2019 Acura RDX

Details about the Release Date for the 2019 Acura RDX

The third generation 2019 Acura RDX is finally going to be revealed. Thanks to recently released round of spy photos, we can confirm the model. The RDX is in fact Acura’s fist genuine compact SUV compact model. After the MDX outgrew its segment, the Japanese automaker decided to release the RDX as the best substitute. After two generations of vehicles, with the second one lingering longer that people saw it fit, the third-gen RDX is going to happen after number of teasers.

Since there are not a lot of information available about the release date, there are many assumptions. The 2019 Acura RDX has been spotted wearing heavy camo. It shows that the vehicle is ready for a massive overhaul. Even with them trying to be as secretive as humanly possible, some information has leaked. One such information is the potential release date. It states that we can expect the release of the model probably by the end of 2018.

How Much will the 2019 Acura RDX Cost?

The rumors about  pricing for the 2019 Acura RDX is thankfully not as high as some might think it would be. In fact, this model has been pitted to increase its price and get much more expensive. But this could not happen as it would not make it as competitive as the rivals are making it. This is why the entry level 2019 Acura RDX is probably going to cost somewhere around $35,800. Anything more than that would mean that the sales of the vehicle are probably not so well. This is not an increase but a retooling which makes the car acceptable in terms of the price seen in other models.

If you are looking to a more advanced version and a range topping RDX models, the prices will probably increase to $44,000 and $48,000. Some information are still scarce so the top tier models are going to cost mainly depending on the setup they place for it. We are hopeful in getting a vehicle that is not going to shatter the bank and still make it an acceptable model to buy.

2019 Acura RDX Rumors

There were a lot of rumors about new 2019 Acura RDX before. But there have been no confirmation of it actually coming out until now. This is the first time the pictures showed finally something solid. This helps us see what Acura has been cooking in their garage.

People started looking all hopes when the second generation, which debuted in 2013, received another update. All those updates meant that the car as being refreshed but never really made any progress towards something completely new. Now when the car has finally reached that point we can only guess what goodies lie inside. This is why we comprised this review which includes all the necessary and currently available information about the model. There are a lot of things to see and find out but here is some data that has leaked for now.

Potential Exterior Changes of the 2019 Acura RDX

The 2019 Acura RDX is probably going to change its appearance dramatically. Even through with a lack of information in regards with the exterior of the car, we can see that the amount of camo means just how much the car is planning to change. The front end will most likely add some kind of form or the Jewel-Eye headlights that recent Acura models are using.

The LED strips will have a different design compared to some other products. The old Acura beak is probably out, so you can expect to see a different kind of a grille design. It should be the diamond pentagon grille which will make the car a bit different. The corner vents and the openings are going to be a bit bigger down below.

The side of the car indicates much more muscular wheels for starters. They are probably going to add bigger wheel wells up front while the rear end will be positioned flusher compared to the front. A character line will be visible throughout the side of the car and we also expect to see a slight crease for the belt line.

The rear end is the part of the car which has been concealed the most. In fact the only noticeable thing is a smaller rear window. Everything else is mostly covered or concealed and does not help with our rendition of the car. We do expect to see longer rear haunches and a short rear fascia. The exhaust pipes will be placed in deep corners of the side of the car, while a major body line is going to run horizontally positioned just below the taillights.

New Color Variants for the 2019 Acura RDX

There is acutely no way to tell whether the newest 2019 Acura RDX is going to update the color offers. Just by viewing the pictures of the car we cannot really say what actually is going on. The camo is really heavy and except the basic coloring we are not really sure what updates are they bringing here. The current color offering of Basque Red Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, Grigio Metallic and Palladium Metallic has probably becomes too standard for this model and they might decide to replace it. Actually we are hoping that they do. Another option is that they keep the standard colors but introduce some new ones which would be a much better option.

Dimensions and Size of the 2019 Acura RDX

With the new generation 2019 Acura RDX, we expect a new size of the vehicles. This is still not confirmed and the designers did not want to give any hints as of now. They are keeping their cards to close to their chest and it might just seem that they decide to keep the same size as of late.

