2019 BMW M8

Latest Information about the 2019 BMW M8 Release Date?

The returning 2019 BMW M8 vehicle should mark the attempt of the German automaker to rival the competition which has been adding new cars in their roster. The original 8 Series was produced in the 90s. Until then it was discontinued in 1999 due to poor sales.

Back then, they even did not have the M badged cars for its latest incarnation. However, there have been more rumors recently. They reached the pinnacle in 2017 when the company released a concept model. And we got to see how the M badged car could look.

With the latest spy photos and images we gained important information about the 2019 BMW M8 model. In fact, it seems that the model is nearing completion. A potential release date is possibly the end of 2018. But there is still no official confirmation, so it might shift to the first quarter of 2019 easily.

All in all, the release date is the least of our concerns as we finally have a working model on our hands that we can talk about. The camo on it is still fresh but it does not stop us to analyze it and review it.

What is the Price of the 2019 BMW M8 Model?

There is no exact way to tell exactly home much the 2019 BMW M8 model will cost. There are still a few missing information that need to be added to the mix. We are still looking forward to hearing about some key elements which will describe the car in further light. But the bottom line is that this model does not come cheap. It is a Beemer first of all, and better yet an M badged one.

The predictions about the price for the 2019 BMW M8 start somewhere at $156,700, which would be the price for the M760i xDrive. If the engine predictions are correct and we do get to have the V-8 and V-12 variants on our hand, the first one will demand a price of about $170,000 with the latter pitting somewhere at around $200,000. A great price for a great car.

Rumored 2019 BMW M8

After the car being discontinued, a comeback for thee 2019 BMW M8 was something a lot of the fans wanted to see. The vehicle was once a proud member of the BMW lineup and its inception started in 1989. It lasted for exactly 10 years with the last model being the 1999 variant. As for the M badged version, they were continued even before the initial cut.

But when rivaling vehicles, namely Mercedes and Bentley, recently came out with their own vehicles from the same class, BMW had to do something quick. There were many rumors in regards with the 8 Series models but no one thought that a comeback of the M8 was possible.

Even after the release of the concept this year, it was unbelievable that this has the potential of actually happening. Fortunately, the rumors have been confirmed to be true this time and the 2019 BMW M8 is on its way. More details about this car will emerge pretty soon and we can hope to learn a lot more about it in the coming months.

Exterior Redesign for the 2019 BMW M8

Immediately upon seeing the pictures of the 2019 BMW M8 model you see how different it looks form the concept. It was actually made to be much softer and leaning in comparison to its concept car which debuted this year. You can spot the grille in the front which resembles the ones seen on the current lineup of BMW models.

They have thin and sharp vertical slats with a wide kidney giving a much wider stance for this car. The headlamps are made to be thicker in the concept car and the lower portion features the large outlets and lover vents and a mesh grille in the middle.

The side view of the car tells us that the front fender is missing and a roof which is positioned a bit higher. But they have decided to keep the slim rear haunches which is for most of the people a trademark for the entire 8 Series. But the M parts include beefed up side skirts and twin-five spoke rims which are dark grey.

The rear end of the production version of the 2019 BMW M8 has the least to do with the concept model. The production taillights are a lot different and are not set to extend so much into the fender. The trunk lid has also been reshaped but the enormous spoiler is still there. There are no crease on the side of the number but the quad exhaust pipes are very noticeable here.

New Color Variations

The 2019 BMW M8 production vehicle is currently covered with a lot of camo. It is pretty hard to determine even the base color variant and let alone guess which new additions they are planning. Actually there have not been any news of updated color choices. But it is something that will most certainly happen.

There is a great possibility that the color variants which are included here are similar to some of the latest BMW products. We are actually hopeful in getting some newer variations and choices. As this vehicle is a part of the new line of BMW models, new colors will most certainly happen.

2019 BMW M8 Size and Dimensions

The size of the 2019 BMW M8 has yet to be officially determined. It is more than possible that the vehicle is going to be the same as the concept model. This is a balanced vehicle and if we compare it to the newest one and the pictures that we got, we are more than certainly going to get the car with the same size.

