Lincoln’s Expansion Continues with the 2019 Lincoln MKX

Lincoln is expanding the roster of its cars with the all-new 2019 Lincoln MKX model. The company has been going through a complete makeover. The reason? It’s parent company Ford decided to make greater investments and to triple the production of its luxury line.

Having more luxury vehicles is certainly good. And Lincoln is a company which does not mind benefiting from all of this. The long term goal for the company is to triple the sales of the luxury line by the year 2020. They have carefully laid their plan in front of us. And it looks pretty manageable. So we are waiting to see more news about their plans.

Their short term steps currently include dealing with individual cars and updating them. Lincoln first gave extensive updates to their MKZ and MKC models. These were the first vehicles that they modernized. The next one is the crossover MKX which is going to get the same kind of treatment.

The 2019 Lincoln Market

The idea of the company is to make the majority of its sales in China. The company quite frankly admits that they are going to concentrate on this market. This will probably make their sales numbers much manageable. In addition, it will help them reach their final quota.

Now, back to the 2019 Lincoln MKX, which is finally getting updated. Lincoln is changing MKX  for two reasons. The first one, that we mentioned the model is a part of the global growth which Lincoln is planning. And the other one, the fact that the sales of this car have not been going so well. The MKX was already in need of an update. And revamping it will bring the needed boost. Something the brand was lacking.

The initial idea was to base the 2019 Lincoln MKX on the latest MKX Concept Crossover model. This model was unveiled back in 2014 in Beijing. Now when they unveiled MKX for the fans at Detroit, we see how much alike the models have been.

The company improved the a lot. And we see that they are to offer a much larger potential for this car. They managed to reshape the car in this modern way. All in all, the vehicle is still missing some key information. And we are unveiling them here for you. We want to make them available for the general public to see.

The release date is set for the upcoming year. So there is no better way to learn about the information about the 2019 Lincoln MKX than here.

When can we Expect to See the 2019 Lincoln MKX for Sale?

The 2019 Lincoln MKX was very recently unveiled. However, there are still emerging information about it which we care to report on. The info about the car is coming out gradually. Some of it comes directly from Lincoln. And other information are leaking to us though different ways.

All in all, the official release date is still not set. But unofficially it might already been by the start of next year. Although some people think that it is more likely that it appears in the mid- year, our impression is still an early release date.

Lincoln is trying to speed up the process of releasing this model. Even though they are careful and producing the product as extensively as they can, they are not going to rush its production. We are saying that the comeback of the MKX is going to be a great thing for the company. They will for sure make a lot of fans happy.

Prices for the Newest 2019 Lincoln MKX

The updated version of the 2019 Lincoln MKX is going to have a bit higher price than now. The current model is going for a base MSRP price of $38,900. And with the prospect of a new MKX on the way with many new improvements, it is impossible for the price not to change. The vehicle will be available at around $40,000 now. And it will account for many improvements and additions which the vehicle is getting.

When you look at it, it is a normal price increase which you would expect to get and it does not go too high compared to the rivaling cars. But it is still somewhat expensive even for the luxury market. The model will certainly find its niche public as it always does and the expansion of its sales is very much expected to happen and it will make the necessary quota done. All in all, the MKX will probably get the increase in sales it deserves and we will get to see it gain much higher demands.

Updated Exterior Design

The newest 2019 Lincoln MKX is going to follow the same form all of the recent Lincoln cars have been redesigned with. It is a significant departure of what the outgoing model looks like and makes a lot of improvements and bases most of them on the Concept Crossover model seen a few years ago.

The new vehicles can best be described as being corporate looking as they have decided to go that direction and reshape the vehicle in that manner, bringing it a more stable new look for modern times. The initial changes which have been made include the addition of a split-wing grille and new blade like headlamps, while the profile has an elegant feel and look to it.

The model beforehand had a very boxy like appearance. The new model balances things about pretty well and reshapes the car so it looks contemporary and gives it a look which many modern people can relate to.

They also tried to make the newest MKX a much sportier model compared to the vehicle before. It comes with a new sloping roofline and will also gain new muscular rear fenders. The rear apron has also been changed and there are newly designed wraparound headlights as well.

The rear end will add a completely new rectangular exhaust pipe which gives a different kind of look for the rear part. Many of these features have been transferred from the MKX Concept model which we saw in Beijing and there was a case which said that the car look mostly production ready and had already been made as a vehicle that could go on sale. But they decided to use the parts this way.

