Lincoln’s Expansion Continues with the 2019 Lincoln MKX

Lincoln is expanding the roster of its cars with the all-new 2019 Lincoln MKX model. The company has been going through a complete makeover. The reason? It’s parent company Ford decided to make greater investments and to triple the production of its luxury line.

Having more luxury vehicles is certainly good. And Lincoln is a company which does not mind benefiting from all of this. The long term goal for the company is to triple the sales of the luxury line by the year 2020. They have carefully laid their plan in front of us. And it looks pretty manageable. So we are waiting to see more news about their plans.

Their short term steps currently include dealing with individual cars and updating them. Lincoln first gave extensive updates to their MKZ and MKC models. These were the first vehicles that they modernized. The next one is the crossover MKX which is going to get the same kind of treatment.

The 2019 Lincoln Market

The idea of the company is to make the majority of its sales in China. The company quite frankly admits that they are going to concentrate on this market. This will probably make their sales numbers much manageable. In addition, it will help them reach their final quota.

Now, back to the 2019 Lincoln MKX, which is finally getting updated. Lincoln is changing MKX  for two reasons. The first one, that we mentioned the model is a part of the global growth which Lincoln is planning. And the other one, the fact that the sales of this car have not been going so well. The MKX was already in need of an update. And revamping it will bring the needed boost. Something the brand was lacking.

The initial idea was to base the 2019 Lincoln MKX on the latest MKX Concept Crossover model. This model was unveiled back in 2014 in Beijing. Now when they unveiled MKX for the fans at Detroit, we see how much alike the models have been.

The company improved the a lot. And we see that they are to offer a much larger potential for this car. They managed to reshape the car in this modern way. All in all, the vehicle is still missing some key information. And we are unveiling them here for you. We want to make them available for the general public to see.

The release date is set for the upcoming year. So there is no better way to learn about the information about the 2019 Lincoln MKX than here.

When can we Expect to See the 2019 Lincoln MKX for Sale?

The 2019 Lincoln MKX was very recently unveiled. However, there are still emerging information about it which we care to report on. The info about the car is coming out gradually. Some of it comes directly from Lincoln. And other information are leaking to us though different ways.

All in all, the official release date is still not set. But unofficially it might already been by the start of next year. Although some people think that it is more likely that it appears in the mid- year, our impression is still an early release date.

Lincoln is trying to speed up the process of releasing this model. Even though they are careful and producing the product as extensively as they can, they are not going to rush its production. We are saying that the comeback of the MKX is going to be a great thing for the company. They will for sure make a lot of fans happy.

Prices for the Newest 2019 Lincoln MKX

The updated version of the 2019 Lincoln MKX is going to have a bit higher price than now. The current model is going for a base MSRP price of $38,900. And with the prospect of a new MKX on the way with many new improvements, it is impossible for the price not to change. The vehicle will be available at around $40,000 now. And it will account for many improvements and additions which the vehicle is getting.

When you look at it, it is a normal price increase which you would expect to get and it does not go too high compared to the rivaling cars. But it is still somewhat expensive even for the luxury market. The model will certainly find its niche public as it always does and the expansion of its sales is very much expected to happen and it will make the necessary quota done. All in all, the MKX will probably get the increase in sales it deserves and we will get to see it gain much higher demands.

Updated Exterior Design

The newest 2019 Lincoln MKX is going to follow the same form all of the recent Lincoln cars have been redesigned with. It is a significant departure of what the outgoing model looks like and makes a lot of improvements and bases most of them on the Concept Crossover model seen a few years ago.

The new vehicles can best be described as being corporate looking as they have decided to go that direction and reshape the vehicle in that manner, bringing it a more stable new look for modern times. The initial changes which have been made include the addition of a split-wing grille and new blade like headlamps, while the profile has an elegant feel and look to it.

The model beforehand had a very boxy like appearance. The new model balances things about pretty well and reshapes the car so it looks contemporary and gives it a look which many modern people can relate to.

