2019 Ford Edge

When is the 2019 Ford Edge Release Date Expected?

The recent announcement of an updated 2019 Ford Edge introduces an updated vehicle for us. The car received a massive overhaul with its 2015 version when the car changed for the better. A new design language with added equipment and a different set of engines were enough to launch this car into the heights that they did not expected the Edge would reach. Now they look to cash in on that success by giving it its first update. The newest version will much of the standout features retained, while some crucial changes and updates were made. This promises to keep sales up and help the Ford Edge brand retain its position in the market.

The release date has not been formally set. The 2019 Ford Edge is expected to come out by the end of the year 2018. But there are still many working parts that need to be resolved. Their plan is to meet this date. But how doable that is remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the midsize crossover SUV segment would do with a little bit of change. The overall market will most certainly benefit from adding this newest vehicle to the mix and we expect it to be a very popular model.

What is the Price of the 2019 Ford Edge Vehicle?

The price rating for the 2019 Ford Edge has not been officially confirmed. But unofficially, it will be close to the existing price range of the outgoing vehicles. This also means that the same batch of trims is coming back. Long term fans of the brand will be happy to see that such changes have been implemented and new buyers are surely to come with the changes that the vehicle provides.

We can view the pricing of the current set of vehicles. It starts with a base MSRP of $28,100 for the introductory SE trim. Next in line is the SEL which is priced at $31,500. The Titanium is considered as one of the advanced trims and for it you will have to cash out a sum of $35,600. The Sport trim model is the highest version of the Edge model that you can find and it will cost you $38,100. So by viewing this prices you can determine how much you will need to spend for the 2019 version. It will be close to this price but not overtly higher.

2019 Ford Edge Rumored Details

When the news about the 2019 Ford Edge appeared, it also came with a lot of rumors with it. There was a lot that could be said actually, but what interested us the most is the new aero efficiency. This has been introduced with the previous car, but with the 2019 model they have gone and improved it to be even better. It also affects the vehicle’s fuel consumption and speed. The very design of the car helps with achieving batter numbers and it is the sole idea behind what the car is supposed to represent. It even affected the weight which has been dropped a bit. The numbers are still not official so this is why it is still reported as a rumor. But there is no doubt that they have improved the vehicle in this term.

2019 Ford Edge Exterior Details

The best way to describe the 2019 Ford Edge is, well edgy. It has a lot of angles, creases and lines. The character line works exceptionally well for the bodywork of the car. What makes this car great is its futuristic shape. This is by no means overstated and is a perfect balance for this vehicle. One of the first things that you notice is the side grille, which now has two main bars bisecting it.

What makes the appearance of the 2019 Ford Edge seen even more fresh and youthful are the fake vents and large air venting which are positioned closer ot the tires. The strong accent line in the back gives the car a more defined look. The overall presence of the car is largely defined and brought to a close with the large wheels and the tall greenhouse which the vehicle added.

The story in the rear end actually borrows a lot from the current Ford Fusion. The taillight assembly is pretty good and everything is positioned quite well. The rear diffuser is going to help to live up the rear in a very prominent way. It does make it seem that the car has a too big rear, but it does not diminish the entire look of the car. In fact it helps to upgrade it immensely. All in all, the update design of the exterior is really favorable for this new Edge model.

New Color Choices for the 2019 Ford Edge

Some of the updates that came with the 2019 Ford Edge should include a complete color change. But we are not entirely sure which additions they are going to make. The bottom line is that a few new exterior colors are bound to be added. Also, some of the more prominent older ones will be kept. This will help the car update its appearance and attract a good fan base without changing too much. But we are still have to wait a bit in order to get the information about the color change.

2019 Ford Edge Dimension Changes

As reported, there are going to be no changes for the size of the 2019 Ford Edge. The update does not include retooling the dimensions of the car and we feel that it shouldn’t. The vehicle already works properly with the size it carries now. The shift in the size might happen in the future or it might not. But for now this is the perfect size for the car to carry. The overall length is 188.1 inches, and the wheelbase of 112.2 inches will also be carried over. As far as the height and width goes, it is still 68.6inches and 75.9 inches, respectively. It still is able to seat five people and provides an abundance of interior space for the passengers to enjoy. The interior will in that sense become much comfier with the added technology and mentioned inclusions.

Changes on the Inside of the 2019 Ford Edge

When you look inside the 2019 Ford Edge, you will notice not a lot of difference. It is different for a keen eye, but if you only glance at it the design is most the same as with the current outgoing model. The interior is defined as a very Ford looking model, which it actually is. But it still keeps this car as one of the better looking ones in the segment. The changes that were made have been done for the center console part and the upper dashboard area. The center button array is arranged differently but the familiar TFT gauges are still there. The middle air vents are now placed vertically.

One of the advantages of the cabin of this model is that it is far quitter. The sound insulation has been done perfectly here. Thanks to the high strength steel that the cabin is surrounded and glass which absorbs vibration, we get a model which is far more acoustic than it was. You can also listen to the newest sound system placed inside with ease. Or if you are bothered by noise, now there is no problem with that as it almost can’t be felt.

Due to different materials, thinner seats and repositioning, the interior allows more space. This is one of the advantages which the vehicle boasts with and it is particularly beneficial for the people in the second row of seats. Headroom is also larger and there is a whole lot of cargo space with total 39.2 available to pack you stuff.

Engine Specs and Options

The 2019 Ford Edge model comes back with three engines, two of which are completely new. Under the hood you can find the all-new version of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost inline four-cylinder, which is set to be the standard engine for the lineup. Sport trims will be available with a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine. And also available is the naturally aspired 3.5-liter V-6, which is new for the lineup. The base engine outputs about 245 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque and also offers an AWD system with it. The V-6 in the Sport trims can produce 315 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, while the naturally aspired engine is set to make 280 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque.

0-60 mph and Top Speed of 2019 Ford Edge

Based on latest scores, the 2019 Ford Edge will have similar but beneficial specs. The car will maintain its status among the very best that the segment can offer and also draw new customers with the given setup. Its performance is rated at around 7 seconds to reach 0-60 mph and 135 mph top speed.

What about the Fuel Economy?

Thanks to the new engine lineup, the 2019 Ford Edge will have better fuel economy ratings. It is also thanks to the newly established specs that the car not consumes 20 mpg in the city rides and 28 mpg on highway drives. Very lucrative for any buyer.

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