New Photos Confirm the 2019 Ford Explorer Redesign

In an effort to confirming the existence of the 2019 Ford Explorer, a team of two photographers managed to catch an oddly looking prototype. It has been doing rounds in Colorado. At first it did not seem as much as it had a really peculiar shape to it. Unnoticed to anything that you would see form Ford.

But after a while it was clear that this could probably be the next Explorer SUV. There have been rumors about this model for some time. We finally have a confirmation that it is in the works. So, we are excited about the novelties this vehicle has to bring.

The Prototype

The prototype that was spotted exemplifies an evolutionary style instead of a revolutionary one. It is still blocky and has the same three rows to seat the seven passengers as before. But one thing about it is that it seems as if it has grown in size a little bit. This does not mean that they are offering space for an added person. But could simply bring about more comfort for the current ones.

There are many more things that we cannot see as the camo covers the majority of the car currently. But we know about the newest car that it will come with a new platform. This has already been confirmed that is being developed for all the upcoming Ford cars.

The midsize SUV segment has been ruled by the Ford Explorer model for quite some time. When you mentioned the Explorer in America you immediately know what you are getting. The car has been around since the 90s. And has spawned five generations of vehicles already with the last one being released in 2011.

It has already been enough time. So this will be the sixth-generation model which will appear in the market. And we are hoping that it will simply continue what the Explorer has been doing so far.

We expect the release date of the car pretty soon. The 2019 Ford Explorer seems to be in the full swing of development. The spied prototype seems very much appropriate for and there is still a lot which will be announced and which we will get to know soon. For now this is our initial take and our review with the facts that have liked or that we have managed to dig through.

2019 Ford Explorer Release Date

Many of you are now probably wondering when the 2019 Ford Explorer is going to be released. Unfortunately at this time we are not able to give you that sort of an information. It is still a little bit far away to determine when the car needs to be released but the pictures alone are a good confirmation that the model is being prepared.

The heavy camo is still covering a bigger portion of the car, which does not prove anything. The car will in time lose the pieces of camouflage and will in due time present what we are getting underneath. We are actually expecting the car to come out in 2019 and it is near-impossible to expect it before that. This will allow for the vehicle to be developed properly and for all details to be met and arranged till then.

The Newest Style of the 2019 Ford Explorer

Although it is still hard to confirm how the 2019 Ford Explorer may actually look like, the vehicle will hold more of an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary approach. The spied photos are for now our only reliable resource about the newest design of the vehicle but it does not leave us with a whole lot. It actually seems mostly the same as the current fifth-generation model and still keeps most of its design cues in check.

There are actually two ways that they are going about here. First of all, they are trying to be a secretive as possible so they are using the old outer shell of the car for the initial testing which is by being covered with the camo concealing enough to put us off our track in assuming what the car is going to look like. As far as the other possibility, they might decide to keep things as close as possible to the current model.

The Fifth Generation Model

The fifth-generation model may be a little bit under the tooth, but it is still reliable enough and looks pretty fine. Our initial idea is that they are going to keep the majority of the looks which the current model offers and will simply update a few things. This new generation model might seem like more of a facelift than an actual redesign but if it manages to work and if the audiences find it attractive then we are not going to be the ones to mind.

Based on the current look, the car retains its blocky shape which is already so familiar with the Ford Explorer line and will also have the same greenhouse as well. As for the lights, it appears that they have introduced some changes which are going to make the vehicle look pretty different and help it gain a new kind of an appearance.

The most important aspect of the exterior of the car is the adaptation to the new platform and the new lightweight structure that the car has. They are pining most of the success about the car with this part. It will probably give us something more interesting to expect about the Ford Explorer 2019.

The Interior is Still Not Established

We do not have any real evidence when it comes to the inside of the 2019 Ford Explorer. The vehicle is going to go through an update that will certainly include the addition of new materials and a better inside. Since they are keeping the outside of the car mostly unchanged so far and as they are putting less effort for the outside, we are expecting the interior to gain a larger updated.

This will probably mean that the technology will include the latest set of features and the latest Ford equipment which all the other vehicles have. Also, with the mentioned expansion of the size there will certainly be more room on the inside.

