Rumored 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback Under Development

Shortly after the release of the Model 3, there are already rumors on 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback. This model could actually bring to a more functional Tesla fleet of cars. In addition, it will expand the roster with an additional version of the car.

Tesla has always been a company which strives to improvement and towards making oneself better. So it is not unusual for them to consider a hatchback version of the car.

Once the Model 3 vehicle made its debut it started attracting many people towards the brand. In fact, the very introduction and gearing up for this version was a big thing. We were anticipating this model very much and were waiting to see what it has. It is safe to say that it did not disappoint and that the Model 3 is one of Tesla’s finest products.

The idea behind the Tesla Model 3 vehicle was to bring the all-electric model to the masses and get it closer to the people. You can bet that it was successful. Namely, there were more than 400,000 pre-orders made without even seeing the car.

The next step in evolution would be a hatchback version. Although the company didn’t confirm this so far, they are viewing this as a possibility. They can decide to bring this model to fruition and actually use the popularity of the brand. Plus, they would bring an even more convenient model to the people.

Tesla might start to consider the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback soon. So we can beat them to the punch and give our estimations about how the car might look. Enjoy our review and our potential estimations about this car.

Designing the Exterior of the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback

Making the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback is going to be easy, at least aesthetically speaking. The mechanical side of things is a whole different story but we will concentrate on the looks for now. The Model 3 sedan already has what it takes to be transformed into a coupe. It’s mainly thanks to its coupe-like features that it has. It is not going to take too much to make the hatchback from the base version.

The front end will see a removal of a grille and all the air intakes, since there is no need for any. LEDs are added for the lights and also for the daytime running lights. They are placed in the form of strips along the bumper.

2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback Athletic Look

They will cut the overhangs, emphasizing the vehicle’s athletic form. The side of the car sees a character line. It is placed at an angle and when it combines with the raked stance of the car gives it more of an aggressive look. The wheels are going to come with rollers designed in a unique style.

But the rear part sees the most differences with the hatch part drifting away at a flatter angle. There is a single segmented sheet of glass. At the same time a spoiler is mounted in the back with a higher trunk as well. We also see that the hatch part has gain a lot of aero additions and new wraparound taillights.

The rendering of the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback actually shows us a car which is more suitable in terms of its size and usefulness compared to the sedan version. It just seems more natural that they turn this small car  into a hatchback. On the other side, the sedan is very good looking as well. But just seems awkward in a way.

The Changes that can be Done on the Inside

One of the major things that the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback will expand compared to the sedan version is the cargo space. The hatch will increase the spacing inside. Additionally, it will offers us a larger volume in the rear and the in front, as the sedan has two cargo bays.

But it is not certain how much more cargo space they are willing to offer. As we see it, they have to match what the rivals are offering. Therefore it would not make much sense to expand if they are not capable of doing it right.

This model will have foldable seats. This is not only going to help increase the cargo space. It will also give us enough room for 5 people to be accommodated at the same time.

The cabin will also go through an update. And this is both in terms of the layout on the dashboard and the controls. They will shift most of the controls to the center mounted touchscreen on the dash. Therefore, the passenger and the driver will have access to the infotainment system that way.

We are probably going to be treated to a more modernistic approach here so less hard buttons and switches will be given. We also expect to see the basic Autopilot features given for the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback. This is a usual addition in every Tesla vehicle so this one is not going to be one which is going to miss those.

Powertrain for the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback

As we expect it the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback will probably borrow the powertrain from the sedan version. The problem is that the information about the powertrain of the sedan is still limited.

They have not unveiled everything that we want to know, so we cannot really confirm nor guess how the hatchback is going to fare. What we can say is that the base model will probably come with a RWD drive and be capable of attaining a range of 215 miles, which probably means that they are adding a 40-kWh battery pack.

We can also expect that the 0-60 mph acceleration comes to about 6 seconds of time. Of course, there are probably going to be some higher specs models available and we assume that those will get to use a 60-kWh battery pack or even a 70-kWh one.

The former one could offer a range of 250 miles and an acceleration of up to 5 seconds, while the latter option provides a range of 300 miles and 4 seconds to get to 60 mph.


