2019 BMW Z5 finally being revealed took everyone by surprise. After the merger between the Bavarian giant and the Japanese automaker, everyone expected to get a potentially good vehicle. But this one really came out of the blue. Even with us expecting a car that should shape the demographic of the industry in the coming months, we are still bewildered with what is in store for us.

The prototype version of the 2019 BMW Z5 was finally seen on the road. It is still heavily camouflaged during its cold weather testing. But there is a lot that we are still able to discern. The very fact that they have gotten to this stage only tells us how far ahead they actually are. In terms of finally seeing this car live, we predict that the release date will probably be somewhere in late 2018 or early 2019. Whatever the case may be, we are absolutely looking forward in getting the first model that marks the start of an unexpected but hopefully a very fruitful relationship.

2019 BMW Z5 Potential Price

Assessing the price of the 2019 BMW Z5 is pretty hard to do. This vehicle is still in development and there are scarce information, not only about the price, but also for the better part of the vehicle itself. It makes it so much harder to determine just how much the vehicle is going to cost.

But we are fairly sure that the price will be a hefty one. Releasing this car will not be an easy task but we are sure that it will find its niche audience quite easily. If we were to make a guess, we are choosing to base the pricing on the current Z4 model. This vehicle is worth $49,700 based on the latest figures. So the estimations for the price of the 2019 BMW Z5 will most likely be about $55,000, before options. We will probably get the confirmation about the price as soon as the release date is set.

Rumored 2019 BMW Z5 Car

No body actually expected that the 2019 BMW Z5 would even be a thing. After the big merger that happened between BMW and Toyota, everyone was expecting for big things to happen. We were only waiting the day to come when we were finally going to see what the end result was going to be.

For a long time, rumors were swirling about a comeback for the Z4 model. After the revival of the Supra, the Z4 was the next best thing. Everybody got really excited about potentially seeing this car. But the truth was actually much different in the end.

What we got is the 2019 BMW Z5, which comes out as a replacement for the Z4 model. The newest roadster vehicle was in development for quite some time now. We only managed to attest to this vehicle only after the release of the spy photos.

The car is in its cold weather testing stage of development and it only seems that it will only get better with time. We are ever so hopeful to see this car come out and it appears that we have not been properly excited about a certain vehicle for quite some time now.

Some 2019 BMW Z5 Exterior Details

The look of the 2019 BMW Z5 will follow the one of the Z4 vehicle. But this one will have its own unique traits and characteristics which will make it a perfect successor. A lot of it is still a mystery. You can hardly discern anything from the thick layer of camo. But there are some parts that you cannot deny are there.

We were able to notice a long hood, short overhangs, a short rear deck, and a low riding position. What this model adds that the previous Z4 did not is the folding metal roof which will be a novelty for the newest vehicles here.

Some styling features include a slightly bigger kidney grill in the front end. The nose is lower and imposes a more aggressive stance compared to last time. The headlamps have grown alongside the grille and there is a discerning chrome frame added as well. There is also a three piece bumper which you can hardly see, but the professionals will know that it is there.

The side of the car actually shows a less muscular appearance. We can see an almost featureless beltline while both the front and rear ends of the car have flatter fenders. The rear end is for now well concealed. You can only discern the already familiar taillights hidden under the wrap. The integrated spoiler is still there and there are still many parts which are quite similar to the Z4 model.

Potential Color Options

For now, there are no details about the color changes for the 2019 BMW Z5. The stage of development that we are in does not allow us to actually make any guess here. There have been no rumors and no leaks about the vehicle and how it will look.

The colors that we may expect to see are some transferred from the Z4 car. But they are probably not going to do that and they will just add some new ones and bring us a completely new specter of colors. This would be a great way to start with the new brand.

Size and Dimensions for the 2019 BMW Z5

The size of the 2019 BMW Z5 has not been officially announced. This car is expected to feature different dimensions compared to the Z4, but we do not know how differ. If we analyze the current set of photos that we have, we can discern that the vehicle is going to be a bit longer and also slightly winder compared to the Z4. This will give a more dominating look to the newest roadster model.

Some Interior Details about the 2019 BMW Z5

The interior of the 2019 BMW Z5 is not real discernable. But even though them being very secretive with the cabin, there are a few sneaky spy photos taken that show us how the inside looks. The vehicle’s cabin is a combination of old and new elements.

There are some familiar parts that you have seen on some early BMW models, but there are also some newer ones that are a first timer for the vehicle. The floating infotainment display is taken directly form the BMW Series 3. But this system is a little bit dated, so it might be either a decoy or it could also be a potential updated version that they are planning.

The steering wheel is also different. In fact it remains us on the newest batch of steering wheels that BMW is making for all their newest cars. But it might also come to be that until the production version comes, the steering wheel gets to be changed completely.

But it is still nice to see that they are working in a very contemporary and modernistic direction. Unfortunately, the details about the materials and other specs for the car are scarce. This will be updated as soon as the car gets close to its final stages of development. But if we are to predict, we hope to get newer and more proficient forms of materials. A much sportier and comfortable surrounding is expected on the inside of the car.

Engine Choices and Capability of the 2019 BMW Z5

For now, there are not exact evidence about the drivetrain of the 2019 BMW Z5. We are expecting to see something grandiose and are really hoping that BMW is going to equip its car with the best engines that they can muster. If we are to make an assumption, BMW might follow a similar formula that all the recent models have been getting.

So this usually starts with a turbocharged, four-cylinder under the hood while we expect a similar model for the upper trims. If we are to go for range topping trims, than we are probably going to get something in the line of 3.0-liter inline-six under the hood. There is also a great possibility that they can make a high performance M version. They have still yet to give any comments on this but might actually make it somewhere down the line.

As far as transmission choices go, there will probably be a manual and dual-clutch automatic gearbox options available for the vehicle. In this case, all-wheel drive is optional. There is still no prediction about the output, though.

0-60 mph and Top Speed

The 2019 BMW Z5 will probably be a pretty fast car. But until we determine the engine choice, we are not able to predict the 0-60 mph performance nor the top speed. But it will certainly be faster and more powerful than the car in inherits.

Fuel Economy Ratings of the 2019 BMW Z5

The latest 2019 BMW Z5 might try to improve on the fuel economy. But the question still remains how much are they capable of doing that. There will still need to be a lot of development for them to make the necessary changes needed for the car to consume less.


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