A Student Designed a New Look for the 2019 Citroen DS24

We have seen a batch of new 2019 Citroen DS24 pictures which have started circling the net. We liked what we saw very much. In fact the looks surpassed our expectations about the car that we saw in the pics.

But as it appeared it was not a complete confirmation about a future DS24, even though we would like it to be. But it does leave us with a lot of room to hope as this could be the basis for the future car that we might see from Citroen.

The images that emerged turned out to be a design. A student from Insitut Superieur de Design in France designed it at the time, and made this concept as a project. As you have probably already seen the futuristic design looks very much plausible. Therefore this is surely a car that everyone would like to see on the road.

it looks like Citroen has not made any recent strides to advance its DS24 brand further. It brings us to see this as a potential project that we might expect. There are already some rumors that the designing director of Citroen has  viewed the student’s design. According to rumors, that they are considering this option or at least parts of the design.

It would be quite interesting to see future 2019 Citroen DS24 model looks this way and we would certainly appreciate it. The vehicle would gain so much popularity based on this fact alone and let’s not forget the design which is probably the most refreshing look that we have seen in recent years.

The Potential Design of the 2019 Citroen DS24

The inspiration for the 2019 Citroen DS24 came from some of the past moles that Citroen has made, but also some other vehicles and brands. The basis for it all was the DS19, which is a vehicle that made its debut all the way back in 1955 when it appeared at the Paris Motor Show.

The design that we see before us has a very much futuristic look. This is something that we have not seen so faron the current market. It adds a floating roof with sliding rear doors. BAlso, the new thing is the company’s current design language. That is, they found some inspiration in the Citroen GT and the Citroen C-Metisse cars.

The front end is mostly original. The shape of a nose is in a very curious but effective manner. It combines the lightning elements which sort of a emerge from the fascia. This is done for both the front end and the rear end of the car. The rear part receives some parts inspired by aeronautical elements. We have to admit, this is a very interesting approach to design.

The main theme of the car is still the Citroen DS and the upside down boat design is the main theme of the car.  The styling direction of Citroen is very much appropriate here and we see this project as a potentially happening and it is a step forward in design when it comes to modern vehicles.

Inside Vision

The cabin and the interior of the 2019 Citroen DS24 takes the same futuristic approach which we have not been able to see so far. In fact, the interior draws inspiration from a concept which says “Elasticity of the Air and the flexibility of the water”.

This makes us think what are they going to do here. You can see how nicely the interior is fashioned. It also comes through the development of each component individually, giving each one a lot of attention. They actually all seem like independent floating units. It is all enhanced through the use of quality and leather materials in the cabin.

If this concept comes to realization, they will probably include the recent technological gadgets and fill it with more new equipment. But giving so much attention to details is not standard for a production vehicle. So a lot of pieces could be lost if the car makes it to production.

New technology for the Powertrain

The artists also envisioned the 2019 Citroen DS24 as having the latest fuel cell technology for this powertrain. We can also see this in the cabin. Some elements and controls are specifically added because of this. The hydrogen tanks would be located in the center of the passenger parts and only look like standard hi-tech elements here. The hydrogen cells will then provide power to the electric motors. These are supposed to be integrated into the chassis of the car. We believe this is a very good idea for this model.

The performance is not known of course. However, since the student was mostly focused on the design and not the under the hood performance we are going to forgive him the missing specs.


If the company makes 2019 Citroen DS24 this way it will be a very interesting story. The design is a very favorable one. We have a really talented student on our hands here, somebody should snatch him up for further models. All in all, we can say that the prospect of this car looks promising. We are certainly the ones who would want to see this car perform.

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