They also tried to make the newest MKX a much sportier model compared to the vehicle before. It comes with a new sloping roofline and will also gain new muscular rear fenders. The rear apron has also been changed and there are newly designed wraparound headlights as well.

The rear end will add a completely new rectangular exhaust pipe which gives a different kind of look for the rear part. Many of these features have been transferred from the MKX Concept model which we saw in Beijing and there was a case which said that the car look mostly production ready and had already been made as a vehicle that could go on sale. But they decided to use the parts this way.

New 2019 Lincoln MKX Interior

The inside of the 2019 Lincoln MKX will feature the look of a car which we have seen on the previous models before. The latest batch of Lincoln vehicles has borrowed the details of its design from other models and this is a good direction which Lincoln is taking their cars to as it mainly helps to redirect the line of vehicles in a steady way.

The luxury segment is pretty demanding and it is hard to compete and keep up with it. But the MKX is going to update by adding better and softer leather and by refining the surfaces and making the overall exterior seem so much better. High grade materials are seen everywhere and they also add wood and aluminum inserts as well. The seats are 22-way adjustable ones and they have even made a Revel audio system which is one of the main highlights of the car.

They have even enhanced the amount of convenience features inside which will help with the usability and usefulness of the car. But we do see some faults here as well. Many of the parts seem more like a facelift and not a real redesign.

The layout has not been changed and they still manage to go with the previously used own. Whether this is a good idea for them or not, they are making it work, but how much it will actually be worth remains to be seen. The layout is actually based on the old Ford Focus one which Lincoln has been using forever, so this was probably the model that could have changed all of that, but they decided to keep it for a bit longer.

Powertrain Capability of the 2019 Lincoln MKX

There are going to be two options for you under the hood of the 2019 Lincoln MKX cars. One is the 3.7-liter V-6 that can help the model deliver an output of 300 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. The other is a 2.7-liter, EcoBoost V-6 which adds more power and gives the users a performance of 330 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque.

The differences between the two engines are not much, there is just an increase of 30 hp which separates them. Some people would say that the addition of the V-6 engine is pointless and that the model should have done better with a 3.5-liter V-6 option instead. But since the rivaling models all come with two engines choices, they only saw it fitting that the MKX has to have two as well. But the car would have done well even with the one engine.

0-60 mph and Top Speed

The newest updates made for the engines of the 2019 Lincoln MKX are not going to do anything impressive for the engine’s performance. The vehicle will still have the stable output that it had with the previous models. The time needed to reach 0-60 mph is 8 seconds and it is pretty standard compared to the competition. The top speed is labeled to be 155 mph which is also not in any way extreme once you look at the competing models.

The Fuel Economy of the 2019 Lincoln MKX

The fuel economy specs of the 2019 Lincoln MKX are not what you would call spectacular, but they are still perfectly suited for the segment and the car. Owing to the two engine variants there are also two different EPA ratings for the car. The first engine is rated with 17 mpg city, 26 highway, 20 combined, which is not impressive by the least. When using AWD the model makes 16/23/19 mpg. The second engine is going to have a rating of 17/26/21 mpg while the all-wheel versions will consume 17/24/19 mpg.

Have the Dimensions Changed?

The size of the 2019 Lincoln MKX is being kept the same and although the update was extensive they did not tamper with the dimensions. The length of the car is still at 190.0 inches and the wheelbase remains 112.2 inches. The width is 76.1 inches and the height is 66.2 inches. The passenger volume on the inside allows for a space of 107 cu ft and the cargo volume is pretty good with a capacity of 37 cu ft.

The Safety Improves as Well

They are adding the various kinds of gadgets for the 2019 Lincoln MKX. The safety is one of them which also gets newest additions. The new kind of technology implemented in this luxury line is probably a very standard set that you see in the variety of cars that exist now. But either way they are going to give a sort of an advantage for the MKX. It helps to improve the security of one. The gadgets added are a 360-degree camera system, cross-traffic alert, pre-collision assist, automatic parallel and perpendicular parking. As you can see the top line model gets a top of the line safety set.

