Next-Gen 2019 Ford Focus Caught doing Cold Weather Testing

In recent news we were able to find out that the 2019 Ford Focus model is going to get a next-gen vehicle. In fact there have been rumors about this model  for some time. The current version is getting a bit stale, that’s why. This one debuted in 2012 and it was a saving model for the company. The current model managed to revise the fame that Focus lost with the car until then. All good things must come to an end however. So it’s time for this model to be replaced with better ones.

The current model is a facelifted version from 2015. And we are probably going to see the characteristics of this car evolved and enhance to make the forthcoming car.

Ford Focus was originally built and released in Europe in 1998. It took only two years for this car to come to America. But there have been only two-generation versions available in the US. So the one that we are going to receive now in 2019 is going to be the third-gen model. The Focus was original brought to America to substitute the Escort car. However, it became an adopted vehicle here.

Although it had an out-of-the-ordinary style for America, it was cheaper compared to the car it replaced. So it became a very much popular car here. The second-gen models were released in 2004 and it latest until 2011. The public considered these models as pretty bad and  did not like them at all. Luckily the changes introduced with the 2012 model and late 2015 version saved the car’s status and its very existence on the market as well.

The current generation of the Ford Focus cars is getting to be a little bit older in the tooth. So we are hoping that the next one will bring more great design choices for the car. In addition, we expect it to give us the update that we seek. The most important part is that they are going to follow the formula which they have established with the previous car. Plus, they are merely making an evolution of the same design.

The spy photos that show the 2019 Ford Focus doing cold weather tests is the first piece of solid evidence. This tells us that the car is going to show up in the market. Interestingly enough, this car looks mostly like the current facelifted version. It does not wear so much camo. But we are not easily fooled.

There are some parts which have been shaping up. However, the other shell is most likely fake. They are merely hiding the fact that a 2019 Ford Focus is in preparation. Additionally, the car was later spotted in a different kind of setting. This time it was in snow, but with a lot more modifications. If this is not the evidence that we need, then I do not know what is. All in all, here is our review. It will help you determine what the Ford Focus 2019 is going to be like. Also, it will prepare you well before the release date happens.

When can we Expect the Release Date of the 2019 Ford Focus?

The newest 2019 Ford Focus is expected to come out within the forthcoming period. Our researches are still not able to determine when exactly they plan to release date car as they are keeping it very secretive and are making all of this a well-kept secret. But as we see it and as some rumors suggest, the vehicle is going to appear next year in Europe.

The models will as expected be seen in all of the markets in Europe after its release on the home ground and from there it will simply cross to America, as many expect it to do. The US release date is a bit further than the initial one and we are all expecting it to be somewhere within the first-quarter of 2019.

Will the Price Increase?

We are fairly sure that the newest 2019 Ford Focus models is going to increase. The car will gain a price increase within the coming period and this is a next-gen vehicle so it is actually expected to rise a little bit. Fortunately, this pricing is not going to make the car overtly expensive and the buyers in America are still going to have an affordable model on their hands.

There are going to be different trims available this time around as well and we are starting with the base version which will probably sell at around $18,000, compared to the price of the outgoing model which amounts to $17,225 as base MSRP. The higher trim versions are priced a lot more than that with the ST being given for $24,425 and the RS model costing $35,730.

2019 Ford Focus Next-Gen Design

Based on how the current 2019 Ford Focus looks, it is more of a facelift than a new generation model. But it is something to be expected as they are probably using the older structure for the test to be completed. The plans are still in the works and we can expect to get a completely different car once it comes out.

The spy photos show us a car which has a fog light inserts which are separated a bit far away from the grille and the bumper also looks different and has a specific look to it. This is all actually a clear indication that the models offers a wider track. The side view of the car does not offer anything new specifically but there is a kind of a crease that goes all the way through the width of the roof and goes down the rear quarter panels.

The rear fascia is similar but the only major difference is that the rear wheel wells are positioned a little bit farther. But if you look at it now you will be hard-pressed to find any differences between the new and the current car.

