The 2019 Lincoln MKS Unveiled in a Commercial

The latest ad reveals to us the future 2019 Lincoln MKS model. Although this car has been on hiatus for a while and there were no real news about it, they are going to make this model once again. The vehicle has appeared in 2013 for the last time and there were no recent updates for it. Lincoln has innovated its other brands in the meantime so it appears that it is finally time to redesign the MKS.

The Lincoln MKS is one of the company’s luxury sedan models and it was highly praised already. However, the lack of lustered sales and larger popularity of other Lincoln products made this one sit on the bench for a period of time. Now it is finally ready to get back into the game.

Once they unveiled the advertisement, we finally got a full picture of the 2019 Lincoln MKS. Before that only had rumors and various pictures of the potential car and how would it look for the update. There was no solid evidence up till now.

We did get a batch of first spy photos at first while the prototype model was doing its initial testing. However, the camo was so thick that you were not able to notice what was going on underneath. Now with the new video we can see all the details that we have missed.

Firstly, it is more than noticeable that the 2019 Lincoln MKS is going for updating the exterior. It is obvious that the car is reshaping the front and rear fascia, giving the model a very modern look. The hood, the headlamps, LEDs all of it is different then before. It will feature a new kind of a look which will update the car in a specific way.

The company also announced a new set of standard equipment and possibly more technology on the inside. We can expect the revamped interior. The company is doing this  to better fit the segment and rival other models.

As they promised, the updates are also in plan for the power train, as the model plans to extend its power. We can expect more energy and a better performance from the vehicle. Its fans appreciate these changes very much. In addition, there are going to be three versions on the market, with the V6 FWD, V6 AWD, and EcoBoost V6 AWD models on the line.

The prospect of updating the 2019 Lincoln MKS does seem very profitable and it will certainly be something that one needs to look into. If you want to find out more about its release date and specs, read our review.

When can we Expect the Release Date of the 2019 Lincoln MKS?

The company has just released the featured ad for the 2019 Lincoln MKS and the model will be out next year. There is not much information available about the exact release date of the car. However, the rumors have confirmed our suspicions. The vehicle will drop on the market by 2018. Moreover, the middle of the year or even possible the second quarter is the best time for the car to come out, as we learned.

The vehicle is going to make an appearance in all the featured markets as it did the last time. Also, it might make some ways in the industry. For the fact that it was absent for a period of time, the car will probably make things interesting with the other rivaling models.

Has the Price Been Released?

We still don’t have the information on the official prices for the 2019 Lincoln MKS. But we are expecting them to be available any day now. However, we have our ways to determine the price beforehand as we always do. And it appears that the luxury sedan will start at a figure of about $43,765. Because it has been a while since the updated version of the MKS has been on the market, the price boost will be a larger one.

This is something to expect as they needed to modernize the car a bit. In addition, they had to adapt it to the newer market where other luxury cars are already lined up. Also, this is just the base trim as the upper ones are expected to reach a pinnacle price of around $60,000. There are also a bunch of new packages which will come offered as well and they too will come at an additional fee, but all in good measure.

A Modern New Take for the 2019 Lincoln MKS

The way they have decided to remodel the new 2019 Lincoln MKS was to introduce a contemporary new design. The modernistic approach is will update the style of the car and will help it integrate more into the segment and the current line of vehicles. They have added a new grille, HID headlamps, remodeled the front fascia and paid specific attention to the A-pillars.

The rear end also gets a refined new fascia with updates also given for the exhaust tips and a new decklid design and the additional LED lamps to help as well. The wheels have also been reshaped and remodeled and the car rides on 19-inch ones as standard but also offers 20-inch ones as well.

They have decided to update the car for a new modern age. It will at the same time be appealing to the general public and will also change the way people look at these cars. What the model brings is refinement and also elegance to the car. The new design helps to lower the front end a bit, but only visually.

There is some bright work added which will connect the grille and the headlamps. In addition,  it will make for a rich and expressive kind of a design and at the same time one which will balance everything out. We are sure that this type of a design will become quite a useful one and can reshape the brand to a higher and better level.

An Interior Which Seems Brand New

The inside of the 2019 Lincoln MKS does look like it is brand new, but actually it is more of a reshaped and prompted up old one. The previous model used horizontal lines and seemed very much linear. The new approach will add the new model will feature liens. This sweep up from the center and go further back and outward. Btu the best part of the update is the featured equipment which all comes standard.

