2019 Toyota Hilux

News for the 2019 Toyota Hilux Release Date

Another model from the Japanese automaker’s lineup is the 2019 Toyota Hilux car. Toyota is updating most of its vehicles and among them is also the Hilux model. This one is also going to get a mild revision. So the new features will be more in line with the situation on the market.

This means that we are going to get a car which will have fairly similar features to what it has now. But they will be slightly better. The Hilux is one of the more recognizable brands coming from Toyota. But they still need to maintain it and keep the vehicle fresh.

This is why the 2019 Toyota Hilux is going to have some updates. It will come with some new features. We expect the release date by the end of 2018 model year. The model wears a label of a 2019 version and it will come out as such. All the new elements that we get are not going to take too long to develop. But it will still take some time.

We were actually hoping for a faster release. However, Toyota is aiming with a similar release date for most of its brands.

What is the Price of the 2019 Toyota Hilux?

As it goes with most of the updates in the Toyota lineup, the 2019 Toyota Hilux is going to be priced similarly. The price is still not official but there is no need to think that it will be much higher than the current one is. To make it easier, the new vehicle is not changing too much. It is essentially still a fairly similar Hilux model that we have now. But it needed to be freshen up a bit.

The necessary changes that were introduced were not enough to raise the price so much, thus a starting one of $24,000 is expected to be offered. This is of course for the entry level ones and we do expect the upper tiers to reach $50,000 the most. The vehicle comes in the same kind of configurations that we had the last time. Single cab and both double cab are available, which will change the pricing somewhat.

Some Rumors for the 2019 Toyota Hilux

If you look at it from a logical point, there have been less rumors than expect for the 2019 Toyota Hilux. Usually this kind of a release is followed with a lot of hype backing it up and many people are much more interested to find out more about what is going to happen.

Yet, the Hilux is quietly entering the race and is not really followed by such a media frenzy than usually. This does not mean that this car is not good. Actually, the vehicle is a great choice but we cannot really find the reason that there were not many rumors.

Well actually, Toyota is coming with a whole slew of updated vehicles. Some of them are bound to pass under the radar and one of them probably has to be the Hilux. The idea behind this vehicle was to offer something new for the buyers while at the same time providing more competitions to the rivals.

All in all, this car is probably going to gain much more attention once its release date comes. But until then we can deal with the available facts for this car.

Exterior Changes and Updates of the 2019 Toyota Hilux

The newest 2019 Toyota Hilux will have the familiar utilitarian and high-road design that Toyota pickups are known for. The car has a long wheelbase and short overhangs for a particular reason. It enables great approach and departure angles which make it much easier and useful for this kind of a pickup truck.

But the usefulness will be enhanced with an offer of different trims and bed configurations. The crew can has actually became one of the more desired models in recent times and is one of the more popular configurations that we have now.

The parts that the 2019 Toyota Hilux transfers include a chrome roll bar which is positioned in the front of the bed. The back end also enables you to optionally include the big blocked Toyota lathering across the tailgate. But this is optionally and you can add it only if you really want it.

2019 Toyota Hilux Color Options

With the updates that the 2019 Toyota Hilux is brining, much of it going to be about smaller things. While some people do not regard a color option as a small thing, there are some which do. So the latest model is supposed to get some new variants when it comes to color.

It will attract more people and the regular fans will also appreciate. We do know that all the previously used color choices are going to be added again, but no real confirmation about the newly added ones.

Is the Size of the 2019 Toyota Hilux Going to Change?

The size of the 2019 Toyota Hilux vehicle is not updated. This means that they have kept the same numbers which the current car has. Changing the size of the car for an update is not usual and they do the same here. It would be fairly odd to tamper with the dimension and there is no need to change them unless they present a problem.

Since we do not see a problem and there have been none so far, it is more than appropriate that the 2019 version of the Toyota Hilux continues in the same manner as it did before. Thus the entire length of the car is going to be 210.03 Inches with a width of 73.03 Inches. The wheelbase amounts to 121.45 Inches while the height of the vehicle is 71.65 Inches.

Potential Changes on the Inside of the 2019 Toyota Hilux

The interior of the 2019 Toyota Hilux is where the big changes have happened. They made the inside completely new and the vehicle borrows some elements from other Toyota models. For example, the horizontally shaped dashboard is very similar to the one from the Corolla vehicle.

There are aluminum trims added so the black body is a bit brighter and there are also some unique stitching added for the seats. The steering wheel is updated with various new controls and there is also a completely new gauge cluster as well. This helps to de-clutter the dash and make it much easier for use.

The infotainment screen has also been changed. It actually looks more like a tablet than anything else. Just below the main screen there are the HVAC controls which are meant to be used with the two knobs that make it much easier for everyone. Even further below is a slew of switches which allows for added use and control. This time, the electronic locking rear differential is also going to be offered here which has become a staple for the Hilux cars.

2019 Toyota Hilux Engine Options

The newest 2019 Toyota Hilux will come with the same familiar four engine options. These include the two turbo diesel versions and two naturally aspirated gasoline ones. We start with the 2.8-liter turbo diesel one which is capable of making 174 horsepower and 331 pound-feet of torque.

But if you want a smaller diesel engine there is also the 2.4-liter turbo diesel which can make 160 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The gasoline engine starts with the 2.7-liter four-cylinder which goes to 164 horsepower while the 4.0-liter V-6 engine makes 278 horsepower.

As for the transmission choices goes. The standard version is the six-speed manual transmission which will come with the world’s first, truck-based rev matching technology. Also available is the six-speed automatic transmission.

0-60 mph and Top Speed

The latest 2019 Toyota Hilux will most likely have the same specs. As they are not changing a whole bunch when it comes to the vehicle’s performance, the same acceleration stats are probably going to come into play. The figures are officially not confirmed and they are expected to come sometimes soon.

But if we are to look at things logically, the vehicle is most likely going to have the same stats because it is using the same engines. This means that the acceleration from 0-60 mph is going to happen in 9.5 seconds while the top speed makes it all the way up to 115 mph. We do not need anything more than this from the Hilux vehicle. These stats are quite acceptable.

Improved Fuel Economy Ratings

The new 2019 Toyota Hilux is also aiming to improve its fuel economy ratings. There are no official fuel stats for now. And we have to wait until the official ones come out. Even the engines that they used so far are mostly familiar ones. But besides getting better mpg rates, they are also going to address the noise of the engine. With a much more fuel efficient truck, the 2019 Toyota Hilux is also going to less noisy.

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