New 2019 Lincoln MKX Interior

The inside of the 2019 Lincoln MKX will feature the look of a car which we have seen on the previous models before. The latest batch of Lincoln vehicles has borrowed the details of its design from other models and this is a good direction which Lincoln is taking their cars to as it mainly helps to redirect the line of vehicles in a steady way.

The luxury segment is pretty demanding and it is hard to compete and keep up with it. But the MKX is going to update by adding better and softer leather and by refining the surfaces and making the overall exterior seem so much better. High grade materials are seen everywhere and they also add wood and aluminum inserts as well. The seats are 22-way adjustable ones and they have even made a Revel audio system which is one of the main highlights of the car.

They have even enhanced the amount of convenience features inside which will help with the usability and usefulness of the car. But we do see some faults here as well. Many of the parts seem more like a facelift and not a real redesign.

The layout has not been changed and they still manage to go with the previously used own. Whether this is a good idea for them or not, they are making it work, but how much it will actually be worth remains to be seen. The layout is actually based on the old Ford Focus one which Lincoln has been using forever, so this was probably the model that could have changed all of that, but they decided to keep it for a bit longer.

Powertrain Capability of the 2019 Lincoln MKX

There are going to be two options for you under the hood of the 2019 Lincoln MKX cars. One is the 3.7-liter V-6 that can help the model deliver an output of 300 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. The other is a 2.7-liter, EcoBoost V-6 which adds more power and gives the users a performance of 330 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque.

The differences between the two engines are not much, there is just an increase of 30 hp which separates them. Some people would say that the addition of the V-6 engine is pointless and that the model should have done better with a 3.5-liter V-6 option instead. But since the rivaling models all come with two engines choices, they only saw it fitting that the MKX has to have two as well. But the car would have done well even with the one engine.

0-60 mph and Top Speed

The newest updates made for the engines of the 2019 Lincoln MKX are not going to do anything impressive for the engine’s performance. The vehicle will still have the stable output that it had with the previous models. The time needed to reach 0-60 mph is 8 seconds and it is pretty standard compared to the competition. The top speed is labeled to be 155 mph which is also not in any way extreme once you look at the competing models.

The Fuel Economy of the 2019 Lincoln MKX

The fuel economy specs of the 2019 Lincoln MKX are not what you would call spectacular, but they are still perfectly suited for the segment and the car. Owing to the two engine variants there are also two different EPA ratings for the car. The first engine is rated with 17 mpg city, 26 highway, 20 combined, which is not impressive by the least. When using AWD the model makes 16/23/19 mpg. The second engine is going to have a rating of 17/26/21 mpg while the all-wheel versions will consume 17/24/19 mpg.

Have the Dimensions Changed?

The size of the 2019 Lincoln MKX is being kept the same and although the update was extensive they did not tamper with the dimensions. The length of the car is still at 190.0 inches and the wheelbase remains 112.2 inches. The width is 76.1 inches and the height is 66.2 inches. The passenger volume on the inside allows for a space of 107 cu ft and the cargo volume is pretty good with a capacity of 37 cu ft.

The Safety Improves as Well

They are adding the various kinds of gadgets for the 2019 Lincoln MKX. The safety is one of them which also gets newest additions. The new kind of technology implemented in this luxury line is probably a very standard set that you see in the variety of cars that exist now. But either way they are going to give a sort of an advantage for the MKX. It helps to improve the security of one. The gadgets added are a 360-degree camera system, cross-traffic alert, pre-collision assist, automatic parallel and perpendicular parking. As you can see the top line model gets a top of the line safety set.

Models that it will Compete Against

With the prospects of updating the 2019 Lincoln MKX, we get a real potential of the brand making their titled plan. The idea behind the update is to make greater sales. And to do that they have to surpass the competition first. This will be the first step to take. The current market is filled with luxury brands. And luxury cars that will oppose the MKX model are vehicles like the Lexus RX and Cadillac SRX.

These models will present the best that the market has to offer. And the idea which Lincoln has of expanding to China is something that not a lot of competitors are thinking of doing. At least not for now. All in all, we expect the brand to gain much more popularity with the new model. It just may end up reaching their plans sooner than expected.

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