The vehicle will continue to accommodate room for seven passengers and we do not seem them adding more place for an extra person. But the added space will make things much roomier. This leads us to a much more appropriate 2019 Ford Explorer car.

Powertrain Possibilities

There has not yet been a confirmation about engine the 2019 Ford Explorer should use. But there are some very interesting news about changes that are happening. First of all, we need to mention that the naturally aspired V6 engine is going to drop form the lineup entirely. Ford has also done the same thing with the Ford Mustang model. It too has deleted its naturally aspired engine from the lineup.

This is a move that Ford is doing for the majority of its vehicles and it will look to make things a lot more suitable in doing so. For now the most obvious and also the only mentioned choices are the 2.3-liter four cylinder and 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engines. These powertrains are not unfamiliar to the Explorer line and have been used before.

What Will the Main Benefits Be?

The newest midsize SUV will benefit from their use but they will need to be updated. The performance is still unknown at the time of writing this text and there are certainly going to be some improvements which will guarantee that the car gains more power.

But the most important part is the fuel economy. With the use of a new aluminum platform they will probably redevelop the given engines in such a way that they consume far less fuel. It will enable the vehicles to be better contenders in the market and give them more credibility with the fans.

Besides this, there are some talks about a hybrid powertrain. This is an efforts which Ford seeks to make as many of the rivals have already done it. If they achieve this kind of a feet it will attract a whole new base of audiences to the brand. It remains to be seen what exact powertrain they will include here. But we are expecting that they will introduce a new hybrid drivetrain  solely by Ford specifically for this occasion.

There are also certain news when it comes to the transmission. The 2019 Ford Explorer will gain a completely newly developed gearshfiter. This will substitute the age-old 6-speed that the current model has been using for a very long time. The transmission in mind is the 9-speed automatic one. This promises to make a lot of improvements when it comes to shifting and gaining better fuel economy ratings.

New Platform for the 2019 Ford Explorer

One of the more important piece of news for the 2019 Ford Explorer is that it is going to gain a new platform. The model is currently using the one dubbed D4. But a completely new one is in development now. And will be specifically made to accommodate the needs of certain Ford products. It will also be hard to accommodate the future Lincoln models.

The D4 is currently also underpinning the Ford Flex and the Lincoln MKT. But we are not sure if the newest one will simply be transferred to all the models that used the current D4 one.

The newest platform which Ford is specifically developing is going to be called the D6. It will have a specific advantage. It is going to be made from various lightweight materials, namely aluminum mostly, as most of the newer Ford models have done.

Aluminum On the Exterior

This practice has started with the F-150 pickup. This showed immense success when it introduce the use of aluminum materials to its outer part. The newest version of the Ford Explorer 2019 will benefit in the same manner as those vehicles before. We are expecting for the platform to also enable better performance for the car. It will certainly help with the fuel economy which is a big deal for the Explorer to gain.

As it was also reported, they will modify new platform  to support both front-, rear- and all-wheel drive. But as far as the Explorer goes, rear-wheel drive is out of the picture immediately. We are expecting the vehicle to use front-wheel drive as standard and get all-wheel drive only as optional.

2019 Ford Explorer Cost

The rumors about the price of the 2019 Ford Explorer are still going about. However, there is no confirmation yet. The car will probably gain a little bit for its cost and be more expensive, but it is something to be expected.

The model is currently sold in America for a price of $32,605, given as a base MSRP price. The cost will probably rise with this 2019 version. But we are not expecting to receive any bigger leaps when it comes to the price. It will certainly increase. Yet, based on the current look of the car they are not doing too much so the price increase.

We are confident that they will increase the pricing within a due period of time.However, for now there is no clear information on how much it could be. As soon as they establish the type of the engine and the use of it within the trims, we will get our bottom price. But we feel confident that it will remain in the line of what the competition is offering.

Rivals and Other Vehicles in the Segment

The market is always expanding. And with the addition of the 2019 Ford Explorer vehicle we are looking at another expansion. People are already accustomed of the Explorer as the undisputed king of the segment. But there are still some other models which are going to make it their best to succeed the current leader.

Such models are the Chevrolet Travers, Volkswagen Atlas, Honda Pilot and the Mazda CX-9. We will see how the coming of the new 2019 Explorer  will impact the re-positioning.

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