Audi Q Junior Coming In 2019 as Part of a New Lineup of Cars

The prospect of a 2019 Audi Q Junior seems wonderful. It is a car which is mainly aimed at the younger crowds. It could even further expand the Audi lineup which is already filled with crossover models. But this car could be important for Audi’s future endeavors. Smaller and consequentially cheaper crossover cars are getting more and more popular.

Market research showed that people are searching for these types of vehicles. And larger car manufactures have already started producing their models. Audi needs to jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible and give us their own representative. Therefore Audi Q Junior could be a brilliant idea to do that.

The news about the Audi Q Junior released in 2019 came out just recently. Not much about the car is known so far. Yet, there are a lot of people who are excited to learn that this model might become real in the future. Also, 2019 is not that far away when you look at it, so the Q Junior might appear sooner than we expect it.

As part of Audi’s future releases we are going to get a band of Q-badged cars. The market will certainly appreciate these. Beside the already announced Q1, the Q Junior is the next and even smaller vehicle which comes out from Audi. It is going to be a two door coupe crossover. In addition, it will be using a MQB-A0 platform, as the report states.

The Dispute about the Name

For now we are calling this car the 2019 Audi Q Junior. Nevertheless, it should be called the Q2. But Alfa Romeo has already occupied and owned that name.  So they have not confirmed the name. The car which will bear the future Q2 name is the next Fiat car. And they are not willing to let it go.

However after the debut of Audi Q1, the next model in line should be this one. And by all rights and knowledge they should name it the Q2. But as things sometimes go, it is not entirely easy for a company to relinquish a name that they are sticking by. So Audi has to think of another solution.

The Q Junior is a working title for now, but it may stick around for a bit longer. Actually, Audi produced a DKV Junior model a long time ago, in 1963. Since they already had the right to the name and have used it in the past they could bring this one back from the graveyard and start using it for their smallest vehicle in the lineup. Based on the size, the name will be more than suitable for the car.

Some News on the Powertrain

There is not a lot of news mentioned about the 2019 Audi Q Junior. Therefore there are a lot of rumors going about. The details about the design are pretty scarce and they will showcase and state in due time. For now we only have some pieces of news about the engine. It states that the car is going to use a three or even a four cylinder engine and come in both gasoline and diesel options. Both of them might be turbocharged.

This also means that the car would easily be matted to a S tronic transmission. For now no news about the potential output and any other specs about the car but it will be announced in due time once more information becomes available.

What about the Price of the Car

This discussion about the 2019 Audi Q Junior could be put off for a while. It is still early to tell what the price of the car might be. But as early estimations go, they will sell this car both in Europe and in America. There are statements which say that the price of car in Europe is going to range from €20,000, which then translates into $22,584 for the American market. It is actually a suitable price for this kind of a car. And as it is aimed at the youth the low price is quite welcomed and will probably be appreciated.


Since the segment is getting bigger and bigger by the second, the 2019 Audi Q Junior will see a lot of cars which might act as an opposition. This model is a luxury vehicle and will also make its appearance in America. This also affects the list of rivals so we see the GLA-Class of cars coming from Mercedes and the BMW X1 models as the hottest competition that the Q Junior will face.

Release Date

The 2019 Audi Q Junior is still a rumored car. But the company confirmed that the they started a production on it. We can expect to receive some more solid evidence about it and more details about the design of the exterior and interior which are currently missing. They need to make this car fast and produce it so the competition does not get hotter. So we can expect date somewhere in 2019 is appear.


2019 Audi A3 Coupe Making Splashes in Segment

The speculations of the 2019 Audi A3 Coupe model coming have been confirmed. The model is going to join to long line of configurations that the A3 offers. We already knew that the Sportback, the Saloon and the sedan have been slanted for releases. However, now there is a confirmation that the coupe version will also join the offer which Audi plans to bring.

The things is that the competition has been growing stronger. Both Mercedes and BMW are getting ready with their own offers with the GLC-Class and the Series 1 models making a debut. This immediately brought the attention to the makers in Audi. They wanted to make a car which will rival the those ones. It is highly important for Audi to stay competitive with its closest rivals. And that is why we have the A3 coupe coming soon.

Another reason for producing the baby Sportback is to shift its models a bit. This would also bump the A4 saloon within the executive class models. But at the same time it will allow it to come for the same price as offered now and not causing an exuberant increases.