All of this still tells us that the majority of the modifications are still to come. The spied prototype is only the proof that tells us that they are working on this model. They still need to make more extensive changes within the design. And they are probably in the works. But until all of this happens we will have to wait for a new batch of leaked images.

The Look of the Interior

The company still has not disclosed the interior of the 2019 Ford Focus. We assume this considering the current look of the exterior. And also on the fact that there is still a lot of time until they release the vehicle. The pictures are not showing us anything in terms of the look of the cockpit and the cabin. But as we are hopeful we will certainly get some pictures once they make something happen.

The car which has been doing the tests is only made to be road legal. So it is very much possible that there is not a whole lot on the inside of the car now. This will change in due time as they start building the car up and adding certain parts and pieces of it.

What we are expecting to see in the 2019 Ford Focus is that they update the current cabin and bring a number of new details to it. This will probably mean that they need to reshape the center console. Also, the instrument cluster needs to be updated. So generally speaking, expect a much larger screen used for the interior of the car. The technology will not change immensely compared to lineup of cars we are able to see currently. It will be similar and we expect to get the same kind of gadgets and equipment that other Ford models use.

Powertrain Options for the new 2019 Ford Focus

Looking at the photos of the 2019 Ford Focus there are some indications which say that there might be a different kind of an engine stored underneath. Some small details are indicators but it is still hard to determine what they might be doing with the test mule.

They might use an engine from a different market for the sake of testing the car and at the same time they also might be testing a completely new kind of engine which might be used for the new Focus. All in all, we are still not sure which drivetrain the prototype is using and it does look to have properties of a Duratec engine, but we cannot officially confirm it.

The current Ford Focus has three engine options for the US market. They include 2.0-liter 4-cylinder, the 1.0-liter 3-cylinder, and the 2.3-liter 4-cylinder. Depending on the choice you make the car will output 123 horsepower and 125 pound-feet of torque, with the first engine, 160 hp and 146 pound-feet of twist with the second one or 252 horses and 270 pound-feet of torque in the ST and 350 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque in the RS.

What is the most obvious option here is for them to update the given engine. They will also offer a slight increase in power. This might happen across the lineup with the exception of the RS version. The power increase will not be a significant one but will still affect the performance of the engine and offer a little bit more power.

Fuel Economy Improvements

We are predicting that the 2019 Ford Focus needs to do something with the fuel economy of the car for the future models. It would be really useful for them to improve upon the consumption rating. It is probably impossible to get better than the Honda Civic. This one still holds the class leading specs. Nevertheless, we are hoping for the second best.

But this would be hard to achieve primarily as the model has not yet made any strides with this in the current iteration. Whether these plans are in the words remains for us to see. But it would be great to see the car improve upon its specifications and get better in the fuel economy compartment. These information will emerge once they establish the engine.

Platform Modifications for the 2019 Ford Focus

People are probably thinking that the 2019 Ford Focus will receive an entirely new platform. But as things stand for now, this might not happen and they will probably just adapt the old one. This would mean that they need to do something about the weight and reduce it a little bit. They are going to stiffen things up a little bit and will make the car more secure that way.

They will also address the safety of the car this way. There are many new laws about the safety standards. So the Ford Focus 2019 will certainly benefit from the changes that they could introduce. The platform might get more rigid. It will certainly get stronger and it will help with the protection of the passengers inside. In addition, it will help with even the newest safety standards.

Rivals in the Segment

The new generation 2019 Ford Focus will arrive to a crowd of vehicles that established their positions already. The car did so much better with the facelifted version. However, even the smallest slip can tarnish a reputation here. But as things look like the new Focus will not do that.

One of the rivaling models in the segment  is the Honda Civic model.This model has existed as twice as the Focus has. Some see it as the ultimate ruler in the segment as its fuel economy is probably the best. Its long lasting reputation precedes it. The second model to mention is a younger brand but an emerging one with the Chevrolet Cruze model. Both cars are very much popular in the segment. So it will be interesting to see what kind of opposition are they capable of mounting against the newest Focus models.

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