New 2021 Toyota CH-R Release Date and Info

2021 Toyota CH-R review

The new 2021 Toyota CH-R – or Coupe High-Rider promotes engineering creativity and greater stylistic freedom, with the result being enhanced driving pleasure, and eye-catching designs. Although its MSRP pricing estimates, and release date details are still shrouded in mystery, this review provides a credible report on its interior and exterior designs, engine specs, and general features.

2021 Toyota C-HR spy shots

The 2021 Toyota CH-R debuted as a concept two years ago during the 2014 Paris Motor Show and the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, where it attracted so much public attention owing to its revolutionary styling details. Its sharp designs stand out as unique within the entire Toyota range. The new model is aimed at customers who want something distinct, predominantly driven by emotional considerations.

2021 Toyota C-HR auto show, front angle, headlights and grille

During its creation, quality and style were the main considerations. And looking at the production car now, nothing could be further from the truth. Led by Hiroyuki Koba, the C-HR Chief Engineer, the Toyota C-HR was as a result of combining customer feedback with unique innovations. Demands fir perceived quality and design were all factored in during the entire development process.

2021 Toyota CH-R side angle, silver color, alloy wheels

During its creation, engineers and designers focused on three key areas – dynamics, powertrain, and design. All these elements were based on the Toyota New Global Architecture, which allows for flexibility and unique character demonstration. According to Toyota, sales of the new model are expected to reach 100K in Europe alone this year.

2021 Toyota CH-R exterior, rear view, taillights and alloy wheels

Once available, the new model, which is also known as the 2021 Toyota CH-R in the USA, will battle it out with the likes of Toyota RAV4, and the 2016 Auris TS.

2021 Toyota CH-R Release Date & Price

2021 Toyota CH-R release date

Once available, the new model is expected to go for sale for an MSRP starting from $25,000. As for its release date, credible reports allege an early-2021 date is highly probable. Of course, the details aforementioned are based on speculation, as the exacting ones are yet to be offered by the automaker.

2021 Toyota CH-R Exterior

2021 Toyota C-HR overhead view

The new model brings with it the much-needed sensuality and dynamism the crossover market requires. Dimension wise, expect the length at 4360 mm, 1555 mm for the height, and 1795 mm for the width. Evidently, the production vehicle stays true to the concept car.

The new model showcases the crossover’s rigidity and strength through the “Sensual Speed-Cross” platform that it is based on. The body construction combines the slim, sleek cabin profile of a coupe with a raised ground clearance and a powerful lower body. Side-ways, it combines fluid surfaces and gemstone-like shapes with an elegantly integrated detailing to create a perfect balance of sensuality and precision.

2021 Toyota C-HR auto show, rear angle, taillights and tailpipe

Up front, the model gets a combination of Toyota’s Keen Look and Under priority design identity. The slender upper grille wraps around the front corners of the vehicle resulting in an aggressive stance. To the rear, the top-hinged tailgate integrates with the strongly tapered cabin to give enough loadspace access.

Also available are the equally expressive visual signatures that are offered by the prominent rear light clusters.

2021 Toyota CH-R Interior

2021 Toyota CH-R interior, steering wheel, dashboard, lcd screen and gear shift knob

This is what Alexander Gommier of the ED2 Design Center had to say, “Thanks to the ‘Innovative Details’ and ‘Emotional Surfaces stable structure, the interior of the 2021 CH-R is modern and sensual, and therefore unique. These key features enabled us get a fresh perspective during the creation of the 2021 Toyota CH-R.

Marking a new departure for Toyota, the interior is distinct courtesy of the sensual and fashionable style that is as a result of the combination of the high-tech functionality and ‘Sensual Tech’ design concept.

2021 Toyota C-HR interior, leather seats

All these design elements bring a welcoming ambience of an expansive, warm, and airy cabin. One gets a fresh, yet comfortable environment thanks to the contrasting of the crisp lines and sensual surfacing. Some of the features ton expect include an 8-inch display audio touch-screen featuring an improved and redesigned HMI with enhanced connected surfaces and a 16-inch navigation platform; impressive exterior visibility, and differing textures, tones, and patterns within the upholstery.

Available Trims

The new model comes in one well-equipped trim level.

Engine Specs

2021 Toyota C-HR engine

Under the hood of the new 2021 Toyota CH-R is a 113 horsepower, turbocharged 1.2L engine. But so far there’s a 120 horsepower hybrid powertrain. Other than, Toyota hasn’t offered us any other details pertaining specs such as its mpg, and 0-60 mph acceleration figures.


2021 Toyota CH-R safety, interior, dashboard, airbags

Safety is one of the details that are yet to be offered, at least as at the time of this review writing. Nonetheless, it is expected the new model will come with top safety scores judging from the scores of its rival’s crash impact assessment. An update of the results from the NHTSA of the Toyota CH-R 2021 will be offered on its release date.

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2021 Toyota C-HR exterior, headlights and grille

2021 Toyota C-HR exterior, silver color, alloy wheels

2021 Toyota C-HR auto show, rear view, taillights and tailpipe

2021 Toyota CH-R exterior, silver color, badges, grille and headlights

2021 Toyota CH-R exterior, black color, side view, alloy wheels

2021 Toyota CH-R front view, headlights, grille and alloy wheels

2021 Toyota C-HR rear vew, taillights and badges

2021 Toyota C-HR exterior, side angle, alloy wheels

2021 Toyota C-HR interior, steering wheel