Panasonic Is Investing $3.86 Billions In Tesla

Panasonic is one huge and very successful company. They slowly developed technology which is good enough for Tesla Motors and they now have the exclusive right to supply Tesla Motors with lithium ion batteries. We have already known that Panasonic has a good business relationship with Tesla but their most recent move caught us off guard.

We have already informed you about Tesla’s plans for Gigafactory. For those uninformed, Gigafactory is Elon Musk’s biggest investment in the auto industry so far. He wants to make a sort of revolution and to bring his electric vehicles available for general population by cutting down prices. That Gigafactory will have all steps of car manufacturing under one roof in order to do that.

The thing that surprised us was the official report. Panasonic will make Tesla Motor’s Model 3 lithium ion batteries exclusively, and it will raise 3.9 billion dollars in corporate bonds to invest into Gigafactory with Tesla. The investment this huge has to have some really durable backbone in order to be sustainable for a longer period of time.

Panasonic has “pledged” itself by contract as a principal partner with Tesla. The goal of the partnership was (is) to substantially reduce the price of long-range battery packs and to establish a facility which could mass-produce electric vehicles.

A Tesla Model S lithium-ion battery pack

Since Panasonic sees automobile industry as a potential “wind in their sails”, the main priority is a successful Gigafactory. There is no evidence that can point to something bad in the production, but this investment is too large to be a mere partnership obligation. We already know that this is a big investment, and one of the greatest risks, Elon Musk has ever made, but can this be a hint that something bad is happening? Maybe the expenses grew too much for Tesla?

Let’s look at this situation from an economy point of view

After Panasonic raised 3.9 billion dollars from bonds to help Tesla’s Gigafactory, they immediately felt the 13 percent decrease in their profit and 5.9 percent drop in their total revenue, to about 17 billion dollars. The official report is that they believe the drop is caused by their deal with Tesla, but only partially. The main headquarter is in Osaka, Japan but they have special department only for automotive industry called Panasonic Automotive Systems Co. That department, solely, has the estimated revenue from auto parts sales of about 10 billion dollars in its 2015 fiscal year. So is their profit decrease important? Is it even noticeable?

Panasonic is a corporation with a long history. Their roots go before any of us were even born and they handled every situation, every crisis, even great war without stumbling. They went into this business with Elon Musk, with capital large enough to decrease their profit by a tenth in a second. But they did this for their long-term growth.

Tesla Motors is not a single company in Elon Musk’s hands. Everything that he has created brought him a great deal of money, but there were no easy steps. Every decision he made about his business was risky. We all looked at him in wonder, as he was spending millions (he earned by selling PayPal) creating his Roadster, and he earned billions by making that risk. Then he started building rockets and telling people he will go to Mars, and we laughed. A couple of months ago the entire USA filmed with their cameras some “meteor” going slowly into the atmosphere, but nobody knew that was Elon Musk’s rocket going back to its landing platform. Even NASA is using his rockets, so nobody is laughing now.

Historically and for the sake of future, we can only say that Panasonic has chosen the right ally in this silent war of economics. They couldn’t have chosen a better partner. And if they decided to back them up, that can only be a proof that there is nothing to worry about. In the end, only time will tell us if there is something “fishy” going on with Gigafactory and the future of Tesla. Or maybe we will never find out. For now, we can only sit, enjoy and wait for the next story.

2017 Honda CR-V Spy Shots and News

Honda CR-V has already become one of the most anticipated vehicles for the next year. There is a lot going on around the production and marketing of this SUV. There have been lots of spy shots, and again nobody knows the exact plan, Honda has for this one. It’s like water, where ever you put it, it takes the shape of that. If you put the news of this vehicle to some pessimistic person’s hands, it will be the dark as it can be and if you have someone who loves SUV’s writing the news, you will get every single shred of light you can get. Maybe the marketing teams should look up to the Hollywood ways of thinking. If you want to sell some product, you need to keep the product’s name in people’s heads. Maybe that is why we know about the Honda CR-V, but actually do we know anything?




Reason For New Marketing Moves

This is a business worth of billions of dollars, and when something is in plan to be made, nobody asks us what we want. Instead, there are thousands of experts making plans for the future moves of the company. This is the case with every single industry, and statistics in that field are very important even when the changes are measured in decimals.


2017-honda-cr-v-spy-photo-exhaust pipe


The thing is, Acura’s sale has dropped for 9.3 percent for a year, and Honda brand light truck sales have risen by 8.1 percent. That is why, all the executives are turning to minivans, crossovers and pickups production. Jeff Conrad, Honda Division general manager, has said in a statement that they were looking forward to the third straight year of record results, with their redesigned Accord Hybrid and the all new Ridgeline pickup. Nobody even mentioned sedans or sport cars. On the top of that, we also got a really good news that the Honda CR-V crossover posted sales of 29,615 (which is a June record) and gained a 4.5 percent.