Models that it will Compete Against

With the prospects of updating the 2019 Lincoln MKX, we get a real potential of the brand making their titled plan. The idea behind the update is to make greater sales. And to do that they have to surpass the competition first. This will be the first step to take. The current market is filled with luxury brands. And luxury cars that will oppose the MKX model are vehicles like the Lexus RX and Cadillac SRX.

These models will present the best that the market has to offer. And the idea which Lincoln has of expanding to China is something that not a lot of competitors are thinking of doing. At least not for now. All in all, we expect the brand to gain much more popularity with the new model. It just may end up reaching their plans sooner than expected.

2019 Honda S2000

When is the Release Date for the 2019 Honda S2000?

Based on some recent rumors, the 2019 Honda S2000 will live to see the light of day pretty soon. A Japanese magazine has managed to shed some light on this matter and has informed us that the vehicle is up for release no sooner than the start of 2019. But the official unveiling of the car will most likely be by the end of 2018. Some sources say that we can hope to see the 2019 Honda S2000 by the end of 2018. Judging by how things are going right now, we can probably hope to see it in fall of 2018.

This model has been a long expected one. After Honda releasing the S660 micro coupe first and next the Acura NSX model, this is going to be the third mid-mounted speedster which comes out form the guise of the Japanese automaker. This is something that they have promised to do a number of years already. Whether the car comes by the estimated release date, there is no doubt that the expectations are sky high. Honda will boost its popularity in America with the S2000, which will probably be immediately sold there after the release.

Estimated Price of the 2019 Honda S2000

It may be too early to tell what the price of the 2019 S2000 might be. But, we are much closer to seeing this car than we were a few months ago. With the emerging news and facts coming out recently, we are very much hyped to finally get a look at one of the most popular speedsters that come from Japan. People in the US will be the lucky ones that are going to experience this car. The initial cost is estimated to be around $50,000, which boosts the price immensely compared to the last version. But this is all due to the improved technology and the advanced specs and engine capacities that the model will have.

Newest Rumors about the 2019 Honda S2000

The rumors about the 2019 Honda S2000 actually emerged quite a while ago. But it is only now that they have been starting to get some weight behind them. In fact, when Honda released their idea of revamping the lineup with their three new mid-mounted engine models, nobody knew what to expect. It was first with the S660 that we managed to get a kind of an idea about the things to come. Later there NSX was released but this one was released under the Acura monocle. The third and the most expected one was the S2000 which was left for last. The concept S660 was easily a kind of a preview for all the models which were on the table and it is there where we saw what the models are all about.

The 2019 Honda S2000 is supposed to take care the American market as the other two models are solely bounded to the Japanese market. Being that Honda is very popular in the US, they needed a model which will satisfy the hungry America crowd. Thus the idea came that they should offer the new S2000 that way. Finally, after lots and lots of rumors we are getting some solid evidence that the car is ready to appear.

What are the 2019 Honda S2000 Exterior Changes?

There are a few things that one needs to consider about the exterior changes for the 2019 Honda S2000. First of all, the American market seeks an affordable speedster and the S2000 is supposed to be the one that people can afford that comes from Honda. Secondly, they have already introduced the S660 concept and expectations are high that the given design needs to be supposed. But because of keeping the model cost effective, there were some concerns that led us to believe that the designers are going to cut corners when making the outer portion of 2019 Honda S2000.

As things are going now, this is not true. But it is true that het model is mostly going to be based on the S660 model. This is not a bad thing at all and you can expect to see an Americanized version of the given model. It is supposed to bring us the top notch quality that we are used to having out of the S2000 models and the style is also planned as an unpeaceable one. All in all, the vehicle is going to surprise us and will instill some very good elements for the exterior reading.

