2019 Ford Kuga

News about the Release Date of the 2019 Ford Kuga

The 2019 Ford Kuga will try to make things work better, compared to its predecessors. This is still not a new generation model and we are in the second-generation of the Kuga models still. The first incarnation of the car did not work so well.

Even though it was attractive and smart to drive, it really did not work to the potential it had. It all translated to the selling numbers which were poor at best. The second generation made things a lot better, but still it was not at the level that they wanted things to be. They are searching for the right formula which would launch the Ford Kuga to the position that it deserves.

The newest 2019 Ford Kuga will update the changes which were introduced with the facelifted version of 2016. The second generation has been improving slightly with each new model. The debut was in 2013 and the release date of the 2019 version is set for the end of 2018.

The car is going to be one of the more expected additions to the Ford roster and the segment as well. But more information about the exact release date are going to be revealed soon. We do know that the vehicle will be released in all of its respected markets.

What is the Potential Price of the 2019 Ford Kuga?

What a lot of people are concerned with the 2019 Ford Kuga is that its cost is too high compared to what it has to offer. If we take a look at all the competition models that the Kuga is going against, they do have a substantially advanced offer which would make most people wonder.

But when it comes to these new versions, the cost does not go in the same direction the design does. There are lower grade parts which do not justify the figure the Kuga is getting. Although this is fixed with the higher trims, we fear that because of this no one would actually want to go with the base model.

The starting price is at 22,340 pounds for the base model. This figure goes all the way to 34,740 for the higher trims which have much more appropriate price. SO you will have to take a good and long look before you decide which model you will actually decide to choose. Unfortunately, US prices are still not available. They will be probably release them with the release date in the US.

Next Gen 2019 Ford Kuga Rumors

The announcement of the coming 2019 Ford Kuga promoted a lot of people guessing that a new generation vehicle was in line. But these rumors were quickly dropped with the car coming near competition. They have decided to go against marking a next gen model so soon and will rather spend more time in developing it. Ford will most likely output the third generation of the Ford Kuga in a few years, but until then we have the 2019 version to play with.


The exterior of the 2019 Ford Kuga is similar but has changed just enough. The designers have taken an evolutionary approach to designing this vehicle. The window line is all but the same as the original model and is the part of the car which has withstood the passage of time the most. The front end of the Kuga has features that were previous seen on the Edge model.

Transferring these elements to the Kuga will only help with the production and make this model easier to build. The overall look is now more aggressive which greatly differentiates this car from its rivals. All in all, things have not been changed so much and the 2019 Ford Kuga remains a recognizable model. It will be just fresh enough to get over the next period until the newest generation model is designed.

Color Variations for the Latest 2019 Ford Kuga

The color choices that we were hoping to get for the newest 2019 Ford Kuga are scarce. There are going to be some new additions, but not in the manner that we actually expected it to be. Color choices will be the same as for the previous model. As an addition there are going to be some standard options that all newer Ford versions are getting. They will update the vehicle to be more aesthetically pleasing and we were hoping that the new exterior colors were going to add to that. Instead, we are only getting a mildly retooled version.

Dimensions and Size of the 2019 Ford Kuga

There are no surprises in terms of the size of the latest 2019 Ford Kuga. This vehicle will continue with the same setup that we have been used to before. There have been talks of extending the model, but they were quickly dropped and were mainly viewed as rumors. The updated versions of vehicles rarely get to tamper with the size of the car and since it is mostly necessary to have them change, they will keep the size to the same level as before.

All in all, if you are familiar with previous Kuga cars, you will know that the full length of the car is 4,541mm. The height of the car is 1,749mm while the width, including mirrors, is 2,086mm. The wheelbase geos all the way to 2,690mm and it allows the occupants inside to have some stellar seating capability. The boot offers 442 liters of cargo with the seats up. While with the seats folded it goes to 1,928 liters.

2019 Ford Kuga Interior Refinement

Even though they changed the inside of the 2019 Ford Kuga, it does not match the price that the car demands. The inside still feels stale and low-rent. They have decided to change and update this car as much as possible, but they have not gone too much away from the design and the way everything looked in the previous model. Higher trims of the car manage to fix this and are capable of giving you the worth for your money. But the standard version will most likely only fly under the radar.

At least the infotainment part is not going to be a disappointment. The standard equipment for every Kuga model will include a DAB radio, a multi-function steering wheel, Bluetooth, and various USB sockets. But the infotainment system includes a tiny 4.2in screen which does not have a very good arrangement of buttons. Upgrading to larger trims will fix that impairment as they use the 8.0in color touchscreen which also includes a sat-nav. This will be offered in all Titanium and higher trims.

2019 Ford Kuga Engine Choices

The 2019 Ford Kuga car will get the same engine linkup as it did the last time. Unfortunately, there were no changes here, but some would deem them unnecessary. Actually the engines were fine, but could have do with a little bit upgrading themselves.

But since you have more choices to choose from, there is something for everybody. First of all, the 2.0-litre (TDCi) diesel engine is available in two modes, one that can provide 148bhp or the other which goes to 178bhp. Both can be a little bit flat, but turbocharging actually makes a lot of a difference for it. The entry level 1.5-litre diesel is probably the best choice which provides you with maximum miles to the gallon. It can deliver 118bhp, but it can struggle with a fully loaded vehicle.

The 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine is also available in three modes, making 118bhp, 148bhp or 180bhp. The less powerful versions come with front-wheel drive and a manual gearbox, while the more powerful ones include a four-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. Generally speaking, things could have been better. But it still manages to work this way.

0-60 mph and Top Speed of the Newest 2019 Ford Kuga

When it comes to the performance of the 2019 Ford Kuga, it has not advanced so much. It still depends on the type of the engine that you use in order for you to get the best performance. The fastest engine is still the 2.0 TDC one which is capable of reaching 0-60 mph in just 9.2 seconds.

The cheapest engine is the EcoBoost one with a speed up of 12.5 seconds to 60 mph. While the greenest engine is the 1.5 TDC which will similarity reach 0-60 mph in about 12.7 seconds. The top speed for all of the versions is still 115 mph.

What are the Fuel Economy Specifications Like?

The fuel economy of the 2019 Ford Kuga would do with a bit of an improvement. On average, the figure stands at 35 mpg as a combined rating. This is not half bad. But when you consider the constant improvements that the competition is making, you are probably wondering where this model will go. For now there are no signs of them changing the rates and the car will continue this way.

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