2019 Audi Q4 Being Released as Part of Audi’s Latest SUV Fleet

.Audi is getting ready for its next release pallet with the 2019 Audi Q4 spearheading the new lineup of SUVs.  One of the most important factors here is that Audi is trying to improve their offer. They plan to bring us an expanded range of SUV models in the segment.

There are a number of cars which Audi has released or announced  as part of their idea to take over the market. This particular SUV will be set between the Q2 and the Q3 variants, with the latter one released recently. The upcoming projects that come out next include the Q7 and the Q8 models. These are coming out within a year. At the same time the Q4 will get its release date a year after those products.

The idea behind the 2019 Audi Q4 is a perfect one. They conceive it as a stylish alternative to these already offered SUVs. Namely the Q2 and the Q3. They aim is a younger fan base. It will be a perfect vehicle for younger families who have just started and want to have more luxury and a vehicle which will fit their age and lifestyle.

The way this car is conceived is that it will use the same kind of a design and the underpinnings of the newest Q3 model. But the main difference between the two is that it will grow in size. The Q3 has already grown. And the Q4 will add a bit more length to compare with the given model. It will compete in the segment as a much bigger and suitable offer.

We have also managed to find out that the 2019 Audi Q4 will also take on the design of the likes of the TT Offroad concept model. This vehicle has been shown back in 2014 at the Beijing show. The new Audi model will take most of its design cues from this car. So in a way we can get a design from the TT Offroad concept placed on a MQB platform from the Q3. And in that combination we get the new 2019 Audi Q4 vehicle.

As far as the assembly of the vehicle, the newest Audi Q4 will take on a different approach. It does share some elements with the Q3 which is currently assembled at Seat’s Martorell facility. At the same time they are going to move production  to Győr in Hungary in 2018. It will help with the production and the development this way and will give the model enough time to be designed.

The prospect of having a car like the Audi Q4 2019 will expand Audi’s roster and bring it more versatility and added options when it comes to the offer they have for the public. It will also bring a new kind of a style that a lot of the fans will appreciate. Of course, the competition is not too happy to see what Audi is cooking so it remains to be seen what their answer is going to be. For now we are expecting the release date and are reviewing this car for the pleasure of our readers.

When is the 2019 Audi Q4 Release Date?

As much as we were hoping to see the 2019 Audi Q4 model, it will not come as fast some would hope it to be. Audi has already planned out their entire lineup and it will all come out at the designated time period. Their plan of the SUV renewal and expansion has already started with the Q3 model which is the first one to arrive and which has also debuted the new look that the Audi SUVs are going to take. Next in line are the Q7 and Q8 models that have already received their release dates and are supposed to come out within this year. After that it is finally time for the 2019 Audi Q4 to see the light of day.

The model is going to be available by the 2019 model season and more information about when exactly they are planning to release it will be available within the future period. The information is still scarce on this one and it is being renewed and updated day in and day out. So expect the information about the release date to take a more solid form after the already scheduled cars appear.

What is the Estimated Price?

Based on the recent announcements, the 2019 Audi Q4 price tag may only be speculated. It is still far off to really determine how much would the real price be and we are only going to get that once the release date gets closer and is completely determined. What we expect is a price of around £28,000 to start with, and compared to the rivaling cars it is a very solid price. In fact it is a very affordable one if you compare it to all the other models on the market and will probably have an advantage based on the price alone.

But still we will have to wait to see what the acutely pricing is going to be once the vehicle is completely established. For reference sake, the major competitors like the Evoque are priced at £30,600, or the Mercedes GLC-Class cars which stand at £36,380.

How will the 2019 Audi Q4 Design Look Like?

As far as we were able to witness, the 2019 Audi will base Q4 on the latest TT Offroard concept. The details from this car are going to be transferred from the model. They will be added to this car and it will make it look very appropriate and desirable. An important aspect of the design is also the part about the MQB underpinnings which come from the Q3 vehicle.

It makes the look of the Audi Q4 2019 a unique combination of both which are going to this car rather unique but will also give it the usual and necessary Audi features. Based on the pictures so far, the car will probably have a curved roofline and it will also gain a  liftback-style tailgate. The model will probably be available in both coupe and hatch forms but those aspects still remain to be seen.