We estimate that the price for the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback will not differ so much compared to the sedan version. It might add a couple of hundreds but it will initially come to a price of $27,500. The higher trim levels will of course get a higher bump in the price and will probably amount to somewhere around $55,000.

Rivaling Vehicles

The competition for the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback is probably a standard one. There are already a lot of hatchback cars with an electric engine available so the Model 3 is just going to be one of the many. But this is a Tesla so it immediately gives it a lot of advantage when we compare it to the other ones. Vehicles such as Chevrolet Bolt and the Nissan Leaf are in for a surprise when the Hatchback version of the Model 3 comes out.

Is the 2019 Tesla Minivan a Key Missing Element in their Lineup?

Perhaps now an idea of a 2019 Tesla Minivan sounds ludicrous. Nevertheless, you will be thinking in a completely different way a few years down the line. We feel that a minivan is they key missing piece in the Tesla lineup which they are planning to make.

They have already announced a fresh new batch of cars which is supposed to appear in the near future. We already know that a pickup and a compact SUV are coming. There have even been talks about a semi-truck appearing as well. This only leaves us with a minivan missing.

Some would say that the popularity of minivans has dwindled as the popularity of crossovers has gained speed. This might be true but it is also true that minivans are an absolute necessity for some.

Bigger families cannot simply drive away with a crossover or an SUV. They need the space and comfort that only a minivan can propose. So the idea behind a 2019 Tesla Minivan is absolutely normal to consider.

It’s actually pretty simple to figure out how to build the 2019 Tesla Minivan. The easiest way is to take the Model X SUV as a basis and start from there. Of course, we would have to extend the wheelbase a bit and change the dimensions. That way a third row of seats is added and sliding doors on the sides as well.

Also, adding the battery is not going to be a problem as there is enough room to fit it under the floor boards and place the motors at the sides of the wheels. So the idea behind it is there, it only remains to be seen if they decide to go for it.

We have put together a review based on a potential rendering of the minivan which we can discuss and analyze. As the 2019 Tesla Minivan has not been confirmed yet it would be interesting to see how they might make it.

Compiling the Exterior of the 2019 Tesla Minivan

According to our timeline, by 2019 Tesla Minivan comes out worldwide. Many of them are going to have similar lines. They are just going to differ based on the type of a car. So the minivan will probably attain a corporate look that the majority of the Tesla models have.

As far as the details about the 2019 Tesla Minivan go, we are probably going to get a model that incorporates the looks of the Model X car. In fact this model is already a minivan by the looks of it.

So if we just trim down some pieces and make it a little bit more family friendly we may end up getting the necessary look for our minivan model. Some specific modifications would include the re-positioning of the A-pillars which will maximize the spacing for the passenger part. In addition, it will make it more of a minivan that way.

Instead of the Falcon Wing doors, this version will have to add sliding doors for easier entrance. The car will include the mechanism which opens the doors within the C-Pillars part. It will make things much easier that way and it does not look that farfetched for this to be added.

Maximizing the Interior of the 2019 Tesla Minivan

We can probably expect that the 2019 Tesla Minivan gains nothing less than a usual high-tech Tesla interior. We also think that the inside will mainly be based on the current interior of the Model X, as it is the car which is the most similar to a minivan.

The layout will also add digital gauges. Furthermore, we are probably going to see the enormous touchscreen carried over for the best kind of convenience. We see the 2019 Tesla Minivan as a car can carry up to seven passengers. This is a configuration that goes 2+2 +3. This means that the back side of the car will have to be wider so the three passengers in the rear get to be accommodated.

Also the captains chairs in the central part will have to be moved a bit in order to allocate for more legroom for the people in the third row. They are going drastically to change the center console compared to the Model X because of the modifications of the position of the passengers. We can also expect to get some advanced convenience equipment. This will allow passengers to have more comfort and a nicer experience riding here.


The 2019 Tesla Minivan is going to be a full elective vehicle but will use different battery sizes. Since minivans are not that fast we are excluding the P90D version from the mix and we will most likely end up with 60D, 75D, and 90D ones.

IF we are to compare the capabilities of the drivetrains with the Model X, the entry model is the 60D version which will offer you a driving range of 200 miles. It also sprints to 0-60 mph in 6 seconds and has a top speed of 130 mph. The next one is the 75D which has a larger range which goes to 237 miles.