2017 Honda CR-V With 7 Seats?

Those are the main reasons we are getting the all new spy shots from Germany, and all other gossip news about the 2017 Honda CR-V. That is why we even have some speculations about the third row of seats in 2017 Honda CR-V, which is, judging by the size of that monster, going to be the correct speculation. And again the size of that car is influenced by the already existing Honda HR-V, and it would be a shame to have two crossovers looking exactly the same, but are we ready for that change?

2017-honda-cr-v-spy-photo-front grill



Honda CR-V has lots of rivals (Hyundai Tucson, Mitsubishi Outlander, Kia Sportage, Toyota RAV4 etc.)

As we have already said we have the Honda HR-V which is a direct contender to Mazda CX-3, Subaru Crosstrek and even Mazda CX-5 and Subaru Forester. Honda CR-V is getting closer to Honda Pilot. What are we left with in the future? A tank?

In the end, the Honda CR-V has always been recognized as a regular two row SUV, and we had the Honda Pilot for three seats.

The rumors might be true or not, but the figures are there to prove that customers want more SUVs. The sales have risen up, and that is why the manufacturers must keep up and make additional offers.

The final verdict has been left for the potential buyers or enthusiasts to judge when the model comes out.

2017 Honda Turbo/ Hybrid/ Honda CR-V Limited Edition



The other rumored versions are the 2017 Honda CR-V Turbo and Honda CR-V Limited Edition which we will get, sometime in 2018, together with the plug-in hybrid engine.

The Honda CR-V Limited Edition is going to arrive with more the 5500 dollars worth of additional equipment, and you as a customer, will have to pay only 1700 dollars more for that pleasure. It will be available in 2WD and 4WD forms, with automatic and manual transmission.

The Limited Edition will be fitted with side steps, roof spoiler, front and rear parking sensors, automatic dusk sensitive headlamps, front fog lamps, blind spot camera and bigger wheels. Of course they will keep the regular equipment like keyless entry, seven inch infotainment display, rear view camera, cruise control, LED daytime lamps etc.

2017 Honda CR-V’s New Production Unit in Indiana?

One more interesting thing for 2017 Honda CR-V is a huge investment in a crossover production capacity in Greensburg plant in Indiana where the CR-V is going to be produced. Why? Well the plant in Guadalajara, Mexico is being overrun with HR-V model which is not getting enough supply from Celaya in Mexico. Both Mexican plants will contribute a yearly supply of 160,000 units for that SUV. That is how big that industry is right now, and how much the demand for the SUV’s is high right now.

If you would like to read a detailed review of 2017 Honda CR-V, please follow the link.

If you would like to see more about the 2017 Honda CR-V and 2017 Honda HR-V, you could take a look at some great video reviews from our good friend Barrington Williams.

Open Your Mercedes Without a Key

In the thunderstorm of new gadgets and devices we get almost every day, the well known automobile manufacturer has one that will change the way you care about your phone, or your SIM card.

Almost anything can be done with your phone. We use it for messaging and calls (sms, email, Skype, Viber), as a paying tool (virtual bank), camera, newspapers, video player, mp3 player etc. But we have never used it for opening our cars. Mercedes has that in plan… At least for their new E class.

The thing is, you won’t need any keys. The actual key for your car will be your SIM card. It will use the same technology we use to make cashless mobile payments. But it won’t use your current SIM, but some new generation super secure SIM cards.

Why are they using your SIM and not some app?

For security measures, because you cannot hack the SIM card without taking it out of the phone, which means that someone needs to steal your phone first; If your phone battery is dead, it doesn’t matter, because it only needs the signal out of your SIM etc.

It’s only complicating things for most of us. Why do we need to get rid of keys? I don’t see any purpose in that. It’s a cool thing when you only need to step close to your car and it immediately recognize you and opens the car. But mobile phone, acting as a key is not my cup of tea.

Something wrong about it?

There are plenty of things which can go wrong, the first one is that you don’t only lose your phone if someone steals it, but you can potentially lose your car too. The second one is that it won’t act like a remote key, but as a regular key which you have to get closer to the door knob.

All those negative things are overwhelming, and it doesn’t look like a good idea at all. One part of me is for the new experiences and the advancement of technology but the other part is saying that, even if I had an option for using my phone as a key for my car, I would choose not to use it, and would demand the pair of good old regular keys. Maybe that way of thinking is bad, and yeah, people thought that remote locking/ unlocking is not safe because of all those signal interception devices, but I have never had any bad experience with it.

Maybe we are not yet tired of phones and electronics stealing our lives. Maybe this will not be too much. In the end, Mercedes was the one manufacturer which experimented with the credit card keys on the W220 S-class twenty years ago.

It is coming with the new Mercedes E-class.