Audi is actually copying Mercedes’ strategy as they have done the same. They managed to fill all of the segments with their own cars and that way keeping it all for themselves. Audi is smart to do so. Following this strategy will help them probably be as close to the competing cars as possible.

Their plan is to actually expand their roster of cars so by the year 2020 Audi is supposed to have 60 separate models on hand scattered across multiple different segments. This is also going to affect the popularity and the output the company is going to have.

The pictures that were released recently of the 2019 Audi A3 Coupe also indicate that the release date is closer and we are looking forward to seeing this car finally appear.

Updated Exterior Design of the 2019 Audi A3 Coupe

The new 2019 Audi A3 Coupe has gone through various updates. This makes the car look much more contemporary. The vehicle will this way be adapted to the fleet of cars that are making their way to the segment right now.

Some of the changes are going to modify the car a bit. However, generally speaking we can still recognize it as the A3 model. The face of the car has been largely modified and there are plentiful additions made. But the characteristics of the car is still the same.

The modifications generally make the car look bolder. And this is mainly thanks to the new grille design. It is going to be wider and sportier. In addition, it comes with some new LED headlights. The final part of the changes  to the front end is the new kind of a bumper. It rounds up the front end of the car nicely.

Since this is a coupe, you would expect the majority of the changes to the rear end of the car. So this is the case with the 2019 version of the A3 Coupe model. The slimmer taillights and a different kind of a bumper that resembles the one from the front is the one of the things you will notice.

Of course the changes in the roofline is necessary for this to be a coupe. The roof plunges downed and creates a new configuration for the A3 vehicle. Once we take a look at the end product we see that the car actually shares a lot of similarities with the Audi TT vehicle but does not take things too far.

Tech Heavy on the Inside

Probably one of the expectation that will catch the people’s attention about the 2019 Audi A3 Coupe is the inside. It comes with all the sorts of the tech updates. You will see a lot of parts that are carried over from the last merely updated with the latest technology. However there are also a lot of new ones which are going to debut here.

There is a heavy emphasis on the safety of the car. It also brings a lot of parts that we can get excited about. Audi’s Virtual Cockpit system is on the top of our lists as it comes updated with the next-generation software. It is also important to add various connectivity features. These are going to be better integrated for use within the vehicle. It might also be that this car is going to bring us more when it comes to autonomous driving.

A self-driving mode will be implemented for this car and it will help it gain an advantage in the competitive market. They are mainly going for a futuristic interior. All the gadgets are really going to work for them and will bring a much more appealing package. Further equipment includes wireless smartphone charging and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The futuristic interior will also gain an updated seating package. The inside is not going to be completed without an Audi-like variety of leather and soft materials. Expect both the front and back seats to be heavy on the exclusiveness and add many new added materials. This owes to the expanded spacing which the car will have and it will expand the options for the passengers inside.

New Type of a Platform

The newest 2019 Audi A3 Coupe is going to be built using the MQB platform. At the same time this means two things for the A3 coupe. First that it is going to be able to incorporate various kinds of engine options under the hood. Secondly, the size is going to matter.

With the platform the A3 coupe has all kinds of options when it comes to the engine usage. If they want to give the buyers plentiful choices when it comes to power and fuel economy, this is the best way to do it.  in fact, they can incorporate either a three or four-cylinder turbo petrol engine. They even have the option of putting in a diesel which will be necessary for the European market.

The additions of a plug-in hybrid e-tron unit will help with the fuel economy. This will satisfy the customers who are looking to save on fuel. Audi is fond of using their 48-volt electric system. They used this system on several of their current or past models. They are probably not going to experiment this time and we can hope to get this system here.

The current MQB chassis is a good one but it will need to grow slightly for this model. We are guessing that they are going to make the car grow a few inches so there is more room and more comfort on the inside. It is only going to make the car more beneficial and will keep the people inside happy.

Manu Rumors about the Powertrain of the 2019 Audi A3 Coupe

We already know that the 2019 Audi A3 Coupe might come with an array of engines given for the brand. But there are no confirmation which say which ones are they going to add under the hood of this model. There are certain assumptions which leads us to believe that there might be some kind of evidence with the sedan version.

