A new Platform in Stored for the 2019 Mercedes SL-Class

News have surfaced about the 2019 Mercedes SL-Class being prepared for its next-generation incarnation. It was stated that what they are preparing is going to be a completely different car from the one that is seen currently. The SL-Class is supposed to get a lot of innovations and will include some changes which will place it in the top ranks of the segment. Well to tell the truth the car is already at the top so we can say that it may further fortify its position.

There are two things which are expected to change for this version. One of them is the usage of an all-wheel drive system which will be based on the current MRA and MFA architecture but surprisingly the vehicle is not going to use the same platform. Instead there is a whole new one being developed which is the MSA one and will be incorporated for both the SL-Class and the SLK-Class vehicles.

The 2019 Mercedes SL-Class model is still a couple of years away from appearing so they are already planning ahead the way to manufacture the cars and get the costs down. The usage of the same platform is going to help a lot and although the SLK is going to be made alongside the SL model, there are still many things which need to be made to differentiate the cars. Even with both models essentially being made in the same factory it is bound that similarities occur and these are done to cut down on manufacturing costs, but it is going to be important to make the cars different. They are going to make sure that these cars do not look alike.

Of course expect to see the styling elements of the SL-Class to be different and also the dimensions to separate the cars from each other. The SL models are going to get the most attention from Mercedes as they are trying to maintain this brand as its star vehicle so it makes sense that they groom it as much as possible.

Here are some potential details that you need to know about the 2019 Mercedes SL-Class model.

A History Lesson

Before we start things off with the 2019 Mercedes SL-Class model, we have to know something about it. Most of the fans are already familiar with the likes of this brand as it is one of the more popular names that Mercedes has produced. Everything started back in 1954 when the car was introduced. The car went through a number of modifications to reach the place which it occupies now and is easily one of the oldest models in the lineup. Although there has been a ton of changes made to the car the clearest image about it is a two-seat sports car.

The current generation was introduced in 2012 and is very important for the lineup as it is the first SL-Class model which came with an aluminum body. The current car was also updated for the 2015 model year and it appears that it will end abruptly and open the way for the next one to come.

When can we Expect the 2019 Mercedes SL-Class Release Date?

It is still early to speculate but it is safe to say that the 2019 Mercedes SL-Class is at least two years away. The model is getting ready for the next-generation stint but it will take some time to make the initial preparations. The news about this model came recently and it immediately showed how much the fans are interested about this car. It immediately showed that people were very much eager to find out more about it. But it will certainly be worth the wait as the car will probably hit a high selling point immediately when it is released

New Platform

The most interesting news for the 2019 Mercedes SL-Class is the new platform that it adopts. Many people thought that the usage of the MRA and the MFA structures which has already been incorporated for other Mercedes cars would be utilized there. This is also perhaps necessary as an all-wheel drive would be implemented here and it is easiest to make the car with AWD using the existing structure when it comes to Mercedes. But as they are planning to make changes which would be used for the future they also planned to make the platform different. The MSA is the newly developed one and would support the claims for the addition of the AWD system and will also be appointed with the style of the car. It would be really nice to see how well it would work and if it is going to be used to its potential, but if we trust Mercedes and we do, it is going to result in a great and balanced car.


There are many options as far as the powertrain of the 2019 Mercedes SL-Class goes. The last model brought an update to the engine which saw the usual V-6 engine with twin-turbos get to 362 horsepower which was an increase made from 329 horsepower. The increase was also felt with the 0-60 mph acceleration where the car moved from a 5.1 second mark to 4.9 seconds needed to reach 60 mph. They might decide to keep this engine for the future car but a more obvious option is to replace it entirely. They are supposed to add AWD for this one and that is something which would need to make the powertrain different.

The AMG models have not changed for the previous version but with the 2019 they will get an increase which lacked the last time. The current setup includes the 5.5-liter twin-turbo V-8 for the SL63 which makes 577 horsepower and the 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 for the SL65 making 621 horsepower. The implications which are made here could benefit the whole new class of cars coming.

2019 Mercedes SL-Class Price

The release of the 2019 Mercedes SL-Class models will probably tip the scales a bit forward and we are preparing for one of the more expensive models form the Mercedes lineup. They are currently saying that it might go to 100,000 dollars potentially and will probably cost this much before options.


Some would say that the very existence of the 2019 Mercedes SL-Class is because of the competition. Our option is that the car is actually already in front of the competition and that only options separate these cars. But the car should remain competitive and the fans always want new things so a new-gen SL-Class is made because of that. Cars like the Jaguar F-Type and the BMW 6 Series Convertible are still sitting on the outside brink and lurking in and it will take more time for them to catch up to the SL-Class and it will be even harder once the update is done.  

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