2019 Mazda3 to Debut its Fourth-Gen Iteration

The 2019 Mazda3 model has been rumored to appear ever since the talks that a whole new lineup of Mazda cars is being prepared. Thanks to the new concept model which Mazda has showcased recently, the RX-Vision concept, they plan to make a completely new batch of cars which are going to sport the new design language and the style that this vehicle is sporting.

Among some of the talks were a lot of vehicles from the Mazda roster which are going to be made in a completely new manner. The RX-Vision makes use of some greatly styled sporty lines and combines them in a great effort to make a very good looking vehicle. When it comes to using it for the Mazda3 it makes perfect sense that this car is going to be an introductory model to sport the redesign.

For now there are no exact news on when the car appears and there are certain renderings available. Our review will concentrate on current news and the unofficial data which has been released but you may expect the 2019 Mazda3 to actually be made into a production car pretty soon.

The Mazda3

When it comes to the Mazda3 brand it is one of the best-selling vehicles that the Japanese brand has introduced. It has been a solid contributor and has managed to sell more than any other model in the lineup. It started in 2003, but did not show so much prospect with its first version as it got with the later ones. The model which managed to make a difference is the 2013 model which launched the third-generation of Mazda3 cars. It is also the current generation model and the version which has managed to get the most success and sold most cars out of all other generation models. The update for the car came in 2016 and managed to refresh the brand a bit. But the next-generation model had already been planned then so will this mean that the 2019 Mazda3 is already in the works?

What we Might Expect to get out of the Exterior

The design of the new 2019 Mazda3 will certainly incorporate some very nice and sporty details. The RX-Vision concept is a perfect model to base the hatchback upon and it will be characterized by a number of features which debuted on the concept. But do not expect all of the parts to be transferred to its fullest and also a lot of them are going to be toned down. So for instance, the front end of the car might add a similar grille but will add slimmer lights to the front and some chrome as well. The mesh of the grille will also be changed for a horizontal one while the LED strips are going to be differently added for the headlamps. Under the grille, wide openings are expected and bigger side intakes.

The side of the car will get certain parts which are largely going to differentiate it from the outgoing model. The fender vent is expected to be transferred completely but the roof is going to be different. Also, a new batch of wheels will be thrown into the mix. The end part of the car will be designed to be slimmer which will account for the sportier look.

The dimensions of the car should stay the same, even though the car has the potential to get bigger. If this does happen we expect the car to be 2 inches longer and an inch wider, but no more than that.

Brand New Interior for The New 2019 Mazda3

It is expected that the 2019 Mazda3 gains a brand new interior. The model will be updated with several features which will make it a contemporary car. What was amazing about the current car was that it had a very clean and neat layout, this will not change for the newest model and we expect that the cabin gets completely boosted in terms of applications and material. The layout of the controls will be revised, some new and lager display screens will be added for the infotainment part. Also we might be looking at bigger displays and more storage room offered in the center console. Finally, the steering wheel will get a sporty redesign making it comparable to the rest of the vehicle.

Generally speaking, the entirety of the car will be improved. A lot of the present parts will get to be improved and will help the car become a near-premium model. The seats will add better materials and will provide better comfort and support. All the materials will get a boost so you can even expect better leather on entry models as well with aluminum inserts and excellent finishes. A two colored theme will help with the atmosphere and help with the feel which will add more shoulder room and headroom. All of the current technology found in the Mazda3 will be upgraded to the latest version.


We predict that there is not going to be a major change when it comes to the powertrain of the 2019 Mazda3 model. The current vehicle has a slew of gasoline and diesel engines at its disposal and they might continue with the smaller tank and 4-cylinder combination with the latest incarnation of the vehicles. Gasoline engines for the European and Asian markets might include the 1.5-liter version while in America we may get to see the 2.0-lite and the 2.5-liters ones appearing. The diesel option might as well be the current 4-cylinder one with a 2.2-liter displacement and it might be completely possible that a diesel gets to be offered in the US this time around. Possible powertrains include a 6-speed automatic and a 7-speed dual clutch system. We are not excluding a hybrid version as well.

Increase in the Price

The latest 2019 Mazda3 will be more expensive than the current version. It will bring the price of the outgoing model up a bit as the sedan is being sold for $17,845 while the hatchback is offered at $18,545. So expect the models to range between 18,000 and 20,000 at least.

2019 Mazda3 Competition

Although the 2019 Mazda3 might change the set of rivals is going to remain the same. The models which we are geared up as the closets competition versions include the Toyota Corolla and the Ford Focus cars and this is not going to change for the future to come.

Our Thoughts on the New 2019 Mazda3

Although nothing is yet clear or confirmed for the 2019 Mazda3 the prospect if us getting the next-gen version in this manner seems great. The car will move to a more premium status and it actually needs to do that. This will continue its ascent to the top where other Japanese models are already present for years already. The new design language might help change the status of the car and brings it to a whole new level.

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