Potential 2019 Honda S2000 Colors

With the exterior changes we also expect to see a new color pallet for the 2019 Honda S2000. The previous model had a choice of six exterior colors. Namely, people were able to choose between Laguna Blue Pearl, New Formula Red, Silverstone Metallic, Berlina Black, Rio Yellow Pearl and Grand Prix White. These are actually expected to return, but there are no exact news about the new options. But some new color additions are probably going to be added which will go well with the new 2019 S2000.

Dimension Changes for the 2019 Honda S2000

With the newest 2019 Honda S2000 model set to appear soon, there are a lot of assumptions about the dimensions of the car. In fact, many suggestions state that the model is supposed to become lager and that this is all going to be due to the changes made to the positioning of the engine. It just so happens that the model is going to be keep the same as the last one. Thus, no changes in size are going to happen. This leaves the 2019 S2000 162.2 in long and 68.9 in wide, with the wheelbase being 94.5 in. The height of the car is 50.0 in while the curb weight comes to around 2840 lb.

Interior Updates for the 2019 Honda S2000

Being that everything is being updated for the 2019 Honda S2000, most expectations are for the inside to get the bigger end of the updates. Namely, the S2000 has been improving steadily and slowly with every new model which comes out. The vehicle has long been in the making and it will most certainly come with an extensively updated inside. But at the same time, there are far less information about the interior of the car than any other part of it. There are no pictures of the inside of the car and no way to find out how it will look, for now.

But luckily, we have an idea based on the S660 and the Acura NSX interiors. There are many suggestions that say that the S660 will provide the majority of the looks for the 2019 Honda S2000. The design will probably be the same or at least similar. This will be extended upon with newest technology and additional features which the vehicle is supposed to make a debut with.

Some New 2019 Honda S2000 Engine Specs

The engine specs for the 2019 Honda S2000 are probably the most interesting part about the car. The mere fact that the S2000 model is becoming a mid-mounted engine is enough to keep us at the edge of our seats while we wait for it to make its debut. First of all, the initial rumor was that the car was supposed to come out with 2.0-liter turbo engine from the Type R Honda model. But by the time the new 2019 Honda S2000 comes out, this engine would be old news and would be easily surpassed by the competition models. So we can scrap this idea and the rumors about it. The model which we are probably going to get is a 2.0-liter inline-four engine. This baby is going to make around 320 horsepower, which is quite enough to satisfy both the hard core fans and the newest and the emerging people who are going to fall in love with this model.

Besides the new engine, new technology is going to be implemented. This has been developed by Mitsubishi and we are going to see added electrically driven supercharger, bypass valve and a conventional turbocharger. These will benefit in many ways and thanks to its lightweight materials the fuel economy is going to improve as well. Finally, we also get to the newest eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission which will be used for this vehicle for the first time.

What is the 2019 Honda S2000 Top Speed and 0-60?

Being that the news about the engine of the 2019 Honda S2000 is still fresh and not really confirmed, there are no solid evidence to support how fast the car will actually go. Some experts say that. All in all, we are expecting that eth vehicle becomes an under 6 second car to speed up it 0-60 mph and that it will have a standard 155 top speed as the vehicles before it.

MPG Consumption

Finally we get to the mpg rating for the 2019 Honda S2000. Honda cars are known for being quite fuel efficient. It also means that this car is a particularly fast one and does not have an advantage when it comes to consumption. But thanks to the all-new details that came out about the engine and the new lightweight materials that are implemented there, there is no doubt that the fuel consumption will improve as well. All in all, the information is still fresh but we are expecting that it gets to be updated real soon. 

With the new E-Class Unveiled comes the 2019 Mercedes Benz E350

Mercedes has finally unveiled their new lineup so here comes the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350 model to our doorsteps. This model has been on the bench and waiting for a renewal for a while now. The thing is that Mercedes has been planning to revamp their entire lineup of vehicles. Actually, the massive overhaul that Mercedes was planning was enough to revitalize the whole company. Not that they really needed it to. Nevertheless, the idea was to refresh everything. In other words, to enter into a new period with fresh legs and a completely modern new take to all of the new offers of the brand .