The cooled and heated 12-way adjustable front seats a power tilt/telescoping steering wheel, adjustable pedals, retractable rear sun shade and a heated steering wheel become standard for this version of the MKS. The steering wheel is also updated and comes wrapped in comfortable and exclusive leather.

The rear passenger seats and the front passenger seat are multi-contour seats. They have seven computer-controlled air bladders that will enhance the comfort. The seats will be wrapped in Bridge of Weir leather and it will combine with French and Deck seams. Interestingly the leather used here is completely environmentally friendly and can easily be recycled.

And this is not the only part of the car which is environmentally safe as the seat cushions. Seat backs and also the head restraints are as well. The model will also make new wood colors available, like the Brown Swirl Walnut and the Prussian Burl. At the same time it will add new leather colors, with the Light Dune and Hazelnut available.

Powertrain and Specs for the 2019 Lincoln MKS

As it appears the engine for the 2019 Lincoln MKS is going to be a standard version of what we have been able to see in the recent sedan models. The vehicle will fit a 3.7-liter V6 engine under the hood. Also it will remodel it so it increases the power to 300 horsepower. This is an increase from the last version which made 273 horsepower. But there will be another alternative here in the form of a more powerful 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 that can deliver 355 horsepower.

Both of the engines will be matted to a six-speed SelectShift Automatic transmission. This comes in to different forms where both have steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. The base engine will use 6F-50 and the stronger engine will be offered with the heavy-duty 6F-55. All in all this is a massive update in power for the 2019 MKS and it goes more to show how many modern new updates the vehicle will come with.

0-60 mph and Top Speed

With the update to the 2019 Lincoln MKS the acceleration does not take a tool. It comes in a standard set and is pretty much acceptable with what the other models on the market have. We expect it to get to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds and the top speed setting will be somewhere around 135 mph.

Fuel Economy Updates for the 2019 Lincoln MKS

The updated engine versions of the 2019 Lincoln MKS will also update the fuel usage and consumption. It is not going to be overtly fuel efficient but it will still be a suitable offer for the segment. It can provide us with a very nice kind of a fuel usage that is not going to be some much worse with what the competition has to offer.

As per some tests, with the base engine the EPA ratings of the car are 19 mpg city and 28 mpg highway with the front-wheel versions. At the same time, the all-wheel ones will consume 18mpg city and 26 mpg highway. As far as the bigger engine, stats are still not available for it. However, the EPA will announce them in due time once they test them.

Size and the Dimensions Up Close

The vehicle will boast with a very compatible interior and the 2019 Lincoln MKS will still be able to seat 5. The massive interior offers a passenger volume of 105.8 cu-ft. This gives a ton of room for the people sitting inside. This is of course because of the exterior dimensions that the model has.

They will amount to an overall length of 205.6 inches, wheelbase of 112.9 inches, width 75.9 inches and height 61.6 inches. It might seem a bit standard. Moreover, compared to the previous MKS it is not changed a lot as the size only slightly changes. But the most important fact here is that the vehicle still has a good interior setup.

Safety Specifications for the 2019 Lincoln MKS

The safety of the 2019 Lincoln MKS is certainly not going to be an issue. The model will gain all the necessary equipment. Furthermore, it will be tighten as best as it possibly can be for the segment to bring the safety up. The luxury segment often needs to rely on the exceptional offer which this vehicle certainly has. In addition,  where there is a pack of safety equipment that will guarantee the safety of the occupants inside.

The luxury does not lack here. The included pieces of equipment here are exceptional and very much useful to have. Some of the gathered equipment include the Lane Keeping System, Auto high-beam headlamps and Collision Warning. Furthermore, it includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Information System and MyKey. This by itself does have a slew of enhancements and changes made to it to bring a substantially better offer for the car.

The Segment and Other Rivals

With the 2019 Lincoln MKS coming back to the market there is a slew of models that can challenge it. The vehicle is going to have a competition in the best Germany has to offer. Since it is competing in the luxury segment it is a challenging bunch to deal with. Models that constantly appear here include the BMW 5-Seris and the Audi A6 models, which are no joke.

The comeback of the MKS will need to be a grand one for the car to make strides and gain the necessary following. The vehicle will have a long road ahead of it. However, we are certain that the comeback is going to be prosperous one for the company.


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