2021 Renault Clio Release Date, News and Rumors

2021 Renault Clio review

Details of the new 2021 Renault Clio are finally out! Including its release date and pricing estimates. In line with other recent Renault models, the 2021 Clio stands out from the crowds thanks to its full-LED front lighting signature. The most notable add on at the front is perhaps the full LED “Pure Vision” headlights. The new technology takes the vehicles safety and aesthetics value to a whole different angle. Safety wise, it gets 20% more powerful than a halogen beam, all the while reducing glare.

2021 Renault Clio exterior, side angle, alloy wheels

The new model is now more visibly broader and modern thanks to the redesigned lowered grille. Around back, it gets additional robustness thanks to the redesigned skirt. Meanwhile, it also gets new wheel designs, and four additional new entries to its color palette. Iron Blue, Pearly White, Titanium Grey, and Intense Red are the new colors that make it to the redesigned color list.

2021 Renault Clio exterior, rear view, taillights and badges

Unlike before, the new 2021 Renault Clio also benefits from upgraded materials that are otherwise offered for the top-of-the-range Renault vehicles. Although plastics haven’t been phased out, they’re of a higher tactile and visual quality. The colors inside the cabin are more refined, and the chrome is subtler, with less gleam. In overall, the new model feels and looks mature with its new-found interior sophistication, and seductive styled exterior.

Even in basic versions, the Renault Clio feels upmarket thanks to the upgraded materials, while the available full-grain leather for the higher-end versions takes the top-of-the-line models a notch higher even competition wise. Also, the redesigned door panels, and gear lever give it an impression of high quality.

2021 Renault Clio spy shots

Another thumbs up for the new model is due to the new customization program. Thanks to it, thirty different color combinations can be customized for the 2021 Renault Clio. Customers can choose from: four exterior customizations packs for its protective moldings and front grille bars, and, five roof decals and painted door mirrors for a two-tone effect.

2021 Renault Clio exterior, front view, headlights, grille and alloy wheels

Upgrades to the convenience, infotainment, and safety has also been taken into account. For instance, the infotainment gets three different multimedia systems, and a Bose sound quality. In overall, the 2021 Clio is an all-rounded car that’ll without a doubt be an appealing choice to consumers.

2021 Renault Clio side view, red color, alloy hweels

Completion wise, the new model will have to battle it out with the 2021 Chevrolet Sonic, and the 2021 Ford Fiesta. Both vehicles have been face-lifted for 2021, and promises to offer the redesigned Clio a run for its money. It’ll be interesting to see how the three battle it out once they hit the market sometime next year.

2021 Renault Clio Release Date & Price

2021 Renault Clio release date

Its release date, according to multiple sources, should be expected sometime in early 2021. As for the pricing estimates, expect the new model to cost around $15,751 for the base model to up to $30,000 for the fully-equipped version. Unfortunately, the Clio, as before, will not be offered for the USA market. It is strictly made for the European market.

2021 Renault Clio Exterior

2021 Renault Clio front angle, headlights and grille

We wouldn’t say that the exterior of the new model is completely redesigned from last year’s model, as there’re plenty of carryover designs. One such carryover feature is the wide radiator grille with the Renault emblem. Although now featuring new lens layout, the headlights also seem to return unchanged from before. New features you can however expect include new foglights, and a large air dam beneath.

2021 Renault Clio rear angle, taillights and tailpipe

Side-ways, things seem to return unchanged. Around back, the 2021 Clio still features the same character lines and overhangs. New changes however include more pronounced reverse lights, and new lens layout for the taillights.

As previously mentioned, buyers now get four new colors to choose from. An American guy would say “awesome” – maybe Euro folks should too.

2021 Renault Clio Interior

2021 Renault Clio intyerior, steering wheel, lcd screen and gear shift knob

Depending on the version, there’re a variety of enhancements to make the Renault Clio’s 2021 in-car experience hassle-free and enjoyable. They include an auto-dimming electro-chrome rear-view mirror, illuminated vanity mirrors, automatically-folding door mirrors, and upgraded LED lighting that improves safety and offers greater visual comfort and visibility.

2021 Renault Clio interior, leather seats

Available Trims

The new 2021 Renault Clio returns with three trims: Trophy, Cup, and Sport. The new 2021 Renault Clio RS review is seperately covered.

Engine Specs

2021 Renault Clio engine

Rumors allege the new model is available in 11 different engines, with power ranging from between 90 hp to 220 ponies. For 2021, Renault claims a new “powerful” and efficient 110-horsepower-yielding 1.5L dCi diesel mill will be the new deal in town.


2021 Renault Clio safety, backup camera

There’s been no talk of safety up to this point. What we however know is that the new model is all-rounded and that includes even the safety department. Those who wouldn’t want to assume should probably wait for nits release date to confirm the available technologies as well as the score for its crash impact assessment.

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2021 Renault Clio exterior, red color, headlights, badges and grille

2021 Renault Clio exterior, rear view, taillights and alloy wheels

2021 Renault Clio exterior, silver color, headlights, alloy wheels and grille

2021 Renault Clio front view, red color, headlights, grille and badges

2021 Renault Clio rear view, red color, taillights, tailpipe and alloy hweels

2021 Renault Clio exterior, silver color, front view, headlights and grille

2021 Renault Clio interior, dashboard, steering wheel and lcd screen

2021 Renault Clio interior, gear shift knob