The current car is 183.5 inches long overall and has a wheelbase of 105.7 inches. The height is exactly 66.1 inches while the width is 73.7 inches. All in all, these kind of numbers have been suitable for the car up till now. As Acura wants to keep the RDX the smallest car in their lineup, we do not see them expanding the size of the car. So the new dimensions will be close to the ones that we have now.

Interior Setup of the 2019 Acura RDX

The newest inside of the 2019 Acura RDX is going to be much innovative than the one that we have currently. There are no pictures of the inside, which leaves this model as a complete mystery. But we are fairly certain that they plan to redesign a lot of the interior of the car. This might mean that they might add a single, larger, tablet-like display. The car might have some new HVAC controls as well. In addition, it also may include a cleaner and more useful layout.

But besides the design and the technology, something that really needs to be updated for the 2019 Acura RDX is the quality of the materials inside. Although useful, the current RDX does not boast with really good materials on the inside. The new 2019 version should include some soft touch surfaces and will do best to add some leather materials to the interior of the car. This will most probably help with the quality of the ride and at the same time bring a much modern look for the Acura RDX.

What is Under the Hood of the 2019 Acura RDX?

The powering of the 2019 Acura RDX will most likely be updated. The currently used 3.5-liter V-6, available for all trims, is a solid engine but we feel that it is running its course. The vehicle will probably change it and this would also mean that the output of 279 horsepower and 252 pound-feet of torque will change. The newest Acura might go with a new version of this 2.0-liter and expand the output of this engine to 290 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. The shifter will also need to be updated and we are looking at a much bigger solution this time around.

0-60 mph and Top Speed for the 2019 Acura RDX

If the 2019 Acura RDX changes the powertrain we might be looking at some better specs. The vehicle would actually do with a power boost. It seems that this type of change is a perfect one for the newest compact model. For now, the car is able to speed up to 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds and develops a top speed of 135 mph. We are hoping to see those specs improve.

Fuel Economy Specs for the 2019 Acura RDX

The 2019 Acura RDX has also not mention the possibility of bettering the fuel economy of the car. This is an issue that the manufacturer should fix. The current models does not have quite a good fuel economy, at least not among fellow rivaling cars. The vehicle is capable of consuming 19 mpg, highway at 27 and combined at just 22 mpg. These figures should get improvement for some future models if this one does not do the trick.

A 2019 Baby Acura NSX to be Unveiled as an S2000 Successor

A car which they are calling a 2019 Baby Acura NSX is rumored to be on its way. In fact as rumors of a Honda S2000 successor have been in talks for many years already, it appears that the smaller NSX could take the spot of that car. The details about the 2019 Baby Acura NSX are still slim but the expectations are sky high. For now they are still calling it a “baby” but it will probably sport the Honda badge once all details have been made. Although we have a lot of questions that need answering it is certain that this model aims to rejuvenate some of the sportiness the brand was known for in the past.

Not a long time ago, Honda had a roster of fun sporty cars which included the Prelude, CR-X and the S2000 while their luxury-orientated Acura division offered models as Integra, RSX and the NSX. But today, it seems that all of the sports cars have died out and we are left with only crossover vehicles as the brand has concentrated more on strengthening their sales and offering a line of cars which would sooth the needs of the public.

Honda is already cooking a new batch of cars so already announced models which are going to come out in 2016 are the Honda Civic Type R and the Acura NSX, but for the 2019 they are planning a vehicle which is supposed to bridge the gap between those two and they are planning to make a model which is going to be somewhere in the middle ground, enter the 2019 Baby Acura NSX.

For now the working title is still a Baby NSX but that will change in the future, but we do know that this car is going to be a direct successor to the famed S2000 model. It was reported that this car would be ahybrid roadster which combines an electric motor with a 1.5-liter turbo engine allowing it to make 300 horsepower. When is this car coming out and the news about its release date and other details you can read about here.

How will the Car Look Like?

The newest 2019 Baby Acura NSX is still not established, but there are many rumors and renderings which depict how it would look. They are basing this model on the latest Honda S660 mole which has made its debut in 2016. It will also share some similarities with the second-generation Acura NSX which was also updated recently. But as with the released photos of the prototype, it seems that this concept car will add some of its own details. The design that we can see now presents a very good looking mid-level performance roadster. But this is probably going to be a lot different compared to what we do get in the end. The production version of the car will look a lot different compared to this concept.

