New Batch of Spy Photos of the 2019 Toyota Supra

last It appears that the 2019 Toyota Supra is going to become a reality. It has been years and there were a lot of rumors about this car making a comeback. But it all remained in the realm of rumors or teasers and we never got our vehicle. Now we have a pretty solid confirmation as we got the newest batch of spy photos. The photos show a camouflaged Toyota Supra which is nearing competition and getting ready for a production version.

The most recent news which the Supra received was that they were basing the FT-1 concept model on the Supra. But this was back in 2014. After the unveiling of the concept we didn’t learn much about the potential future of the Supra. However, in 2016 the certain prototypes were spotted. These are wearing the same kind of a design that we would expect to see from the Supra and also ones that had the FT-1 look for them. So we are looking at the first solid evidence of the 2019 Toyota Supra appearing.

Potential Release Date based on the Spy Photos

The 2019 Toyota Supra was spotted in September, which was actually a bit late as we presume. There were many prototype vehicles that did not have the look of a Supra model. So it did not lead us to believe that it is one. What we finally got was a batch of spy photos. This also helps us to determine the release date of the car. It is very much possible that the we are going to see vehicle  by the time for the 2019 model year. We are very much hopeful for this car to appear by then. Thus we are going to base our review and assessment of the new 2019 Toyota Supra using the  photos and the leaked information.

History of the Toyota Supra

The company built the original Toyota Supra as an answer for the Z based cars. Its most prominent rival was the Datsun which the Supra competed at the time. The story starts in 1978, however it took them until 1987 to make the Supra as we view it now. The model got its first turbochargers back then. After that it just continued to get better and more powerful. Improvements came in the form of better suspensions and braking systems. In addition, it improved the performance of the car. It also helped it reach a cult-like status in the market. Also, car enthusiasts frequently place the Supra in their top-ten vehicles list. The story lasted until 1999, when the Toyota Supra dissapeared and it was the last time we have seen it. That is, until now.

Potential Exterior Redesign

The exterior design of the 2019 Toyota Supra is mostly a mixture of both the FT-1 concept and the things that we saw from the spy photos. It is immediately noticeable that some of the aggressive parts from the concept have been dropped. Also the first thing to go was the ultra-aggressive nose which they removed. In addition, they toned down the entire car. Also, the production is more friendly that way. The split intake in the front is toned down. The headlamps are much different now as they are slimmer from the ones in the concept.

The back of the car still has some parts which are left from the concept. But they will probably remove them once the camouflage is dropped. So we can say goodbye to some pieces like the pop-up spoiler which they will substitute with a smaller trunk lid. The wing was a possibility but it will probably be excluded as well while the smaller taillights are pushed a bit towards the edges of the car. The model will retain the large exhaust tips but they are not going to be integrated within the bumper as there are cutouts made for them.

It appears that eth e2019 Toyota Supra will be hard-pressed to borrow any of its elements from the FT-1 concept anymore. But they do need to make this car sporty so a lot of the parts which are missing or that we do not get to see might be resolved with the style borrowed from the GT 86 model. It makes everybody happy and is a good opportunity for them to go on.


It was surprising that the paparazzi managed to get a picture of the inside of the 2019 Toyota Supra, but it still does not help at all. Most of it is still under the camo and hardly visible. It is very hard to determine how the car look and you will cannot really determine what elements they decide to keep. But we are certain that the inside is going to be as unique as the outside is. They will probably change the element which are not production ready and make this into a great production vehicle.

Toyota will probably not let the Supra get any of the sporty details and the aggressive pieces as they do need to compete with other cars in the segment which are offering different things. Namely, we are expecting to see leather and more premium materials in the cabin, or at least for the higher trims of the car, while other included pieces may come to new upholstery with contrast stitching and aluminum accents as well. The model will have a unique instrument cluster. This will house the necessary controls while racing seats are going to help with the comfort and convenience while driving.

Drivetrain, Output and Specs

There is no way to estimate the drivetrain of the 2019 Toyota Supra right now. It is the part of the car which has been speculated the most. Also, we have seen and heard a lot of things about it but without any solid proof. Base on the current trends it might just happen that the car starts using a hybrid powertrain and it would be a suitable option for the model to that direction. There were also some talks that a four-cylinder, V-10 engine that the discontinued Lexus LFA had could be implemented as well. The only change that they could make here is to use a smaller displacement and the V-10 might easily make it in the list of potential powertrains for the 2019 Toyota Supra.

But the latest rumor that has been going around and which came with the announcement of the spy photos is the V-6 hybrid system. People who have heard the sound that the engine makes are more than certain that a combination of electric components. If they implement this engine, implement we are potentially going to get an output of about 400 horsepower. The gasoline only option might also come down to the German based Z5 version. A turbocharged 4-cylidner or a 6-cyldiner option might work well it they get to develop it and implement it well.


The long awaited 2019 Toyota Supra has been away from the market for quite some time. The last model  had a very different market to face and there were a lot of different vehicles back then. Now in a more modern surrounding the only competitor which we can mentioned is the Acura NSX model, but it will depend a whole lot on how they decide to make the model and what additions they provide for it.


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