There was no need for it to grow. The vehicle has a pretty good set this way. The improvements are not necessary here and with the vehicle that we see here before us and in the examples gives us a pretty good picture of the car. Size is more than perfect and allows for a good and beneficial car.

What is Happening on the Inside of the 2019 BMW M8?

There are no pictures are yet for the interior of the 2019 BMW M8. But it is clear where the car is going to look for inspiration. Once again, the concept model is going to be the main source for the new M8 vehicle. We are expecting a better and fancier version of the current language style of BMW models.

So expect to see a mixture of appealing lines and surfaces with a sleek center console and an all-digital instrument cluster. We are also expecting a new steering wheel design to go as well.  The concept model also features a de-cluttered dashboard on the passenger side with red stitching on the upper side. We are not too certain if this design makes it in for the production version.

The infotainment system is not placed on the top as in many BMW models. In fact it is integrated in the center stack. This will probably continue for the production version as well. Also, parts around the center stack will be built from lightweight materials and make it comparable to M badged products.

Finally, when it comes to material the concept model had an array of materials to choose from. Expect the final version to do the same and at least use Merino leather in Dark Brown and Fjord White combined with hand-polished aluminum, for a very premium look.

Engine Setup for the 2019 BMW M8

The engine is arguably the most important part of the 2019 BMW M8. This car has to compete in an ultra-competitive segment. So judging based on the offer that the competition is comprising, there are not a whole lot of options which might happen here.

The two that we feel most confident that we will have include aV-8 or V-12 engines. But there is a very high possibility that we get to have them both. Even the smaller engine should be capable of providing 600 horsepower easily with the larger going to 650 horsepower. If this proves to be true, the line for these engines will be very much improved.

Top Speed and 0-60 mph Performance for the 2019 BMW M8

With the news about the potential powertrain of the 2019 BMW M8 car, we feel excited about its specs. The mentioned engines are good enough to launch the car to 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds. While the top speed is around 200 mph.

2019 BMW M8 Fuel Consumption Numbers

Until we get more solid evidence for the powertrain of the 2019 BMW M8 there is no way to tell what its fuel consumption numbers might be. They are going to give us the EPA stats once they do the necessary tests but do not expect this car to consume less than before and the mpg numbers will be sky high.

New 2017 BMW Z4 – Release Date, Specs & Info

The new 2017 BMW Z4 offers a sleek combination of upscale features and stonking performance paralleled only by a handful of vehicles in its class. Some of the features that heighten its appeal include an excellent visibility, a comfortable ride quality, a quick-folding hardtop, powerful engines, ample legroom for a roadster, and stout brakes. The BMW Z4 2017 release date is open for speculation as BMW is yet to make any information available. But my crystal ball assures me it is most probable to be availed sometime before this fall as a 2017 year model.

2017 BMW Z4 exterior, side angle,alloy wheels

“Why would you want your hair fussed?” – is perhaps a puzzled comment that one occasionally gets when they seem to suggest they’ve been motoring along in a convertible with the top down. Well, for those who’re well acquainted with the fun, the 2017 BMW Z4 roadster probably deserves your attention.

2017 BMW Z4 exterior, rear view, taillights and alloy wheels

Once again, BMW has managed to hit the sweet spot with the Z4. It’s fun, athletic, and powerful.  Based on the engine capacity, the Z4 is available in three flavors starting with the entry-level BMW Z4 sDrive28i model that is capable of sending 240 horsepower and 260 lbs. ft. of torque to the rear wheel drive system via either the six-speed manual or the eight-speed automatic. Both systems are standard and offered at no extra cost. Upgrading to the BMW Z4 sDrive35i gets you 300 horsepower – generated from a six-cylinder turbocharged 3.0L engine. And lastly, those who opt for the Z4 sDrive35is get a 335 horsepower – generating 3.0L turbocharged six-cylinder engine.