What to Expect on the Inside?

With the aggressive design of the exterior which the 2019 Baby Acura NSX displays, it is obvious that the inside is going to follow the same pattern. The interior part of the car will probably add the latest in-car technology, while the cabin will also focus on reducing as much as weight as possible while at the same time being able to provide as much as luxury possible. If this car manages to get a Honda badge it will certainly provide more luxurious details, but if it is an Acura we can expect to see many details from the newest NSX transferred here. If they decide to offer an open-top roadster, the elements on the inside will probably be a lot glossier and make the car not only look good but also enable it to be even more fun to drive.

What Could we Expect Under the Hood?

There are many options that can await us under the hood of the 2019 Baby Acura NSX. Based on the enormous vents and air intakes placed on the rear end of the car, as the concept shows, we are probably looking at a mid-engine layout, which is also seen in current NSX and the future S660. There are some reports which state that this model might be using a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine which might bring the output to 330 horsepower. As this is predicted to be a hybrid, the front axles will two electronic engines powering them and will give it added 70 horsepower, amounting to a potential combined power of around 400 hp. The performance is going to be outstanding as they plan to use a frame mostly made of aluminum and add a lot of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, which will further decrease the weight of the car. It is expected that it weighs approximately 3,000 lb.

Prices for the Future 2019 Baby Acura NSX

We do not have any solid info about the price of the 2019 Baby Acura NSX model but it is clear that it is not going to be an affordable car. If Honda does make this sports model, the prices are not going to be as close as the former S2000 was nor do they plan to make it an affordable model at all. The price is going to be closer to $150,000 as a base price.

2019 Baby Acura Release Date

Being that we are still in the development stages of the 2019 Baby Acura NSX, there is still a long way to go for this car actually becoming a reality. The rumors about the model have started to surface now and it would seem that the car is being made for the 2019 model year. Some reports have even gone as far as to say that this model is already being featured for 2018 but in our mind it would be too soon for the car to appear so early. It appears that we are waiting for the 2019 Baby Acura NSX a bit while longer.

Competition Vehicles

Bringing the 2019 Baby Acura NSX back to the Honda line or even the Acura line will raise some questions from the competition. The cars which are currently labeled as the closest competing cars are the Alfa Romeo 4C and the Porsche Cayman models. Both of them did not have an update since 2014 and it would be interesting if they decide to do something about it and prepare a new additions once the 2019 Baby Acura NSX is out. But for now the two cars remain the closets rivaling cars in the segment.


With the departure from the S2000 model Honda has been looking for a car which would fill in the gap that this model has made. Now we are probably looking at a model which might do just that. Although it is not planned to be as affordable as the S2000 had been it would look good for Honda to update its sports car roster. The smaller NSX is not a sure thing yet but the prospect of it sure sounds fun for us. 

2020 Acura MDX Release Date, Specs and Review

Offering familiar performance, value and comfort is the new Acura MDX 2020. It should rank atop your priority list in case you are shopping in the three-row luxury crossovers segment. Some of the pros include excellent crash-test scores, good fuel economy ratings, adept handling, plenty of features for the money, and a confident acceleration. Its release date should be expected January next year.

For 2020, buyers should expect a slew of new features including an updated all-wheel-drive system, standard nine-speed auto transmission system, an easy-entry driver seat, auto stop-start, lightweight body, better handling, an optional suite of safety technologies, and Siri Eyes Free voice.

With a reputation for reliability, a strong resale value, and a reasonable price tag, the new 2020 Acura MDX has attracted a significant chunk of buyers looking for a three-row luxury crossover. It offers numerous updates over the previous model spread in all facets of its design language.

2020 Acura MDX back
2020 Acura MDX back

Its driving dynamics remain top-notch. You’ll find it surprisingly athletic particularly when driving around turns. Also, at top speeds the cabin is serene as it comes with effective sound-deadening materials.