The massive overhaul actually started in 2013 when Mercedes remodel the new S-Class models. Next in line was the rebirth for the C-Class vehicles. They got a new style synonymous to the previous one that the S-Class got. So they revamped the entire lineup in this manner.  Finally it came time for the E-Class models to receive their own change. This is going to be the second time in Mercedes history when three sedan versions received a similar redesign. Back in 80s Mercedes did this for the first time in order to bring the brand more likeability. In addition, they wanted to bring it closer to the competition. It was not met with such large success as you would expect it to be. However, the crowds have changed since then and it would be interesting to see how they decide to meet it this time around.

As far as the styling goes, the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350 will adopt a long, sausage-like style that Audi has introduced with its recent models. It is interesting to see a Mercedes sedan adopt this kind of a look. Nonetheless, it also does seem appropriate for modern times. Moreover, the car also got a new platform and this is something that is going to change the setup of the car as well. Of course, the interior has been completely reshaped and updated. The E-Class models also got an entirely new line of engines. However, not all of them are going to be featured in the US. But the E350 will be appropriately managed in the drive-train department.

As far as things go, the new line of E-Class models is going to start with the E350 one which we see as the appropriate fit to come out first. There are some new emerging details that have come about the release date and the price of the car. Therefore, we bring it all to you in this review.

What are the News about the Release Date of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350?

As we have recently learned, the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350 is probably going to appear within the coming year. The model has been showcased at the recent Detroit Auto Show. So, we have seen the vehicle in his fullest glory and we have to confess that we like what we see. The model does pose some interesting features which will seem like a nice new addition to the car. The vehicle will be available for sale somewhere in the start or middle of the year. The fans are eager to see this one role out and the vehicle will probably be a great new addition to the Mercedes lineup. Although a third sedan does not seem like a great new idea at first, we have to wait and see what comes out of it. One of the three will certainly emerge on the top.

2019 Mercedes-Benz E350 Price

The price list for the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350 car has already been disclosed. The model will be on the market in the coming year so the price listings came earlier than expected. It will be on the market for a price of $52,150 to start. At the same time, the 4Matic version will be priced a little bit higher at $54,650. All in all, the price of this model is going to be a bit higher than for the previous one.

The reason for this is the slew of new changes that come with the new model. The vehicle will add a number of new and featured changes which will revamp this model. In addition, this will affect the entire lineup of cars which we have already mentioned. Mercedes might pull a very good move with their new design language. Nevertheless, it still remains for us to see how much it will affect the sales and how well they decide to market them. All in all, the future is still too far away and we will get to see what the company decides to do here.

The New Look of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350

Generally speaking, the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350 will resemble the new line of Mercedes sedan models. The E-Class models look like bigger C-Class ones or smaller S-Class models. So if you ignore the size of the car you get a pretty similar front and rear fascia. Even the profile is similar as they all have similar character line and a swooping belt-line. But there are some differences which differentiate the E350 from other ones. The headlamps have a different shape and a different clustered the LED stripes go a little bit towards the hood. The A-shape bumper is available for other models as well. Yet, this one will be a little bit different compared to the other versions.

The rear end sees some smaller taillights but they have decided to use the same cluster as in the C-Class models. The trunk lid is also unique for this car. Furthermore, the chrome trim placed above the license plate is also unique here. The apron is probably the only completely unique part for the E350 as it differs very much compare to any of the other S-Class and C-Class models.

The side view of the car displays a very cohesive design for the car. But the front and the back ends of the car are both raked at identical angles as the other Mercedes sedans are. Additionally, the roof line is also the same. The only difference is that the C-pillar is going to be thicker. The rear door is longer as well as the windscreen, which makes the car look a bit spottier in appearance. The upper characters line goes underneath the front door handles and slopes down further towards the rear fenders. And the lower character line is going to be more subtle in this design.