2017 BMW Z4 spy shots

How’s life aboard? You ask. The 2017 BMW Z4 interior is classy and stuffed with high-quality materials. Some of the unique features available include a handy cargo shelf, sun-reflective “Kansas” leather, “SensaTec” vinyl upholstery, and a two-tone color schemes. Needless to say, the Z4 interior also comes with a myriad of customization options.

2017 BMW Z4 exterior, rear view, taillights, tailpipe and alloy wheels

On the flipside, however, the asking price is relatively substantial relative to its rivals. The trunk space is modest, and the four-cylinder is clattery when idle. In light of the above, it’d be prudent to check around the segment before making a decision. Some of the alternatives available include the Mazda MX-5 Miata – solves the pricing issue and offers a much better cargo volume. Others include the Mercedes-Benz SLK, BMW 2 Series, and Audi A3.

2017 BMW Z4 Review of Trims

2017 BMW Z4 exterior, front view, grille and badges

Corresponding to the engine choice, there are three versions available for the 2017 BMW Z4: sDrive28i, sDrive35is, and the sDrive35i.

2017 BMW Z4 Convertible Interior & Exterior Changes

2017 BMW Z4 interior, lcd screen

Some of the standard accessories available on the Z4 sDrive28i include a soft-closing automatic trunk lid, a tilt-and-telescopic leather-wrapped steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity, an auxiliary audio jack, BMW Assist service, cruise control, LED taillights and foglights, a USB/iPod audio interface, auto-dimming mirrors, an eight-way power sport seats, keyless entry and ignition, premium vinyl upholstery, automatic dual-zone climate control, automatic wipers, adaptive bi-xenon headlights, and manually-adjustable thigh support.

The Z4 sDrive35i adds a sun-reflective leather upholstery, and eighteen-inch wheels.

2017 BMW Z4 interior, leather seats

The top-of-the-line Z4 sDrive35is model adds an upgraded audio system, a sport steering wheel, a sport suspension system, unique styling cues, a more powerful engine, an upgraded interior trim, adaptive dampers, and special eighteen-inch wheels.

2017 BMW Z4 Engine Specs

As already mentioned above, the new BMW Z4 2017 comes equipped with three engines. The sDrive28i gets a 240 horsepower- and 260 lbs. ft. of torque – generating 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

2017 BMW Z4 engine

Upgrading to the Z4 sDrive35i gets you 300 horsepower and 300 pounds-feet of torque. The output is yielded by a 3.0L six-cylinder engine that is hitched to a seven-speed automated manual transmission system.

Lastly, the Z4 sDrive35is comes equipped with a turbocharged six-cylinder 3.0L engine able to crank out 335 horsepower and 332 pounds-feet of torque.

2017 BMW Z4 Release Date & Price

2017 BMW Z4 release date

Rumors allege the new BMW Z4 is set to go for sale sometime before this fall with the base expected to cost an MSRP starting from $49,700. A separate review is offered for the Z4M model.

Image gallery

2017 BMW Z4 auto show, front view, whitecolor, headlights and grille

2017 BMW Z4 exterior, fron tview, badges and grille

2017 BMW Z4 rear view, taillights and tailpipe

2017 BMW Z4 exterior, orange color, front view, headlighs,alloy wheels and grille

2017 BMW Z4 side view, orange color, alloy wheels

2017 BMW Z4 front view, headlights and grille

2017 BMW Z4 rear view, taillights and badges

2017 BMW Z4 rear angle, taillights and tailpipe

2017 BMW Z4 trunk

2017 BMW Z4 interior, steering wheel, gear shift knob, dashboard

2017 BMW Z4 interior, gear shift knob

2017 BMW X1 Release Date, Specs and Info

If you are looking for a small SUV that offers a spirited performance, spacious cabin, a feature galore, and upscale performance, the BMW XI for 2017 is a strong contender. It may lack the athleticism of its previous model, but it offers a heightened practicality. Its release date should be expected during the second half of this year if the rumored reports are anything to go by.

2017 bmw x1 side view, headlights and grille

Some of its revitalized features include a better-than-average fuel economy ratings, a spacious interior chock full of upscale furnishings, a strong four-cylinder engine, and tons of standard features. For 2017, the 2017 BMW X1 offers a complete redesign and subtle exterior and interior changes.