In a nutshell, this well-made, versatile and feature-rich equipped 2020 Acura MDX is undeniably the most sensible choice for anyone shopping in the mid-size luxury crossover segment. However, it comes with a slew of depressing features which might work against it. They include a modest cargo space, less luxurious feel, and subpar tech interface graphics.

2020 Acura MDX dashboard

Other popular choices available in the same segment include 2020 Volvo XC90, 2020 Audi Q7, 2020 BMW X5, 2020 Honda Pilot, and the spacious and well-equipped 2020 Infiniti QX60.

Acura MDX – Available Trims

The seven-passenger 2020 Acura MDX SUV comes in a single trim available with a variety of upgrades grouped in terms of optional packages. The 2020 Acura MDX Hybrid is reviewed separately.

2020 Acura MDX Exterior Pictures & Interior Spy Photos

2020 Acura MDX Spy Shots

Standard accessories available for the Acura MDX 2020 include driver memory settings, automatic climate control (tri-zone), heated eight-way power front seats, 18” wheels, LED automatic headlights, a sunroof, a power liftgate, rear privacy glass, keyless ignition and entry, a power telescopic-and-tilt steering wheel, auto-dimming rearview mirror, leather upholstery, and power exterior mirrors. Technology highlights include Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, twin dashboard displays, a multi-angle rearview camera, an iPod/USB interface, Siri Eyes Free voice controls, a CD player, satellite and HD radio, Pandora and Aha compatibility, and an eight-speaker sound system.

The AcuraWatch Plus package adds cruise control, automatic braking, forward collision alert, road departure mitigation, and lane-keeping assist.

The MDX Technology package adds a 10-speaker sound system, 19” alloy wheels, automatic mitigation braking, a color driver information center, a navigation system, HD and satellite radio, lane-departure warning system, rear-door keyless entry, solar-sensing climate control, rear-door keyless entry, and voice controls.

The Entertainment trim level which builds upon what the Technology package offers comes with AcuraWatch Plus, a 110V power outlet, 9” touchscreen display, a rear seat DVD entertainment system, rear heated seats, and aft door window sunshades.

2020 Acura MDX front
2020 Acura MDX front

The Advance trim level bundles everything both the AcuraWatch Plus and Technology packages come with plus an auto-dimming sideview mirrors, second-row heated seats, front passenger power lumbar, automatic engine stop-start, roof rails, upgraded leather upholstery, remote engine start, and perforated front seats.

2020 Acura MDX interior
2020 Acura MDX interior

Combining the respective features of both the Entertainment and Advance trim are the two lower trim’s packages and add an HDMI input, 12-speaker sound system, unique exterior colors, an upgraded rear-seat entertainment system, and a 16.2” infotainment screen.

Engine Specs – 2020 Acura MDX

The new Acura MDX for 2020 comes with a 3.5L V6 engine rated at 290 hp and 267 pounds of torque under its hood. The front wheel drive is standard, as is the nine-speed automatic transmission system, while the SH-all-wheel-drive system is optionally available.

2020 Acura MDX engine

Fuel economy ratings as per the EPA ratings stand at 19/27/22 mpg in the city/highway/combined with the front-wheel-drive system, and 20/27/23 mpg with the stop-start feature present on the Advance package.

The all-wheel-drive configured 2020 Acura MDX return 19/26/22 mpg with the Advance package, and 18/26/21 mpg in standard form. During our test drive, the SH-AWD MDX went from 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds.

Price & 2020 Acura MDX Release Date

The base 2020 Acura MDX will cost an MSRP starting from $42,865, the AcuraWatch Plus package – $44,365, SH-AWD – $44,865, the SH-AWD w/AcuraWatch Plus package – $46,365, and the range-topping 2020 Acura MDX with Technology package – an MSRP of $47,290.

2020 Acura MDX release date
2020 Acura MDX release date

Release date wise, the vehicle should debut sometime early next year, according to rumors.

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2020 Acura MDX alloy wheels

2020 Acura MDX grille

2020 Acura MDX headlights

2020 Acura MDX leather interior

2020 Acura MDX leather seats

2020 Acura MDX steering wheel

2020 Acura MDX taillights