Assumptions about the Interior of the 2019 Audi Q4

There are not enough information to tell us about the interior of the 2019 Audi Q4. We have some ideas on how they plan to do it. But it is still a little bit vague, because they are still working on it. And there are also probably some changes that might come along the way. The likeliest of choices is that they are going to make the interior in the manner of the latest Q5 car. The interior will most likely benefit from other products that are coming out under the Audi. It is no wonder that we are going to see some similarities between the products that we see now and some that are going to come out soon and the newest Q4 as well.

What we can expect to see on the inside of the latest Audi Q4 2019 is a new instrument cluster which will mainly incorporate digital pieces. There is probably going to be a new navigation screen and more smartphone application and accessible connectivity. The instrument display will have a full-HD option while the gesture function control is a big thing which could make its way here as well. A 9.2-inch touchscreen will be great to use here and we can probably expect it to be added for use.

As far as comfort and other materials, they are working on it. But expect to see a usual kind of a setup that any other Audi has. The quality that the designer is offering is often impeccable. So we are probably going to get a kind of a design that people are going to enjoy and like. But at the same time feel extremely comfortable in.

Powertrain and Possible Specs

The powertrain is an interesting aspects of the 2019 Audi Q4. And there are certain announcements already that tell us which one they may use here. The options mentioned so far are a 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine and a 1.5-liter diesel engine. Unfortunately for now, there are no exact output range news. And we are hoping for them to announce them in the near future. The new range of engines will be followed by some old ones. These had an upgrade. These are of course the current 2.0-litre, four-cylinder petrol and diesel options. They  are already using these under the hood of the existing Audi SUV models.

Probably the most anticipated option is the plug-in hybrid model which they have also announced as being within their plans. This version will help save on fuel. In addition, it will generally provide us with a version which will save fuel. And at the same time it will  provide a range of 31 miles on electric power alone.

Also in the works is a performance oriented version, dubbed the RS Q4, which is going to use a 400bhp 2.5-litre petrol engine. This version might not come out at the same time as the base Q4 models and will probably come out some time later after the initial car.

New Technology

The newest 2019 Audi Q4 will just miss on the newest technology offered by the newest Audi cars. Autonomous driving capability is a big thing now. There are a lot of people showing interest in it. But the technology is still under development. As far as Audi is concerned the only car which is capable of using it so far from their lineup is the Audi A8. This will make its way with Level 3 Autonomous Driving Capability.

Audi has created their own branch which will increase the capacity of this new technology. So they have gone and made Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH, located in Munich. They are looking for multiple self-driving solutions which will come out first on the A4 model and will probably come with some future ones. The Q4 is a potential candidate. But we are really not sure if they manage to make it available with the technology now. They are mostly still doing to development. Yet, by the time the company release Audi Q4, we might get to see the latest improvements within this technology.

Dimension and Size Increases

One of the thing which has been reported about the 2019 Audi Q4 is that it will increase its size and consequently the length of the car. The Q3 has already reshaped and change the dimensions so we are expecting the Q4 to expand and go beyond that. This means that we are probably looking at a car which is going to be 4500mm long in total. Compared to the Q3, this is an increase of about 110mm. With the given measurements changes the vehicle will slot perfectly in the roster of new SUVs that Audi is prepareing. It will also make a lot of fans happy. The expanded dimensions also mean more room on the inside and more comfort as well.

What are Other Options in the Segment?

The release of the 2019 Audi Q4 is going to be a very good addition to the SUV segment. But it will also shake the competition a little bit. This model should directly oppose the vehicles that you can find here. And will most likely be a praiseworthy choice. The competition has already brought their models to the table. And since BMW has already come out with its X2 other manufactures have followed suit.

So we also have cars like the Range Rover Evoque and the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class. These are some of the major models in the segment currently. Audi is the last one to enter the class. However, we see them doing it in style and as probably offering the best choice and offer that the class needs. All in all, the 2019 Audi Q4 is the vehicle to watch out for. It will be a major contender once they release it.