If you have been shopping around for a luxury crossover you’ll probably have come across the BMW X1 for 2017. This is BMW’s smallest and most affordable vehicle. The outgoing model provided a fun driving experience but in the process jeopardized its passenger space which didn’t go well with many users, of course. The redesigned X1, on the other hand, promises better and improved interior space.

2017 bmw x1 exterior, front view,grille

This is because the new X1 is no longer based on the FWD BMW 3 Series and now shares the same platform as that of the Mini Cooper. True, it sounds a bit confusing to have both “BMW” and “FWD”. However, those skeptical about the changes shouldn’t worry a thing about the turn of things. The new architecture has lots to offer in terms of suspension upgrades and performance.

2017 bmw x1 exterior,side view

Interior wise, both leg-and shoulder room have been improved particularly in the backseat. The new X1 now offers top-of-the-range cargo volume but anyone thirsty for more space should probably opt for the larger X3 crossover. The cabin materials offered are classy even for the base model. Newer technology features are also available including but not limited to a frontal collision mitigation system, a heads-up display, pedestrian mitigation, and a hands-free power tailgate.

Of course, you will probably want to shop around in the segment before you finally give in. some of the X1 bogeys include the 2017 Lexus NX 200t, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA250, the 2017 Acura RDX, and the 2017 Audi Q3.

Available Trims – BMW X1

The new 2017 X1 is only available in one well-appointed trim level: xDrive28i.

Exterior Dimensions & Interior Review – 2017 BMW X1

Standard accessories and technology available for the model include driver memory settings, automatic windshield wipers, a telescopic-and-tilt steering wheel, an eight-way power front seats, 40/20/40-split folding rear seats, automatic climate control (dual-zone), premium vinyl upholstery, a power liftgate, and 18” wheels. Standard electronic features available include a USB input, CD player, a seven-speaker sound system, Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, BMW’s iDrive interface with a touchpad controller, a navigation system, and a 6.5” screen.

2017 bmw x1 gear shift knob, daskboard,lcd screen and steering wheel

Several major packages are available as options. Starting off the package list is the Premium package that comes equipped with a panoramic sunroof, interior ambient lighting, a four-way power lumbar, adaptive LED headlights, keyless entry and ignition, power-folding mirrors, and a hands-free control. The Luxury package gets you wood interior trim and an upgraded leather upholstery.

2017 bmw x1 interior, leather seats

For the technology addicts, expect an upgraded 8.8” display screen, and smartphone apps. The M Sport package adds exterior aerodynamic trim pieces, standard all-season run-flat tires, M Sport steering wheel with shift paddles, a sport-tuned suspension tuning, exterior aerodynamic trim pieces, sportier programming, and summer performance tires.

2017 bmw x1 side view,white color

Safety wise, buyers should expect rear parking sensors, a rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, automatic high-beam control, frontal collision warning, automated parallel-parking system, and heated steering wheel.

Engine Specs – 2017 BMW X1

As already mentioned, under the hood of the X1 is a 2.0L turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine rated at 228 hp and 258 lbs. of torque. Transferring the power to the four wheels is an eight-speed automatic transmission system.

As per BMW estimates, we should expect the X1 to dash from 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds. Its estimated fuel economy ratings stand at 22/32/26 mpg in the city/highway/combined.

2017 bmw x1 engine

2017 BMW X1 Release Date U.S.A & Price

The 2017 BMW X1 will cost you an MSRP starting from $34,800. As for its release date, we should expect the vehicle to go for sale during the second half of this year.


2017 bmw x1 side view, headlights

2017 bmw x1 front angle, headlights and grille

2017 bmw x1 rear view, tailpipe and taillights

2017 bmw x1 side angle, alloy wheels

2017 bmw x1 rear view, taillights

2017 bmw x1 side angle, alloy wheels and tailpipe

2017 bmw x1 rear angle, taolpipe and taillights

2017 bmw x1 trunk