A 2019 McLaren Sedan Prompting a New Trend

Word has it that McLaren may start to develop its 2019 McLaren Sedan model pretty soon. Although everything is still in the realm of speculations there is a lot about this project which could become a reality in a year or two. McLaren is perhaps the last company which has stuck with its roots and decided not to come to the other side and make SUVs and other crossovers in order to make some money. They are still going strong with what they have and what they do best, but this does not prevent them to put out a four-door car which would be a first from the British automaker ever made.

The recent trend for major car manufactures is that they need to make crossover vehicles in order to stay competitive in the market. It does not seem that it is entirely lucrative to make sports cars and supercars because even with the high price tag, the output of selling these vehicles is not great. The market has shifted and a lot of high-end companies are turning to a resolution which comes with crossover models. We have seen the likes of Porsche and Lamborghini with the former releasing their Panamera and Cayenne crossover vehicle while the latter one came up with their Urus SUV, the first one in their lineup. Even Ferrari is preparing to do the same and release an SUV model.

McLaren is one of the few companies which did not decide to use the same strategy as the other ones did and in turn managed to release both the Super Series and the Sport Series model which in total counts a dozen cars which all have different configurations by themselves. They have also said that making an SUV is certainly not among their plans but they are developing a new architecture for high-riding vehicle which will be used promptly in the future. Thus we think that a high-performance sedan model might be built on the same platform and offer the first sedan product that McLaren has built.

Here are some thoughts on how the car might look, and until the real release date and the real deal we can freely speculate about what we would like to see and how could the 2019 McLaren Sedan be made.

Many Things to Consider about the Exterior of the 2019 McLaren Sedan

With the prospect of the 2019 McLaren Sedan potentially coming there are many things that have to be taken into account. Many of them are going to directly determine the way that the design of the sedan model is implemented. Firstly, the 2019 McLaren Sedan will probably use the same design language that the company uses now. The highly coveted Sport Series and Super Series models are going to be around for a couple of years more. Till then they are not going to make any changes and add different styles as it would be too expensive to make for just one car. This way it keeps the costs down and the production rolling.

Secondly, in order to make the sedan McLaren has to start thinking of making an SUV first. Yes, they said that they are keeping their hands clear from that but it will get making the sedan a whole lot easier. The development of an SUV structure will allow them to easily transition into a stage where a four-door sedan version could be built. Since McLaren has never done one so far it will make it difficult for them to start from scratch. Also it would be much more lucrative for them to start that way as they would be able to get a balanced budget with the sold vehicles.

Thirdly, the new look of the 2019 McLaren Sedan will not be able to use the familiar sporty features of the brand. Most of the McLaren cars are known for its aggressiveness and a sporty appearance but the sedan version will have to exclude that from its mix. The design will overtly be business, corporate look which is already seen in the latest Sport Series and Super Series models. It will easily transition into a sedan and actually help the car get a ton of fan praise.

Generally speaking, the next sedan that McLaren is making is going to incorporate the looks of the Super Series and Sport Series models and also use some element from the 650S car and combine it into a new prosperous model.

Potential 2019 McLaren Sedan Interior Upgrades

Pegging the interior of the 2019 McLaren Sedan is much harder to do than question the outside. But if we are to guess it will mostly base the look on the 650S model, but not entirely as they would have to shift things around a little bit to make for the room that they have now. But if we are going to extremes, they might decide a go ahead and build a completely new interior. One which should suit both an SUV and a sedan are promising to happen and they can both fit the same purpose. But the interior will not exclude the sporty details of McLaren cars and it will certainly add a lot of luxury. Carbon fiber, aluminum, fancy leather and high end materials and design which is expected to happen here. We might get to see one of the more luxurious cars on the market yet with this one.

Drivetrain, 0-60 mpg and 2019 McLaren Sedan Top Speed Specs

It is highly likely that the 2019 McLaren will get to use a different type of engine than it is using now. McLaren is using one engine across the lineup and we do not see them developing a new one at least for the next three years or so. Their prized 3.5-liter V-8 with twin turbos is going to be kept around for the sedan model and it would be praiseworthy to see this happen. Of course the specs would have to be toned down a bit and adapted for roads and not race tracks but an output between 500 hp and 550 hp is entirely possible. They will probably modify the current transmission though, so the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission will possibly make it. But this time McLaren will have to incorporate an all-wheel drive system and it would be beneficial for them to have one, especially if they are making an SUV model.

Fuel economy might also be addressed but in the strangest ways. They will probably make a hybrid powertrain and offer it along the 2019 McLaren Sedan. If this happens it would make its first appearance in the SUV and it will come with an AWD, which would show us how effective they could be in developing the technology for their future cars.

As far as 0-60 mph performance goes, we are expecting the model to get there in less than 4 seconds, making it a hell of a fast sedan. The top speed will range to about 200 mph as well.

Price of the 2019 McLaren Sedan

This is not going to be a cheap model at all and the 2019 McLaren Sedan will break the bank from certain views. The luxury that this sedan will have and the performance it offers will tip it to somewhere around the mark of 300,000 USD per unit. Even though with a high price tag we are certain that the car might sell well.


When speaking about the rivals of the 2019 McLaren Sedan we are probably looking at the vehicles which have started it all. Other luxury brands which have already crossed over to the crossover segment and are already expected in making sedan versions are also the closest rivals. The Porsche Panamera Turbo S is the perfect example of what McLaren needs to follow, but they are probably not going to implement the same formula but rather a variation on the same subject.

2019 McLaren Sedan Release Date

The 2019 McLaren Sedan is pure speculative for now and seems as if it is a million years away. But the release is actually very closer as the British company is ready to jump on the band wagon and quickly pick up the pieces which are left from other manufactures. The best that they would probably be able to do is releasing the car by 2019. Let us hope that this release date is not too late for them as they need to start sooner rather than later in ordered to catch up on the cars currently available. 

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