2019 Honda S2000

When is the Release Date for the 2019 Honda S2000?

Based on some recent rumors, the 2019 Honda S2000 will live to see the light of day pretty soon. A Japanese magazine has managed to shed some light on this matter and has informed us that the vehicle is up for release no sooner than the start of 2019. But the official unveiling of the car will most likely be by the end of 2018. Some sources say that we can hope to see the 2019 Honda S2000 by the end of 2018. Judging by how things are going right now, we can probably hope to see it in fall of 2018.

This model has been a long expected one. After Honda releasing the S660 micro coupe first and next the Acura NSX model, this is going to be the third mid-mounted speedster which comes out form the guise of the Japanese automaker. This is something that they have promised to do a number of years already. Whether the car comes by the estimated release date, there is no doubt that the expectations are sky high. Honda will boost its popularity in America with the S2000, which will probably be immediately sold there after the release.

Estimated Price of the 2019 Honda S2000

It may be too early to tell what the price of the 2019 S2000 might be. But, we are much closer to seeing this car than we were a few months ago. With the emerging news and facts coming out recently, we are very much hyped to finally get a look at one of the most popular speedsters that come from Japan. People in the US will be the lucky ones that are going to experience this car. The initial cost is estimated to be around $50,000, which boosts the price immensely compared to the last version. But this is all due to the improved technology and the advanced specs and engine capacities that the model will have.

Newest Rumors about the 2019 Honda S2000

The rumors about the 2019 Honda S2000 actually emerged quite a while ago. But it is only now that they have been starting to get some weight behind them. In fact, when Honda released their idea of revamping the lineup with their three new mid-mounted engine models, nobody knew what to expect. It was first with the S660 that we managed to get a kind of an idea about the things to come. Later there NSX was released but this one was released under the Acura monocle. The third and the most expected one was the S2000 which was left for last. The concept S660 was easily a kind of a preview for all the models which were on the table and it is there where we saw what the models are all about.

The 2019 Honda S2000 is supposed to take care the American market as the other two models are solely bounded to the Japanese market. Being that Honda is very popular in the US, they needed a model which will satisfy the hungry America crowd. Thus the idea came that they should offer the new S2000 that way. Finally, after lots and lots of rumors we are getting some solid evidence that the car is ready to appear.

What are the 2019 Honda S2000 Exterior Changes?

There are a few things that one needs to consider about the exterior changes for the 2019 Honda S2000. First of all, the American market seeks an affordable speedster and the S2000 is supposed to be the one that people can afford that comes from Honda. Secondly, they have already introduced the S660 concept and expectations are high that the given design needs to be supposed. But because of keeping the model cost effective, there were some concerns that led us to believe that the designers are going to cut corners when making the outer portion of 2019 Honda S2000.

As things are going now, this is not true. But it is true that het model is mostly going to be based on the S660 model. This is not a bad thing at all and you can expect to see an Americanized version of the given model. It is supposed to bring us the top notch quality that we are used to having out of the S2000 models and the style is also planned as an unpeaceable one. All in all, the vehicle is going to surprise us and will instill some very good elements for the exterior reading.

Potential 2019 Honda S2000 Colors

With the exterior changes we also expect to see a new color pallet for the 2019 Honda S2000. The previous model had a choice of six exterior colors. Namely, people were able to choose between Laguna Blue Pearl, New Formula Red, Silverstone Metallic, Berlina Black, Rio Yellow Pearl and Grand Prix White. These are actually expected to return, but there are no exact news about the new options. But some new color additions are probably going to be added which will go well with the new 2019 S2000.

Dimension Changes for the 2019 Honda S2000

With the newest 2019 Honda S2000 model set to appear soon, there are a lot of assumptions about the dimensions of the car. In fact, many suggestions state that the model is supposed to become lager and that this is all going to be due to the changes made to the positioning of the engine. It just so happens that the model is going to be keep the same as the last one. Thus, no changes in size are going to happen. This leaves the 2019 S2000 162.2 in long and 68.9 in wide, with the wheelbase being 94.5 in. The height of the car is 50.0 in while the curb weight comes to around 2840 lb.

Interior Updates for the 2019 Honda S2000

Being that everything is being updated for the 2019 Honda S2000, most expectations are for the inside to get the bigger end of the updates. Namely, the S2000 has been improving steadily and slowly with every new model which comes out. The vehicle has long been in the making and it will most certainly come with an extensively updated inside. But at the same time, there are far less information about the interior of the car than any other part of it. There are no pictures of the inside of the car and no way to find out how it will look, for now.

But luckily, we have an idea based on the S660 and the Acura NSX interiors. There are many suggestions that say that the S660 will provide the majority of the looks for the 2019 Honda S2000. The design will probably be the same or at least similar. This will be extended upon with newest technology and additional features which the vehicle is supposed to make a debut with.

Some New 2019 Honda S2000 Engine Specs

The engine specs for the 2019 Honda S2000 are probably the most interesting part about the car. The mere fact that the S2000 model is becoming a mid-mounted engine is enough to keep us at the edge of our seats while we wait for it to make its debut. First of all, the initial rumor was that the car was supposed to come out with 2.0-liter turbo engine from the Type R Honda model. But by the time the new 2019 Honda S2000 comes out, this engine would be old news and would be easily surpassed by the competition models. So we can scrap this idea and the rumors about it. The model which we are probably going to get is a 2.0-liter inline-four engine. This baby is going to make around 320 horsepower, which is quite enough to satisfy both the hard core fans and the newest and the emerging people who are going to fall in love with this model.

Besides the new engine, new technology is going to be implemented. This has been developed by Mitsubishi and we are going to see added electrically driven supercharger, bypass valve and a conventional turbocharger. These will benefit in many ways and thanks to its lightweight materials the fuel economy is going to improve as well. Finally, we also get to the newest eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission which will be used for this vehicle for the first time.

What is the 2019 Honda S2000 Top Speed and 0-60?

Being that the news about the engine of the 2019 Honda S2000 is still fresh and not really confirmed, there are no solid evidence to support how fast the car will actually go. Some experts say that. All in all, we are expecting that eth vehicle becomes an under 6 second car to speed up it 0-60 mph and that it will have a standard 155 top speed as the vehicles before it.

MPG Consumption

Finally we get to the mpg rating for the 2019 Honda S2000. Honda cars are known for being quite fuel efficient. It also means that this car is a particularly fast one and does not have an advantage when it comes to consumption. But thanks to the all-new details that came out about the engine and the new lightweight materials that are implemented there, there is no doubt that the fuel consumption will improve as well. All in all, the information is still fresh but we are expecting that it gets to be updated real soon. 

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