Open Your Mercedes Without a Key

open your mercedes without a key

In the thunderstorm of new gadgets and devices we get almost every day, the well known automobile manufacturer has one that will change the way you care about your phone, or your SIM card.

Almost anything can be done with your phone. We use it for messaging and calls (sms, email, Skype, Viber), as a paying tool (virtual bank), camera, newspapers, video player, mp3 player etc. But we have never used it for opening our cars. Mercedes has that in plan… At least for their new E class.

The thing is, you won’t need any keys. The actual key for your car will be your SIM card. It will use the same technology we use to make cashless mobile payments. But it won’t use your current SIM, but some new generation super secure SIM cards.

Why are they using your SIM and not some app?

For security measures, because you cannot hack the SIM card without taking it out of the phone, which means that someone needs to steal your phone first; If your phone battery is dead, it doesn’t matter, because it only needs the signal out of your SIM etc.

It’s only complicating things for most of us. Why do we need to get rid of keys? I don’t see any purpose in that. It’s a cool thing when you only need to step close to your car and it immediately recognize you and opens the car. But mobile phone, acting as a key is not my cup of tea.

Something wrong about it?

There are plenty of things which can go wrong, the first one is that you don’t only lose your phone if someone steals it, but you can potentially lose your car too. The second one is that it won’t act like a remote key, but as a regular key which you have to get closer to the door knob.

All those negative things are overwhelming, and it doesn’t look like a good idea at all. One part of me is for the new experiences and the advancement of technology but the other part is saying that, even if I had an option for using my phone as a key for my car, I would choose not to use it, and would demand the pair of good old regular keys. Maybe that way of thinking is bad, and yeah, people thought that remote locking/ unlocking is not safe because of all those signal interception devices, but I have never had any bad experience with it.

Maybe we are not yet tired of phones and electronics stealing our lives. Maybe this will not be too much. In the end, Mercedes was the one manufacturer which experimented with the credit card keys on the W220 S-class twenty years ago.

It is coming with the new Mercedes E-class.