New Photos Confirm the 2019 Ford Explorer Redesign

In an effort to confirming the existence of the 2019 Ford Explorer, a team of two photographers managed to catch an oddly looking prototype. It has been doing rounds in Colorado. At first it did not seem as much as it had a really peculiar shape to it. Unnoticed to anything that you would see form Ford.

But after a while it was clear that this could probably be the next Explorer SUV. There have been rumors about this model for some time. We finally have a confirmation that it is in the works. So, we are excited about the novelties this vehicle has to bring.

The Prototype

The prototype that was spotted exemplifies an evolutionary style instead of a revolutionary one. It is still blocky and has the same three rows to seat the seven passengers as before. But one thing about it is that it seems as if it has grown in size a little bit. This does not mean that they are offering space for an added person. But could simply bring about more comfort for the current ones.

There are many more things that we cannot see as the camo covers the majority of the car currently. But we know about the newest car that it will come with a new platform. This has already been confirmed that is being developed for all the upcoming Ford cars.

The midsize SUV segment has been ruled by the Ford Explorer model for quite some time. When you mentioned the Explorer in America you immediately know what you are getting. The car has been around since the 90s. And has spawned five generations of vehicles already with the last one being released in 2011.

It has already been enough time. So this will be the sixth-generation model which will appear in the market. And we are hoping that it will simply continue what the Explorer has been doing so far.

We expect the release date of the car pretty soon. The 2019 Ford Explorer seems to be in the full swing of development. The spied prototype seems very much appropriate for and there is still a lot which will be announced and which we will get to know soon. For now this is our initial take and our review with the facts that have liked or that we have managed to dig through.

2019 Ford Explorer Release Date

Many of you are now probably wondering when the 2019 Ford Explorer is going to be released. Unfortunately at this time we are not able to give you that sort of an information. It is still a little bit far away to determine when the car needs to be released but the pictures alone are a good confirmation that the model is being prepared.

The heavy camo is still covering a bigger portion of the car, which does not prove anything. The car will in time lose the pieces of camouflage and will in due time present what we are getting underneath. We are actually expecting the car to come out in 2019 and it is near-impossible to expect it before that. This will allow for the vehicle to be developed properly and for all details to be met and arranged till then.

The Newest Style of the 2019 Ford Explorer

Although it is still hard to confirm how the 2019 Ford Explorer may actually look like, the vehicle will hold more of an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary approach. The spied photos are for now our only reliable resource about the newest design of the vehicle but it does not leave us with a whole lot. It actually seems mostly the same as the current fifth-generation model and still keeps most of its design cues in check.

There are actually two ways that they are going about here. First of all, they are trying to be a secretive as possible so they are using the old outer shell of the car for the initial testing which is by being covered with the camo concealing enough to put us off our track in assuming what the car is going to look like. As far as the other possibility, they might decide to keep things as close as possible to the current model.

The Fifth Generation Model

The fifth-generation model may be a little bit under the tooth, but it is still reliable enough and looks pretty fine. Our initial idea is that they are going to keep the majority of the looks which the current model offers and will simply update a few things. This new generation model might seem like more of a facelift than an actual redesign but if it manages to work and if the audiences find it attractive then we are not going to be the ones to mind.

Based on the current look, the car retains its blocky shape which is already so familiar with the Ford Explorer line and will also have the same greenhouse as well. As for the lights, it appears that they have introduced some changes which are going to make the vehicle look pretty different and help it gain a new kind of an appearance.

The most important aspect of the exterior of the car is the adaptation to the new platform and the new lightweight structure that the car has. They are pining most of the success about the car with this part. It will probably give us something more interesting to expect about the Ford Explorer 2019.

The Interior is Still Not Established

We do not have any real evidence when it comes to the inside of the 2019 Ford Explorer. The vehicle is going to go through an update that will certainly include the addition of new materials and a better inside. Since they are keeping the outside of the car mostly unchanged so far and as they are putting less effort for the outside, we are expecting the interior to gain a larger updated.

This will probably mean that the technology will include the latest set of features and the latest Ford equipment which all the other vehicles have. Also, with the mentioned expansion of the size there will certainly be more room on the inside.