The A3 sedan is expected to come out with three gasoline and three diesel variants. So, since they are probably going to use the given platform it leaves them with a lot of room to maneuver and they can fit a whole lot underneath the car. This will most notably concern the European customers as the given engines are going to appear in the Euro-spec version but it will then be decided which ones are going to be transferred to America.

We start with the 1.0-liter, TFSI, gasoline-powered three-cylinder engine which is tiled to make 115 horsepower and 147.5 pound-feet of torque. Next in line of gasoline engines is the 1.4-liter, TFSI, COD four-cylinder which manages to up the performance and produce 150 horsepower and 184.4 pound-feet of torque. The range topping version is the 2.0-liter, TFSI four-cylinder, a newly produced one, which is able to push the performance all the way to 90 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque.

Diesel Engines

Next we come to the diesel batch of engines. The entry diesel variant should be the 1.6-liter TDI engine making 110 horsepower.  After it comes the mid-level 2.0-liter TDI which is going to come available with 150 horsepower and 250.8 pound-feet of torque The highest version is the 2.0-liter TDI engine and it makes a leading 184 horsepower and 280.3 pound-feet of torque of power.

As far as transmissions go the model will use either a six-speed manual transmission or the S Tronic seven-speed dual clutch.

The latest rumors are concerning the hybrid engine option which the 2019 Audi A3 Coupe will come with. This is going to mean the addition of the company’s latest e-tron hybrid powertrain which is an eco-friendly version and it will most likely be a lucrative offer for the segment.

It will use a 48-volt electrical system which many of the hybrids in the segment use. This is not at all an impossible offer and Audi will be lucky to make it work den incorporate into the offer. No word on the possible output nor fuel economy ratings and we are expecting this version to help the car improve its fuel consumption ratings.

Price Rates for the 2019 Audi A3 Coupe

The price is not currently available and it will take some time until the 2019 Audi A3 Coupe offers any news about its price. This would be interesting to see but there are going to be some price modifications. But as experts are rating it, the debuting entry model will come for a fee of £20,000. Of course the array of options and various sort of equipment will probably jack up the price even further. We are expecting larger shifts until the Release date comes.

What about the Release Date of the 2019 Audi A3 Coupe

There are many speculations about the release date of the 2019 Audi A3 Coupe. Many are assuming that the car is getting ready for an early release. But as things are going for now it will take a little bit longer for the coupe to come out.

Audi is actually preparing to offer the starting lineup and present the initial batch of cars first. The sedan version will probably hit the market in early 2018, if not even before that. Within the next year expect otter configurations to come out while the last one on the menu is the coupe form. Thus, we can expect the debut of the A3 coupe in late 2019 and it will mark the start of sales for the car.

A Filled Segment of Vehicles

The new 2019 Audi A3 Coupe is going to arrive in a segment which is already offering some new cars within it. The list of rivals is not so large but the thing is that it makes for a very competitive segment between the rivaling companies which are already familiar to each other.

Long term rivals Mercedes-Benz and BMW have already debuted their offers. The CLA class vehicles which are coming from Mercedes-Benz may offer class leading quality and stability and are perhaps the most luxurious in the segment that you can find. BMW came back with their Series 1 cars that are scheduled to make a debut the coming year.

Now it is time for Audi to make their claim and introduce a model of their own. The Audi A3 Coupe 2019 may just be the car to do it and as we are able to see from the current offer it will be quite possible that it might rival the established cars in the segment.


How Could a 2019 Audi Pickup Look Like?

Ever wondered how might a 2019 Audi Pickup look like? Well so have we. The newly expanding midsize luxury pickup market has shown us that a lot of automakers have decided to go this way and make their own products. Audi is perhaps the only one without a horse in the race, at least for now. There are many prospects of Audi creating a luxury pickup model of their own and there are many indications that this option might come as earliest as 2019.

If an Audi Pickup truck were to be made they will certainly need to do something with their current ones. But a very interesting idea came recently with a rendering depicting how the model could really look like. As some people have imagined, the 2019 Audi Pickup would need to rework the current Volkswagen Amarok into a high-end Audi model. If you would just imagine it, this concept looks pretty solid and it would not take too much to redesign and make it a reality.

