Pokemon GO Got Him Arrested – Almost

A couple of days ago, one police helicopter pilot followed a car for suspicious movement, called the backup and stayed tuned.

The car was moving really slow through the city without any noticeable reason. At least that reason could not be detected from the helicopter. So he followed it through streets thinking that the passengers of the vehicle are planning something devious. There were no cars in front nor in the back of that vehicle. Only a person under the influence could have driven that way or someone who is planning some robbery or other criminal act. The strangest thing was the trajectory and the absence of the obvious destination.

Major Highway accident Pokemon go

It was going through the main streets, small allies and even the occasional stops were strange – in the middle of the street, on the sidewalk of the empty street etc. He followed the vehicle like every other good officer and waited for the ground backup to arrive.

Backup arrived and caught the awkwardly moving vehicle in the middle of the quiet street near the lawn. The police officer got out of the vehicle, had a chat with the driver and reported back:”Driver is catching Pokemons”.

The incident occurred in a small neighborhood in Ontario, Canada.

Other incident happened on the open highway at the beginning of the month. 26-year-old Lamar Hickson allegedly stopped in the middle of the highway and caused the massive multiple-vehicle collision. His only excuse was:”when you want to catch them all, you gotta risk everything, therefore, I put my car in the recreation area and began tossing those balls”.

The incidents go on and on. Not only in the USA but across the pond too. In Brussels, police started fining Pokémon GO players with $60. They are doing that to ensure the safety of players and other traffic participants, including some bikers who were caught playing Pokémon while driving. Police reports are mentioning drivers and pedestrians in the same dangerous connotation. Why? We learn about traffic rules in the kindergarten and all those rules don’t matter as soon as you jump into that “virtual world”. You don’t see traffic signs, crosswalks, other people.

In spite of the fact that the app is very young, there were numbers of incidents reported to police across the whole world. Rumor has it that the game itself is available only in a couple of countries but that didn’t stop gamers from modding it and uploading it to the internet, making it available for everybody. Even my niece is walking around and swiping the screen.

So, nobody lives under the rock and we all know about that new trend of catching imaginative pets into imaginative balls. That game is made by Nintendo. It quickly became one of the most played and downloaded apps in the world, but this games played it wrong. Not because of the way of playing ( cheating / sitting not walking and hanging out with other people). That is the wrong way to drive. In Canada and every other place on the planet you are placing your and other drivers and pedestrians alike in danger, only by holding some communication device in your hands, while driving. The fines are big too. If you have A, B, C, D, E, F or G license and you are charged with “distracted driving”, the penalties are:

  • a fine of $490, if you are a good citizen and you don’t want to go to court.
  • a fine of up to $1,000 if a summons is received or if you fight the ticket and you lose the case on the court.
  • three demerit points

If you are a beginner driver and you have G1, G2, M1 or M2 driving license, you will face the same penalties as the above, but you won’t receive any demerit points. Instead of that, you won’t be able to drive for 30 days if that is your first conviction, 90 if that is your second and you won’t be able to drive at all if that is your third conviction. Unless you redo the entire GLS program.

Until next time, drive safe and walk safe. Watch your surroundings and catch them all in parks or something.