But the most consistent one and the vehicle which provides the most range is the 90D with 257 miles, but also an all-wheel drive system and the ability to reach 60 mph from a standstill in 4.8 seconds.

Possible Prices

The price of the 2019 Tesla Minivan will be much higher if we compare it to the Moodle X vehicles. So we are expecting the base 60D to be priced $45,000, the 75D is  $53,000. At the same time the top tier 90D is going to go all the way to  $68,000. However, there are going to be many additional pieces of equipment that they are going to change here.

Competition Cars

Whether they decide to actually build the 2019 Tesla Minivan is still not sure. But the car is going to be a valuable accent as Tesla will that way be able to fill out its roster with the necessary configurations of cars that they need. The most suitable rival here is the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid model.

Panasonic Is Investing $3.86 Billions In Tesla

Panasonic is one huge and very successful company. They slowly developed technology which is good enough for Tesla Motors and they now have the exclusive right to supply Tesla Motors with lithium ion batteries. We have already known that Panasonic has a good business relationship with Tesla but their most recent move caught us off guard.

We have already informed you about Tesla’s plans for Gigafactory. For those uninformed, Gigafactory is Elon Musk’s biggest investment in the auto industry so far. He wants to make a sort of revolution and to bring his electric vehicles available for general population by cutting down prices. That Gigafactory will have all steps of car manufacturing under one roof in order to do that.

The thing that surprised us was the official report. Panasonic will make Tesla Motor’s Model 3 lithium ion batteries exclusively, and it will raise 3.9 billion dollars in corporate bonds to invest into Gigafactory with Tesla. The investment this huge has to have some really durable backbone in order to be sustainable for a longer period of time.

Panasonic has “pledged” itself by contract as a principal partner with Tesla. The goal of the partnership was (is) to substantially reduce the price of long-range battery packs and to establish a facility which could mass-produce electric vehicles.

A Tesla Model S lithium-ion battery pack

Since Panasonic sees automobile industry as a potential “wind in their sails”, the main priority is a successful Gigafactory. There is no evidence that can point to something bad in the production, but this investment is too large to be a mere partnership obligation. We already know that this is a big investment, and one of the greatest risks, Elon Musk has ever made, but can this be a hint that something bad is happening? Maybe the expenses grew too much for Tesla?

Let’s look at this situation from an economy point of view

After Panasonic raised 3.9 billion dollars from bonds to help Tesla’s Gigafactory, they immediately felt the 13 percent decrease in their profit and 5.9 percent drop in their total revenue, to about 17 billion dollars. The official report is that they believe the drop is caused by their deal with Tesla, but only partially. The main headquarter is in Osaka, Japan but they have special department only for automotive industry called Panasonic Automotive Systems Co. That department, solely, has the estimated revenue from auto parts sales of about 10 billion dollars in its 2015 fiscal year. So is their profit decrease important? Is it even noticeable?

Panasonic is a corporation with a long history. Their roots go before any of us were even born and they handled every situation, every crisis, even great war without stumbling. They went into this business with Elon Musk, with capital large enough to decrease their profit by a tenth in a second. But they did this for their long-term growth.

Tesla Motors is not a single company in Elon Musk’s hands. Everything that he has created brought him a great deal of money, but there were no easy steps. Every decision he made about his business was risky. We all looked at him in wonder, as he was spending millions (he earned by selling PayPal) creating his Roadster, and he earned billions by making that risk. Then he started building rockets and telling people he will go to Mars, and we laughed. A couple of months ago the entire USA filmed with their cameras some “meteor” going slowly into the atmosphere, but nobody knew that was Elon Musk’s rocket going back to its landing platform. Even NASA is using his rockets, so nobody is laughing now.

Historically and for the sake of future, we can only say that Panasonic has chosen the right ally in this silent war of economics. They couldn’t have chosen a better partner. And if they decided to back them up, that can only be a proof that there is nothing to worry about. In the end, only time will tell us if there is something “fishy” going on with Gigafactory and the future of Tesla. Or maybe we will never find out. For now, we can only sit, enjoy and wait for the next story.