The vehicle will continue to accommodate room for seven passengers and we do not seem them adding more place for an extra person. But the added space will make things much roomier. This leads us to a much more appropriate 2019 Ford Explorer car.

Powertrain Possibilities

There has not yet been a confirmation about engine the 2019 Ford Explorer should use. But there are some very interesting news about changes that are happening. First of all, we need to mention that the naturally aspired V6 engine is going to drop form the lineup entirely. Ford has also done the same thing with the Ford Mustang model. It too has deleted its naturally aspired engine from the lineup.

This is a move that Ford is doing for the majority of its vehicles and it will look to make things a lot more suitable in doing so. For now the most obvious and also the only mentioned choices are the 2.3-liter four cylinder and 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engines. These powertrains are not unfamiliar to the Explorer line and have been used before.

What Will the Main Benefits Be?

The newest midsize SUV will benefit from their use but they will need to be updated. The performance is still unknown at the time of writing this text and there are certainly going to be some improvements which will guarantee that the car gains more power.

But the most important part is the fuel economy. With the use of a new aluminum platform they will probably redevelop the given engines in such a way that they consume far less fuel. It will enable the vehicles to be better contenders in the market and give them more credibility with the fans.

Besides this, there are some talks about a hybrid powertrain. This is an efforts which Ford seeks to make as many of the rivals have already done it. If they achieve this kind of a feet it will attract a whole new base of audiences to the brand. It remains to be seen what exact powertrain they will include here. But we are expecting that they will introduce a new hybrid drivetrain  solely by Ford specifically for this occasion.

There are also certain news when it comes to the transmission. The 2019 Ford Explorer will gain a completely newly developed gearshfiter. This will substitute the age-old 6-speed that the current model has been using for a very long time. The transmission in mind is the 9-speed automatic one. This promises to make a lot of improvements when it comes to shifting and gaining better fuel economy ratings.

New Platform for the 2019 Ford Explorer

One of the more important piece of news for the 2019 Ford Explorer is that it is going to gain a new platform. The model is currently using the one dubbed D4. But a completely new one is in development now. And will be specifically made to accommodate the needs of certain Ford products. It will also be hard to accommodate the future Lincoln models.

The D4 is currently also underpinning the Ford Flex and the Lincoln MKT. But we are not sure if the newest one will simply be transferred to all the models that used the current D4 one.

The newest platform which Ford is specifically developing is going to be called the D6. It will have a specific advantage. It is going to be made from various lightweight materials, namely aluminum mostly, as most of the newer Ford models have done.

Aluminum On the Exterior

This practice has started with the F-150 pickup. This showed immense success when it introduce the use of aluminum materials to its outer part. The newest version of the Ford Explorer 2019 will benefit in the same manner as those vehicles before. We are expecting for the platform to also enable better performance for the car. It will certainly help with the fuel economy which is a big deal for the Explorer to gain.

As it was also reported, they will modify new platform  to support both front-, rear- and all-wheel drive. But as far as the Explorer goes, rear-wheel drive is out of the picture immediately. We are expecting the vehicle to use front-wheel drive as standard and get all-wheel drive only as optional.

2019 Ford Explorer Cost

The rumors about the price of the 2019 Ford Explorer are still going about. However, there is no confirmation yet. The car will probably gain a little bit for its cost and be more expensive, but it is something to be expected.

The model is currently sold in America for a price of $32,605, given as a base MSRP price. The cost will probably rise with this 2019 version. But we are not expecting to receive any bigger leaps when it comes to the price. It will certainly increase. Yet, based on the current look of the car they are not doing too much so the price increase.

We are confident that they will increase the pricing within a due period of time.However, for now there is no clear information on how much it could be. As soon as they establish the type of the engine and the use of it within the trims, we will get our bottom price. But we feel confident that it will remain in the line of what the competition is offering.

Rivals and Other Vehicles in the Segment

The market is always expanding. And with the addition of the 2019 Ford Explorer vehicle we are looking at another expansion. People are already accustomed of the Explorer as the undisputed king of the segment. But there are still some other models which are going to make it their best to succeed the current leader.

