2019 Honda Insight

News About the 2019 Honda Insight Release Date

After spotting the 2019 Honda Insight test mule, we finally have some information in regards with the release date. The car is by all means not as close as you would want it to be. But it is still going to come at quite a suitable time if you take all things considered. In the recent report which was given, it was stated that Honda is gearing towards a release date coming by the end of 2018. This is the perfect time for finally showcase the model which will be ready for the 2019 season as promised.

The test mule has been spotted a long time ago. And although people were not really sure if this really was the 2019 Honda Insight, it was confirmed really fast. The upcoming car is going to use the body of the current Honda City car and will stretch it out a bit in order to fit to the proportions of the Insight model. They will also fix up a few things in order to adapt the vehicle in a suitable way.

What is the Proposed Price of the 2019 Honda Insight?

The price of the 2019 Honda Insight has not been officially revealed. The vehicle is going to go well beyond the price tag of the current models. This is due to this being the third-generation Insight, which is supposed to introduce us to a whole new period of Honda cars. Also, the 2019 Honda Insight is powered with a hybrid powertrain only, which also expands the price a bit. All in all, we are hopeful that the price is not going to exceed too much. The current model is priced $18,725, as base MSRP, while the highest trim level model is offered at a price of $23,915. Expect these figures to changes southward for the newest 2019 version.

How did the Rumors Start?

Nobody was actually taking about the 2019 Honda Insight. But things started heating up once Honda unveiled their 2030 Vision strategy. It states that the Japanese manufacturer is planning on adding at least some form of electrification to their cars by the year 2030. They are supposed to fit two-thirds of their roster with electric or plug-in motors. This means that they are striving towards a green and healthy future and more car manufactures should start thinking this way. The rumor then trigged news about a number of cars which we were supposed to see released on the market. One of the many cars is the 2019 Honda Insight. None gave this a lot of thought until some true evidence was made with the released photos. The rumors triggered the release but it is up to the manufacturer to show us finally what they got interested for the announced vehicle.

2019 Honda Insight Exterior Changes

The base of the exterior for the 2019 Honda Insight is the current Honda City model. Of course they are going to change things up and are basically going to adapt it to the new model. There are going to be some dimensions changes and the smaller City is going to grow to the dimensions that the Insight has had. This also introduces some changes which include some bigger and flared wheel arches and an extended hood which comes with its own changes and additions. The rear doors will also be fitted and will be adapted to the new kind of a design.

The front end will retain the past elements of the current Insight. You will notice that it has some parts which make it look similarity like the Accord model. The chrome grille is a dead giveaway. Chrome is also added to some other parts to the front and it kind of a distinguishes it from the current model.

The rear end is bulgy in looks like a minivan when you look at it from behind. The high trunk line is not changed, although this is something which has bothered users in the past. Also, the split glass rear windows is also there. The new generation model is not going to bring anything revolutionary for the vehicle, but it will change it for the better. The model is probably going to get a lot of attention and appeal this way.

Newest Color Updates

The introduction of the 2019 Honda Insight has to mean an update in terms of colors. The exterior colors that will be used have not been revealed just yet, but there is no doubt that we are looking at an interesting specter of colors. The previous model had a very nice offer as it gave us a specter of colors which gave a lot of maneuverability and enabled the people to keep to a certain standard. The colors in question included Clear Sky Blue Metallic, Spectrum White Silver Pearl

, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Polished Metal Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Atomic Blue Metallic and Tango Red Pearl. We are sure that the majority of the colors are going to make a comeback, but it is still not clear which ones are we going to get to see make it. Also expect to see some newest choices which are going to be introduced with the 2019 version.

Are There any Changes with the Dimensions of the 2019 Honda Insight?

A lot of people are under the impression that the 2019 Honda Insight is going to have a different size. This is mainly due to the fact that a new kind of a body is used. But they are going to make it in the same way and make its use as the previous one was. This of course means that the compact model is going to be a swoopy car meant from dabbing through small streets. It is a perfect vehicle for getting through traffic. Thus the size will be useful for the purpose that the car was made for. The car was about 172 inches in length and we do not see it growing beyond that.

Some Interior Changes for the 2019 Honda Insight

The new 2019 Honda Insight is going to make the best out of its interior that it can. The vehicle does have a peculiar body which means that the inside needs to have some specific tampering in order to be adapted well. They are doing that this time as well and will make sure that they use every piece of spacing as best that they could. It will no doubted spur a nice interior for the model making it a car which gives more comfort than you would expect it to.

One of the biggest advantages of the 2019 Honda Insight is that it will no doubtedly have easy to use controls. This is a drawback to the past Insight models, which also saw it fit to give a very pleassureful and more than capable interiors. Much to our expectations, the Insight is also updating the entertainment and infotainment of the car. Updated technology and newest gadgets were added to satisfy the customers.

What is Under the Hood of the 2019 Honda Insight?

As usually, the 2019 Honda Insight will be powered by a single hybrid powertrain. There is no option of using a gasoline engine only. This is one of the cars which promises to launch the idea of going all electric and is something that many car manufactures of the future are striving to. Honda is using their own unique Integrated Motor Assist system, which has always been used to power these vehicles. The newest vehicle will utilize the power of a 1.3-liter, four-cylinder engine which combines with a 10-kilowat electric motor. The electric motor alone is worth only 13 horsepower, but the gasoline part is 98 horsepower. In total it amounts to 123 pound-feet of torque.

Acceleration and 0-60 mph Performance for the 2019 Honda Insight

The 2019 Honda Insight may be a small car but does not have a lot of power. This is why the acceleration is not that impressive. The vehicle is capable of reaching the 0-60 mph mark in 12.5 seconds, which is fine for the segment. The top speed that the car is capable of hitting is 113 mph. All in all, there are no modifications or improvements expected here. The vehicle is going to function as it always had and will certainly keep to a similar kind of output.

2019 Honda Insight Fuel Economy

The fuel usage of the 2019 Honda Insight is its biggest advantage. The model is going to consume 41 mpg in the city and 44 mpg on the highway. This is pretty standard when you look at other models on the market. It is still far away from the Prius which is the undisputed ruler in the field, but there is no doubt that this car is quite capable of reaching good standards. Improvement were expected to be made, but they are not happening this time. The 2019 Honda Insight is going to look for changes elsewhere.

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