Is the 2019 Nissan GT-R Really Possible?

Hearing about a potential 2019 Nissan GT-R model sounds really good for the automotive industry. The GT-R made by Nissan is one of the most famous sports cars ever built and has been in the top of the selling lists across Asia and Australia for years now. The latest version of the Nissan GT-R supercar was the R35 model and after that there were no indications that a new version would be built. But the prospect of getting one has always sounded good for us and receiving a new version of the car would benefit the fans the most.

The GT-R has been mostly compared with Ferrari and Porsche cars from the past. That is until it overpasses them and came to exist in a segment of its own. Porsche and Ferrari have refused to compare their products with the Nissan as they think that it is no use to do that anymore being that the model has advanced so much.

In the wake of modern supercars like the NSX and Lexus’s LF-A model gaining ground, the powertrain of the GT-R might sound dated. Contemporary supercars are now being equipped with hybrid powertrains and V-10 engine which are directly transferred from formula vehicles. But the GT-R can still hold its own even with the many new brands out there.

What could be improved for the new 2019 Nissan GT-R? Well actually not so much. The fact that the only thing that could make this car better are the changes which could happen for the outer part of the car. These are going to help the car gain better balance and at the same time enhance the power and aerodynamics of the car. This is something which the vehicle should improve if we were ever to get the 2019 version of the famous GT-R.

The following are certain assumption about the parts the 2019 Nissan GT-R should make for the potential new model. If it does sound good, well maybe they decide to make one in the close future.

Leaked Information and Potential Powertrain

There was a recent photo unveiled which shows the potential look of the 2019 Nissan GT-R. It is how we were able to base our review and make our assumptions about what the car possibly may look like and what could it add. Interestingly enough it came with also some potential news about a powertrain which the car could incorporate. They might go for a hybrid option with this one and there is a great possibility that we might get to see a combination of the old updated version and an added electric engine. The engine alone is the 3.8-liter V-6 rated with 580 horsepower, which would potentially be combined with a KERS system that may add 250 horsepower more, leaving us with a potential output of around 800 horsepower.

A Way to Introduce a New Style

Over the years the Nissan GT-R has only gain some superficial additions. Most of the changes that the car got once it was released were found under the hood or inside the car. The majority of the exterior was kept the same. If we are to get a 2019 version, they will have to work on redesigning the exterior mainly. The way how they might approach this effort is by using the familiar BMW formula of Evolution and Revolution. This is essentially done in two stages, the first one being the evolution which is done after a car has been on the market for about four years and they would add minor changes using the same platform which would keep it fresh for another four years. After that comes the revolution change which introduces a whole new chassis for the model. So we think that the 2019 Nissan GT-R might actually be in its Evolution stage with the Revolution coming a bit later.

2019 Nissan GT-R Front End Changes

The front part of the 2019 Nissan GT-R should suffer the most changes. The nose is actually the part of the car which goes through most changes and it gives a brand new appearance to the car that way. According to our rendering the front end should get a V-bar grille based on the Maxima Nismo model while it should be flanked with some boomerang shaped headlamps.

The lower part of the front end should be made out of carbon fiber and could have a contrasting black color. It will make the vehicle immensely meaner and aggressive. Some parts which might be similar to the current and the newest model are the hood scoops which could have an active function and also an aero one and could help with the more than just styling.

Prolife Design

The profile of the 2019 Nissan GT-R may be the part which will be similar to the current car. The design of the side of the car was addressed recently and there may be only a few changes which could appear. Roofline may be lowered a bit but the greenhouse and the front fenders are probably going to be transferred. The window line is carved lower while the rear grass opening is positioned a little bit upward. The curved butters beneath the C-Pillars act as an anchor for the floating roof design. Also it gives the car a more premium look and does not only make this part a functional one.

Rear End Upgrade

The rear part of the 2019 Nissan GT-R should receive some changes as well. These are mainly going to be related to the aerodynamics of the car and also to keeping it modern compared to the current vehicles. The part which will surely be kept is the current four pipe exhaust system which is found on the current car. But it is going to be positioned below the pack of the headlights which are placed in the top corner of the trunk. Near the lower diffuser area we can also see the venting system and the aero details of the car. The car should reinforce its down force stability and it could be done this way.

The GT-R has been known for its use of rounded taillights and it has been using them since the very start. But in this rendering it appears that due to the use of LEDs they should be changed for a different style. Maybe the added lights are more of a design that could be used for the Maxima and not really for this one but it could also be a part of the design that they are trying to employ with the new batch of Nissan models. 

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