The 2019 Porsche 717 Will Help the Company go Full Eclectic

With the 2019 Porsche 171, the famous automotive company is going to an all-electric route. But the car is still speculative as there are a lot of things about it which cannot be confirmed, but they are neither denied as well. The thing is that the information which has emerged so far is still left to the imagination of some. There are not a lot of confirmation and not a lot said from Porsche as well. They are keeping silent and denying any knowledge about the car, but that is something that we would expect them to say as Porsche is known for keeping things secretive to the very end.

The car has been named 717, an interesting name but one which could also go through some changes for the final product. The recent specs have not revealed any spy photos which further leads us to believe that this model is in its early stages of development. We are probably not going to get it any time soon but the rumors have confirmed that they are hard at work to brining this project to surface, they are just not letting us know much about it.

Here are some visceral information about the model which may have slip the hand of Porsche and some speculations that we can give in our review for our readers.

Exterior Design of the 2019 Porsche 717

The way that the 2019 Porsche 717 is supposed to look is still not certain. But some things are quite familiar and can be almost but confirmed. The car is probably going to be a four-door sedan model which they are probably going to base on the MSB architecture which is made by the VW group. If we add the cues from the 911 model to this architecture we are going to get a Panamera-like car.

This is not all too bad as Porsche has been looking to push through their Panamera look through many upcoming cars. This is not at all a bad idea as the look has proven to be widely successful. Generally speaking, the 2019 Porsche 717 is going to be like a shrunken Panamera. This approach has been working so far for Porsche and they have managed to incorporate it into many of their vehicles so why stop now as they can do the same and popularize their new project that way.

2019 Porsche 717 Interior Still a Mystery

Well for now not much is known about the inside of the 2019 Porsche 717. It is still not talked about so much and there are a lot of things that we are left to guess here. But what we are thinking is that they will probably borrow from the Panamera here as well. The Panamera look is great and the cabin of the car is very luxurious and looks more than great. The details of the Panamera might look good for this vehicle and you can imagine the rich interior filled with soft materials and luxurious leather inside already. And do not forget the gadgets and the technology which the car will certainly come with.

New Hybrid Powertrain

Under the hood of the 2019 Porsche 717 is what really matters. They are trying to make the new Porsche based on the Model S car from Tesla. This would require them to use a powertrain which would be both powerful and efficient, but that is easier said than done. The ways that the Model S is designed is that it uses a flat battery which at the same times acts as the floorboard of the car. But Porsche will use the battery in the manner where it will extend towards the sills and footwalls as well. So we are expecting a four-motor system for the car where each wheel will have a separate motor.

It might come in three different power rates with 400 horsepower, 500 hp and 600 hp models, potentially. If the car has a separate motor at each wheel it is obvious that it uses an all-wheel drive but additionally it is expected to come with four-wheel steering and torque vectoring. For now they are expecting a range of 300 miles, but depending on the time when the model arrives it might be too low as the competition is already expanding. The range figures might change by the time the release date arrives.

2019 Porsche 717 Price Ranges

Although this is a Porsche, the 2019 Porsche 717 needs to be priced accordingly if it is going to compete in this market. Being that the highest Model S is the 85D version which is priced $87,570, we can expect similar figures but still higher than that. The 717 might be offered a little bit below $100,000, with the strongest option coming at $130,000. Although they are offering luxury and a brand name to go with it, they still have to think about the potential of the car and the market it will need to compete in, so a very big price is not going to help them here.


Well, there is only one rival for the 2019 Porsche 717 here. That is the car that they are basing the vehicle on, the Tesla Model S car. If they want to compete against the original and want to make a suitable offer for the fans they cannot merely copy the formula from the Model S but they can bring their own take on the matter.


With the release of the 2019 Porsche 717 they will manage to fill in some gaps in their roster and present a completely new approach to what we were not used to seeing from Porsche. But they need to be careful as the Model S has been around for a long time and has an established set of follower. That said, Porsche also has the same but this is going to be the first car in this type of segment which might be tricky for starters. We shall have to see more from the 717 car in order to determine whether it is good to compete here.

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