2019 Toyota 4Runner

News about the Release Date of the 2019 Toyota 4Runner

The newest 2019 Toyota 4Runner is bringing more of the same ol’ same ol’. The vehicle has not changed so much since the last time around. And even though it’s present on the market since perhaps the dawn of time, the 4Runner has managed to keep a solid fan base. Even with the minimal changes that it always invokes. This model is not different at all as the update takes much of the familiar tropes of the previous car and adds them to the coming model. But there is still a lot more to the 2019 version that meets the eye.

For now the release date is set for somewhere at around late 2018. Exact stats are still not available and they may change day in and day out. But the car is still looking very solid. It appears as a model that we can expect a lot from. If we exclude its old school appearance, there are a lot of functional and helpful features that make it a prime vehicle. The 2019 Toyota 4Runner takes practicality and convenience over appearance any time of the day.

What Could be the Price of the 2019 Toyota 4Runner?

Because the 2019 Toyota 4Runner has not changed so much, the price will not go up so high. The vehicle will have appropriate price and the update will not raise the price so much. As reported, the 4Runner will mainly update some parts. However, an entire overhaul they will do sometime in the future. Even then they are probably not going to change much, as Toyota has never really gone too deep in changing this model.

All in all, the current base MSRP price of 35,205 dollars will most likely be a starting price for the 2019 version as well. Additional packages will probably affect the price and increase it a bit. These packages will be announced promptly. In addition, they may also be only available for different trims of the 4Runner models.

Some Rumors for the 2019 Toyota 4Runner

The rumors about the 2019 Toyota 4Runner started emerging not long after the update of Tacoma model. The two cars share a long-lasting history together. In fact, the 4Runner was the company’s first pickup truck, but it was later replaced by the Tacoma. So the two of them share quite a bit of history. In fact, that they share some parts and ideas between them. So it came as no surprise that the updated Toyota Tacoma sparked rumors about the 4Runner coming. For once the rumors were true, and in no time the vehicle came out. The model is now gearing for its new incarnation. And we shall see how well the model works with the updated features.

Exterior of the 2019 Toyota 4Runner

Fortunately, the 2019 Toyota 4Runner does not look as old as some of its recent incarnations. Thanks to the previous updates, which worked out some chinks in the armor of the model, we now have a progressive new vehicle which looks the part of its competitors.

The latest model added some rounded shapes and additions for the car which worked in the advantage of the 2019 version. They continued in making it seem more aggressive and gave it a bit of a meaner appearance. The massive grille in the front may still be a traditional part on the 4Runner vehicles. But thanks to the side vents and different headlights, this new model looks much more innovative compared to last time.

The Trail Edition model will still continue to offer added utility for the car. There is still a frame-mounted tow hooks under the bumper, high-profile tires and thick skid plates. But probably the best part of the new car is the ear power-window. You can operate it via the controls on the center console and it will easily turn your car into an open air automobile.

New Color Additions

Updating the 2019 Toyota 4Runner would also mean adding some aesthetic changes. This car will additionally make strides in the appearance department with a few new color options added. Unfortunately, it appears that they are going to keep the current specter for now.

There has been no mentioning of any new color variants. We did hope to see some changes and some innovations this time, but none seemed to prevail. All in all, we might get some new ones down the line but the updated 2019 will continue trotting along with the current set. Not bad but something which could have gone differently.

2019 Toyota 4Runner Size

The 2019 Toyota 4Runner makes no effort to update the size and shape of the car. Updating the size would only be a waste in this manner. The vehicle is already appropriately made and the dimensions are staying the same for this model. Actually the size of the car has gone unchanged for a while now. They probably do not plan to change it for a while in the future. But this will remain to be seen.

All in all, the overall length is 191.3 inches and the model will keep the wheelbase of 109.8 inches. The overall width is 75.8 inches and the height is 70.1 inches. The interior is as comfortable as it gets and it is owed to the great interior volume which is 97 cu ft. And let’s not forget the cargo area which has all the room you need with a volume of 47 cu ft. Generally speaking, you will be able to enjoy your 2019 Toyota 4Runner as you were already used to before.

What are the Interior Updates for the 2019 Toyota 4Runner?

The interior of the 2019 Toyota 4Runner gives us a mild refresh. Thanks to the changes brought by the past model, this new one simply continues where the previous left off. The dashboard has new gauges and there is a different passenger section made.

Now added are some glossy black accents for the center stack which makes it look much more exclusive. The cabin is more serious now and not as youthful looking as some of the past models that we had. It is far better and appears to be centered for more adult people.

The controls are easy to reach and the infotainment system is very simple. The software for the Entune system has been updated and the HVAC controls are very simple to use as well. As far as comfort goes, the front seats are made to be very supportive and have a lot of adaptability.

The second row could be a bit more comfortable but it has reclining backseats and a lot of legroom for the passengers to enjoy. So this car is still extremely comfortable and very roomy and provides the best level of comfort that one could expect.

Engine Choices and Variants for the 2019 Toyota 4Runner

Even with all the changes happening for the 2019 Toyota 4Runner, under the hood it remains the same. This vehicle will still utilize the power from the 4.0-liter V-6 engine which was already established for this model. The power output is measured at 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque.

Matted to the engine is also the Toyota’s five-speed automatic transmission, which works splendidly together. There have been some potential rumors of a 3.5-liter V-6   engine which the Tacoma vehicle uses, but so far this has not become a reality. Some would say not yet as this engine is the perfect choice for this vehicle. We shall see if they turn around and decided to add it in the end.

2019 Toyota 4Runner 0-60 mph and Top Speed

The same kind of engine choice for the 2019 Toyota 4Runner also means the same specs. There was actually no need to enhance the power as it would also affect the fuel consumption which is already not that favorable. But this potential of an added engine is still there so we have to wait and see how that plays out.

All in all, the car is still able to race to 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 114 mph is still quite acceptable. All in all, this car will be a great choice for the people who do not expect too much from the performance but appreciate the comfort the vehicle has.

What is the Fuel Economy?

If they stick to the only mentioned engine, the 2019 Toyota 4Runner will have the same kind of fuel consumption ratings as it did before. Not really favorable if we compare this car with a lot of others from the market, but it does serve its purpose. There are much pressing matters that the 2019 4Runenr is trying to address before fuel economy. So the rating of 17 mpg city and 21 mpg highway and 18 mpg combined is passable.

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