Interior Setup for the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350

The interior of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350 is going to be based on the S-Class version. But this does not come as a surprise. In fact, we are welcoming the change as this is one of the best cabins ever made in the segment. The dashboard is going to transfer the organic design. In addition, we predict the same kind of a touchscreen placed in the middle. The center stack and the console will have a new clean and elegant design which will fulfill the overall look.

Nevertheless, all of the entry E-Class models will now get a new instrument cluster which includes analogue dials and a seven-inch screen placed in between. The steering wheel is also updated and will get new touch sensitive buttons which can be used to detect horizontal and vertical swipes. This will be the first time a company used such thing in the automotive industry. The infotainment system will now only be accessible through the use of your thumbs only. This will help to improve safety as you do not have to use up your hands too much.

The model will also include a Linguatronic voice control system along with a Command rotary dial and energy-saving LEDs for interior lighting. It will have 64 colors that you can choose from and customize your interior. Finally, the comfort of the car is going to be addressed. It will come with the added high-grade leathers and wood inserts that are going to upgrade the seats and make things a lot comfortable. To sum up, the comfort is not going to be an issue here. We are once again in for a very nice looking and a comfortable interior.

Drive-train Possibilities

For now the newly arriving 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350 is going to have only one engine available under its hood. This is going to be the 2.0-liter four-banger which is able to produce 241 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. The drive-train is matted to a 9G-Tronic nine-speed automatic transmission which is offered as standard. But you can additionally use the all-wheel-drive 4MATIC system that you can pick as optional. This will probably not be the only variant as we expect that they add some other optional ones further down the line.

0-60 mph and Top Speed

Based on the current capability of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350 engine, the model is going to be capable of having a standard acceleration rating. The model is probably going to speed up to 60 mph from 0 in about 6.5 seconds while its top speed is  at 155 mph. In general, this is pretty standard for a luxury car.

What is the Fuel Economy of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350?

Based on the latest estimations, the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350 is going to have the same fuel consumption ratings as before. Being that it will only have one engine this time, some improvements may come later. However, it still remains highly unlikely for that to happen. Most likely, the consumption in the city will probably be 22 mpg, on the highway 30 mpg while the combined rating will amount to 25 mpg.

The Size of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350

There have been no news that the model is going to change the size of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350. The vehicle is staying the same for now and the updates in the size department have not happen recently. So there has been no need to do it ever since. The model is enjoying a pretty decent setup this way. Additionally, the vehicle will still have enough interior roominess and comfort inside. The car is 190.0 inches long and will have a wheelbase of 113.1 inches. The height is 56.3 inches while the width is 73.2 inches. Also the curb weight is somewhere between 4200-4300 lb and is yet to be officially determined.

Safety Equipment and Technology

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350 will have a lot of safety technology like any modern and luxurious car from the segment. You can find the necessary airbags all over the area and the model will also provide various driver assistance features. But the newest additions here are the Drive Pilot, the Steering Pilot, a Speed Limit Pilot which are the latest technological boosts that Mercedes is adding in its vehicles. However, these features are only going to be available with the Driver Assistance Package Plus.

Furthermore, the vehicle will also add Active Brake Assist, Remote Parking Pilot and Attention Assist. Also, we saved the best for last and that is integrating the world’s first Car-to-X solution. With the help of other vehicles and drivers you will be able to see what lies ahead of you on the road and that way determine if there are any dangers waiting for you.

Rivaling Models in the Segment

The competition that the 2019 Mercedes-Benz E350 will need to face is going to have the same set of established cars. These models are pretty advanced. Therefore the segment where Mercedes is competing in is never an easy one. The German competitors are already used to getting one over on each other. This is the game that they have played for a long time now. This time they are continuing to do the same and we are going to see the same kind of tactics pulled. The models that are going to compete here include Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series. This is a familiar company for the E350 to face as the models are very familiar. Yet, there have not been any special updates for them so the newest Mercedes might have an advantage. We shall have to see if the newest sedan works well in the segment.