The rendering which was recently created to depict a 2019 Audi Pickup is essentially an Amarok pickup which has been badge engineered with the Audi’s newts business-type look. A suitable interior for a luxury Audi has been added and also some US specs powertrain options and there you have it. Will this idea prompt the designers from Audi to make their own 2019 Audi Pickup we shall see, but for now here is how a potential model would look like.

2019 Audi Pickup Exterior Rendering

The potential 2019 Audi Pickup is based on the recently released 2018 Amarok model. Actually the changes would be rather simple as much of the model continues on unchanged. The front end would feature thehexagonal grille of the outgoing Audi and its headlights design and the closest model to base them on would be the Q7 SUV model. But since the body from the Amarok requires a bigger grille than the Q7 can proved, it would need to be made larger with a taller grille and a bigger hood. Also, it would seem that they will remove the air dam in the lower part seen on the Amarok.

In order to give the Audi Pickup more of a truck-like stance the squared wheel arches will need to be used along with some larger tires. The same would need to be made for the upright and very tall greenhouse but we feel that it is very likely that they manage to add the chrome sports bar used for past Amarok cars.

The rear end will probably keep step bumper as well as the bed almost identical as the one seen in the VW version. But in order to make the design a bit more of a posh one a pair of high-class LED taillights would be added. In conclusion, the 2019 Amarok Pickup will look similarly as the VW Amarok but will have enough of their own additions and changes make this car a unique one. Also, the buyers in the US are probably not aware of the appearance of the VW Amarok model as it is not sold there so this version would perhaps be interesting for them to use.

The Interior Appearance

When thinking about the interior for the 2019 Audi Pickup, it actually does not seem like that much of a problem. Audi and VW models already share some similarities so it will be quite easy to make an interior based on the two of them. But in order to make this one they will probably need to add some standard items like the leather seats, carbon fiber trims and genuine wood pieces, suede accents, and the newly updated Audi MMI infotainment system. This will also probably come with Audi’s Virtual Cockpit. All of this and some minute revisions to the dash and the center console layout and we would get a perfect interior layout for our 2019 Audi Pickup.

The rear seats would also need to incorporate a center armrest and heating options, while keeping the rear passengers comfortable are also the added HVAC controls and strategically positioned air vents. So the interior will mostly resemble the one on the VW Amarok but will be aided with the addition of Audi’s technology and amenities that they offer. The inside will justify the pickup premium price to its fullest extent.


When it comes to choosing a powertrain for the 2019 Audi Pickup, we would have to rely on the options given by the VW Amarok and the Audi Q7. Since the Amarok has been heavily revised, the overseas versions come with a new 3.0-liter TDI V-6 engine giving off an impressive output of 221 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque.  But it is assumed that the pickup will need at least two engines available at dispels so the one used on the Audi Q7, or the  3.0-liter TFSI gasoline V-6, will be offered. The supercharged engine will be able to produce 333 horses and 325 pound-feet of twist. This one is already matted to a VW’s eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission and will also come with a quattro AWD system so it would be pretty easy to make.

What Could be the 2019 Audi Pickup Price?

If all of this is put together for the 2019 Audi Pickup, we would be looking at a price tag of around the mark of $48,000 and $50,000. This would be a suitable price for the premium segment of pickup trucks and it would not be surprising for the car to go even up to $60,000 if some advanced equipment or added options are added.

Why Make a 2019 Audi Pickup in the First Place?

A 2019 Audi Pickup would actually be a very good option for the segment. As the market is expanding ant the premium pickup truck segment is growing more and more, Audi would need to come out with their option soon. Since they do not have one yet they should start to think about making one ASAP.

The competition has already made their own claims or is planning to do so as more and more automakers are joining the party. For instance, Mercedes has already fully committed to making a midsize pickup for the global market which could be a luxury model for the US audiences. Tesla is not resting on this idea as well, so they have already announced an all-electric pickup which would come with the familiar Tesla technology. But the first real option is the 2017 GMC Canyon Denali which is going to be the first one to arrive in dealerships as this model has already been developed and made, so we are only waiting on a release date. BMW has not offered anything so far but they are already hinting at making their own model.

With all of these models already in preparation it would be necessary for Audi to make one of their own, so that is why it is assumed that by 2019 we would be able to see an Audi Pickup already developed and designed. This rendering seems like a very good concept and a starting point from which Audi may decide to start making their 2019 Pickup vehicle.