Such models are the Chevrolet Travers, Volkswagen Atlas, Honda Pilot and the Mazda CX-9. We will see how the coming of the new 2019 Explorer  will impact the re-positioning.

The First 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Test Mule Seen on Streets

You have probably not expected to see the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport model so soon. But as things are going right now, they are kind of a in a hurry to release their next-generation vehicle as fast as possible. This does not mean that they are going head over heels about this one. But it is simply saying that the model will debut its fourth-generation of vehicles which Hyundai is in need of.

The current generation has experienced a lack of a real SUV model to their lineup. And they planed to resolve that problem with the facelifted Santa Fe. This model came out in 2016 and first showed up at the Chicago show. But the test mules say that they are going to be more satisfied if they come up with an entirely redesigned version.

What Hyundai is not hiding at all is that they are going to incorporate some parts from the newly announced vehicles for the Santa Fe Sport. In fact, the latest Hyundai Kona model, which we expect to make its debut soon, will be the basis for the car.

The Santa Fe will borrow the majority of features. It will basically use the same design language.  The test mule does not unveil a lot. Nevertheless, as we are able to see, the model will also incorporate parts from the newest Hyundai GT. Particularly the front part of the car and the grille area.

The part which is still unknown is the engine part. Under the hood of the latest 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport we are expecting a few engine options. But it is more than likely that a it will have a comeback. Hyundai will probably look to transfer the current line of engines from the current trims. But we it is still unknown where they decide to update them and improve upon them. But if you ask us, this should go without questions and the makers will try to update the powertrain so they make a competitive car for the market.

The first batch of spy photos has certainly excited us and we were able to learn a lot about the upcoming 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport but there is still a whole lot that we have to learn. We are going you our initial review where we have learned some recent news and received certain information but some new ones are supposed to come out as the camouflage comes down.

When is the Release Date of the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Expected?

The information about the release date cannot be officially confirmed. This is actually the exclusive info on 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and its next-gen models. We do know that the vehicle was in need for a change. And this will benefit the entire Hyundai lineup all-together. It was important for this car to change with times. The latest Hyundai design language will benefit the model and give it the edge it needs versus the rivals.

Based on the information that are available now it would appear that the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2019 will appear by late 2018, when we expect the first official showcasing to be done and also for the car to get started. After the official release date is done we can expect sales to start early in 2019.

What About the Price List?

The newest 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport will gain its price tag as soon as some details have become established. It is still early stage  in the development for the new Santa Fe models. So we can’t determine the price. The prototype is the only thing that we have going for us. It only gives us a glimpse about the current situation happening for the vehicle but does not go into detail as far as the price is concerned.

The major thing is that it will certainly be higher compared to outgoing model. For reference, the Sport Santa Fe trim is currently sold for $ 26.245. Oher trims have a price of $30,800 for the SE version, the Ultimate is sold for $38,700, the Limited comes at a price of $34,950 while the Limited FWD Ultimate is priced $39,400. The AWD versions come all come from an added fee of $1,750.

Possible Exterior Redesign for the Newest 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

There are a number of things which are expected to be seen for the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and its exterior design. First of all, the current model is a very handsome looking car and the third-gen cars made a real breakthrough when they came out and offered a completely new kind of a exterior design.

The fourth-gen will probably look to keep most of the good things and expand by offering some new elements which will make the car more handsome looking. The cues which are currently seen are taken from the recent Kona car, which is set to make its own separate debut but the one which will introduce the newest style that Hyundai has been working on for most of its future cars.

Design Changes

As for now most of the features are covered with camo for the Santa Fe Sport 2019, there are some discerning parts which we can make something out of. For example, the hood sits a bit taller compared to the last time and the headlights are moved a bit down. Instead of the headlights, the LED daytime running lights are going to be set. As for the grille design, it is obvious that it will be the same one as seen in the Hyundai Kona car.

The side view of the car showcases a lower beltline and there is a new body line that runs the course of it but has a much sharper feature. The rear door glass is set higher and the rear quarter glass is larger. Additionally, the mirrors have been lowered as well.

