The 2019 HSV Commodore to be Based on the Opel Insignia

The 2019 HSV Commodore will live on, as rumors have confirmed that this model is perhaps being made under a different guise. The story is that with the discontinuation of the Holden brand we are still going to get Commodore cars but under a different design. The latest 2019 model will be built based on the current Opel Insignia which was remodeled for the 2017 model year. Although the information about the car is still not clear there are a lot of things to come which might explain how this model comes about.

Holden announced in 2016 that they are going to stop production in Australia, pulling the HSV Commodore brand with it. But General Motors were the first ones to assume that the brand will continue to live on by selling rebadged models. In a way they were right as it was announced in 2017 that they are implementing this strategy which also sees the Commodore not being made in Australia anymore. But this time the nameplate will be used to make the Australia version of the Insignia.

With the 2017 redesign, the Insignia got a refreshing new start as it gained high-end additions and improved the quality of the car. The Insignia will be sold in Australia with all the perks that it came with in Europe and is supposed to become the base model which succeeds the Commodore. HSV has already confirmed that they are continuing to make cars even with the discontinuation of the Commodore model and are going to give us the beefier version of the sedan very soon.

We are in for an interesting period as GM already sold Opel to PSA which would also mean that a lot of changes are expected. This may affect the production of the 2019 HSV Commodore in some way but for now the design of this car is still going strong. Our review will help you discern how the plans look for the upcoming Commodore car for now.

2019 HSV Commodore Exterior Design

The new 2019 HSV Commodore looks pretty much the same as the Opel Insignia. Some of the people who have been used to the old Commodore will have troubles adapting to the new design which heavily relies on the Insignia, but it is better than having the car disappear all-together. We are probably looking at the same kind of a design which Opel took to make their Insignia. The front fascia is getting an aggressive makeover with changes to the grille and the bumper. Chrome insert are going to be excluded this time while the air intakes will be much bigger. The daytime running lights are going to be repositioned while the grille is going to get a mesh pattern for a new look.

Viewing the car from the side will also include some differences compared to before. The bumper will need to be matched with the same kind of a design for the side skirts and it will be made out of carbon-fiber. The breaks towards the rear wheels will need cooling so lager vents will be placed there to help. Finally, we are getting new wheels designed for the 2019 HSV Commodore which come with multi-spoke rims.

The rear part of the 2019 HSV Commodore will also be changed. A couple of things that we notice are a redesigned diffuser which is made based on a racer look. It will probably add vertically positioned fins and help the car be more stable on the road. A spoiler on the trunk lid and large exhaust tips at every side and we are good to go.

Interior Pattern

We feel that the 2019 HSV Commodore will largely benefit from the redesign. Basing the interior of the Commodore on the Insignia’s minimalistic design is perfect. It declutters the area and makes everything feel fresh and easy to use. Mind you, they still included the eight-inch infotainment screen and changed the design of the dash using a V theme and generally managed to make the cabin a bit roomier.

The 2019 Commodore will probably become the most high-end Australian car to date. The materials have improved and the seats have been updated and there are even more noise cancelation features made so the cabin is quite nice to ride in. The seats come with added cooling, heating and massage functions.

The technical side of the car will see a lot of gadgets transferred from the Opel brand. These include the GM’s IntelliLink system as well as the OnStar system, which is going to add a new Personal Assistant service. Within the infotainments system you get a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that you can use for internet use through your respective devices.


With the crossover made, the 2019 HSV Commodore will need to use a different powertrain because of the change in the platform. The old V-8 engine does not fit here anymore, but the good news is that the car is still getting a power upgrade. The motor fitted inside will probably be the turbocharged version of the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine which provides 165 kW or 221 horsepower. The higher-trim versions will probably be packed with a 3.6-liter V-6 engine and will be able to produce 230 kW (308 hp) and 370 Nm (273 lb-ft of torque). You can also expect a 6-speed manual transmission to be added as well or an 8-speed automatic one.

0-60 mph and Top Speed

It is still hard to determine the top speed and the potential acceleration for the 2019 HSV Commodore. With the latter option the car will probably be able to speed up to 0-60 mph in around 4 seconds, and the inclusion of an AWD might bring that time even lower. The top speed might come down to 155 mph.

2019 HSV Commodore Prices

There is no word on the potential price of the 2019 HSV Commodore for now. The car will need to be reevaluated and a new price tag will be given. Also the Commodore model might come with a few different trims which would also make the price different based on the additions that they try to implement and use here. Stay tuned as we will report on the potential price of the latest range of HSV vehicles as soon as it is available.


With the changes to the 2019 HSV Commodore there are going to be some changes to the lineup of rivals. The old Commodore had a steady rivalry with Ford cars, but since the production of high-performance cars from Ford was stopped in Australia in 2016, there are no current rivals which might fit the bill as the old ones did. The closets model is the Ford Mustang car, which is still a two-door car and not as roomy as the Commodore is but can give an output to rival the newest Commodore model.


There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the 2019 HSV Commodore. They are expecting a lot of changes to come and it will be an interesting period of the HSV brand. Whether they continue merely copying the Opel brand and brining an Insignia to Australia, we shall see. It might start as a good idea at first but it will not last forever. The good news is that through this project Holden Special Vehicles continues to exist and will not suffer the same fate which befell Ford Performance Vehicles and Australia will still get to have their high-performance cars.

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