The rear part of the car actually has the largest amount of coverings, but we actually think that this part will change the least. The most that we expect here to differ are the taillights which are probably going to be sleeker and the lower corners of the car may also change. As far as everything else goes, it will probably retain the current look.

Interior and Updates on the Inside

The interior look of the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is still largely a mystery. There have not been any pictures of the inside released, but we are hopeful to see some of them soon. But the interior will probably take a whole new aspect when it comes to the inside remodeling.

The latest redesign which the Santa Fe got did not do anything for the car. So we are very much hopeful that this vehicle is going to receive a large upgrade when it comes to the interior of the vehicle. But we are certain that an update will be made to significantly change the inside of the car.

We are mainly expecting a usual kind of an upgrade when it comes to releasing next-gen models. In this kind of a situation we always look to improvements in technology and upgrades in comfort. But what the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport needs to make is to change the appearance of the dash first.

It looks a little bit outdated and there is a clutter of buttons and controls on the dash. They will need to remove these. And we see an 8.0-inch touchscreen as the best way to help declutter everything. The new style will also make a lot of sense and will update the look of the dash and also help with the usage.

Other parts of the car will gain such changes as improved materials. The entirety of the inside will substitute the current materials and will improve upon them by adding new kinds and new types of softer and more quality ones. Expect these changes to take affect and that the comfort rates are addressed that way.


Drivetrain Assumptions

When it comes to the new drivetrain options for the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, the most realistic step is that the model continues to use the current version and simply updates it. It appears that Hyundai might do that for other Santa Fe trims. And it will simply give us an update which will probably address the specs. It will also make the ability of the car higher and better.

The current Santa Fe Sport has the same kind of an engine with a different displacement. It is the DOHC 16-valve inline-4 exists both as a 2.0-liter one and as a 2.4-liter version. The former has an output of 240 horsepower while the latter version has an output of 185 hp.

As for the base version goes, the car will probably carry over the 3.3-liter V-6 which is able to pack 290 horsepower and 252 pound-feet of torque. Both of these two engines got a downgrade when it came to power with the last facelift. This could lead to them upping the performance a little bit and stepping up when it comes to the output.

One of the assumed additions is the transmission choice. The vehicle should receive a new seven-speed automatic, which could have its benefits but also its faults. When it comes to power it will not allow it to gain so much, so we might still have a similar performance as now. But it will benefit the fuel economy rating and also the towing capacity of the car.

0-60 mph and Top Speed

The specs for the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport will certainly change. As mentioned related to the engine, it will mostly take affect due to the engines. These will probably lose some power. And at the same time, probably take more time to accelerate. With the current version of the Santa Fe Sport models, drivers are able to experience a speed up to 0-60 mph in 7.6 seconds. However, this time may lag behind once they make the newest version of the car. But they are probably going to maintain the top speed of 133 mph that way.

Fuel Economy Improvements for the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

One of the parts of the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is that it will probably improve its fuel economy spending. The consumption is going to get lesser. This is mainly due to the changes that they are going to implement to the engines. Also, the new rumors about transmission is also something that will affect the fuel economy ratings a bit more. For reference sake, the current model uses 19 mpg within a city drive. At the same time, the highway consumption goes to 24 mpg. The stats will change. And as we see it, it will be fine to sacrifice a little bit of time to get the necessary fixtures to the fuel economy.

Competition Vehicles in the Segment

As far as the rivals list for the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport goes, we are looking at a rather similar batch of models that appear here in the market. One of the more prolific models is the Honda CR-V model. This one is still going to hold up at the time the new Santa Fe hits the market. As far as we see it, the CR-V is rather similar to the current Santa Fe model. And with the updated version coming it might pose a far better option compared to the current CR-V. Another one is the Toyota RAV4 car.

Although this car has a sporty exterior and a very good looking design it is still currently four years old. The car will probably go through a mid-cycle facelift so it remains a competent vehicle in the compact SUV market. This might be a kind of an opposition which the 2019 Santa Fe Sport will need to crack. But the new-generation 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport has lots to offer. And it will be a much more relevant car once it comes out. This car will certainly hold a higher position than all of its current rivals.