A lot of Questions Posed about the 2019 Volkswagen Teramont

Quite recently we have seen a lot of emerging information about the 2019 Volkswagen Teramont vehicle. This is actually a surprising piece of news as VW has recently showed us a CrossBlue concept. Everyone thought this model would go into production by now. But the last thing they stated was that they are dropping the project for now. They also announced that they are continuing with another model starting with T, the Teramont.

The camera first spotted test mule of the 2019 Teramont  in China. It was the first case which stated that the CrossBlue project is going to be on hold for now.

The pictures have showed us a lot of details of the VW Teramont. Nevertheless, at the same time they do not show us a lot. It’s because they keep the main parts covered. One of the main things which we spotted was a V6 badge on the side. But the company still has not  disclosed which V6 engine we are talking about.

Possible Release Date

As things are turning out now, the vehicle is getting its preparations for its international showcasing in Los Angeles. So we are probably going to see the SUV fully for the first time in November. This also implies that Teramont is a 2019 vehicle which could start its sales by 2018. The 2019 Volkswagen Teramont is going to make its appearance in America as well. However the timing is still not clear.

For now we are giving you all the current information that we have on the 2019 Volkswagen Teramont. Hopefully we get to see much more by the time the vehicle shows up for the public.

The Exterior of the 2019 Volkswagen Teramont Based on the Spy Photos

The only information that we have about the 2019 Volkswagen Teramont is based mainly on the spy photos of the car. As we are able to discern, the car will take some pieces from the CrossBlue concept. That way it won’t let the designed vehicle go to waste.

This is pretty noticeable within the grille area. It gives the car a refined appearance. The body color is dark. But the added satin chrome pieces are a great juxtaposition to it. In addition, it makes things a bit clearer. The hood is long, so it does not really help us to determine which engine they could fit there. Because there are a number of them that they can actually place.

The rear end has some elements from other already recognizable Volkswagen products. Such as the tailgates which they directly transferred from the Tiguan car. There is an accent bar between the taillights and the fascia. We were also able to see the double exhaust tips and the V6 badge is also in the back.

What does the Interior Bring?

We are actually expecting that the 2019 Volkswagen Teramont uses a lot of parts from the CrossBlue concept. We are probably going to see a low instrument cluster which offers a bigger infotainment screen.

The model will also add wood trims which are going to be seen on the dash and the door panels as well. The shifter will probably change compared to the concept version as that one seemed to out of the ordinary to keep as a production version. The digital cluster which the concept had could be transfered here and it would benefit the vehicle and provide a clearer picture on the dash.

We are also expecting to get more comfort for the interior of the 2019 Volkswagen Teramont. The seats, both the front and the back ones, will add different and with new materials. According to some expectations, they are going to expand the legroom, particularly to the second row passengers.

It is also already confirmed that this car is not going to feature a third row of seats, so if you were hoping to expand the number of passengers unfortunately two rows is what we are getting.

Which V6 Engine are we going to See?

As the 2019 Volkswagen Teramont appeared with a V6 badge on its back side, it is safe to say that a V6 engine is going to be placed under the hood. But the questions remains which one, as this was not indicated or announced in any sort of a way. Volkswagen has used a number of V6s and is using some of them now in their current cars.

There are a number of candidates that might be suitable for the Teramont. One of them is the 3.6-liter FSI V-6 which is used in the Touareg and which makes 280 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque. Another option would be a supercharged 3.0-liters V-6 engine that is found under the hood of the Audi Q7.

Within this model it is capable of making 333 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque. Interestingly, both engines could be matted to an 8-speed automatic transmission and can work in an AWD system with them as well. So both options are on the table and our assessment is that one of these two makes it inside.


If we look at the 2019 Volkswagen Teramont in terms of luxury it provides, we can place it just above the Touareg model. The current Touareg costs $49,705 as a base MSRP price. So Volkswagen may offer the Teramont for $52,000 as a starting price.

Competition and Alternatives

If Volkswagen is truly thinking to make a 2019 Volkswagen Teramont they are going to be arriving in an already prepared segment which offers SUV vehicles left and right. Other alternatives do exist and the Mazda CX-9 and Audi Q7 are just some of them which already exist in the market.

A 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Pickup to be Brought To America

Emerging news about a 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Pickup have gotten us interested about its making. It is actually highly possible that this deal does make it though and that they manage to make it. There are some plausible evidence which might support the claim. Also, at the latest Detroit Auto Show the chief engineer for North American of VW dropped some subtle hints about the possibility to make this car.

As they claim, the plan is to use the current Atlas SUV and make it into a pickup truck. They would then market it in the US. They are probably going to base the formula on the Honda Ridgeline, which has basically done the same. Also they will use the Honda Pilot SUV as its basis to make the Ridgeline pickup truck. This would be very much possible as the Atlas SUV has what it takes to provide a mechanical structure for a possible mid-size pickup with a unibody.

There is one problem though. The American audiences and the American market is not that keen on foreign makers when it comes to pickup trucks. It is true that the market is booming in the US. A lot of makers want to get in the action and offer their own model.

But the American still like their own home brands and the market is mainly dominated by Ford, Ram and GM. One of the examples is the Nissan based Titan which was introduced to the American market and ultimately did not do so well.

If they decide to go for this idea of a 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Pickup, they have to take these things into consideration. The project does sound interesting but it is left to be seen if it is going to be lucrative. We give you our thoughts and a rendering of the vehicle which is potentially to come.

When can we Hope to See the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas?

The prospect of getting a 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Pickup seems so far away. But as they claimed, there is a great possibility that they are already working hard to bring this project to life. Company keeps everything as a secret. There are no solid evidence to support a possible release date.

However, if we are to guess based on the fact that they have already started, the Volkswagen Atlas Pickup might appear in 2019. It is the earliest that we can hope to see the finished product.

How Might the Exterior Be Built?

In order to build a 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Pickup, they are surely going to use the same plan that Honda had with its Ridgeline. This means that everything from the C-Pillars would be the same. Volkswagen has established their own recognizable take on almost every of their products. So this one will also have the same type of design which will make it a recognizable VW car.

We imagine that the front part will be similar to the Atlas SUV models with the same kind of grille and the blocky headlights. The only difference will be the lower part of the bumper. This will be the only difference between the two. The car is a unibody so there is a character line which spreads across the side. They actually use a specific way of designing to hide how they are going to make the pickup.

The back end of the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Pickup should contain a set size cargo bed. We can also see the LED taillights that wrap around the edge of the car fitting in really nicely. That way they are keeping an expected traditional design of a pickup truck. In order to resemble the Atlas SUV a bit more, we will probably see black cladding  placed on the power portion of the vehicle. That adds an element of ruggedness which a pickup needs.

Will the Interior of the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Pickup be Similar to the Atlas SUV?

If you are asking of the interior of the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Pickup shapes up to be the same as the SUV one, they you are thinking the same way as we are. It is more than likely that we are going to get to see a design which is going to be copied from the Atlas SUV. We have seen this done before and it would not be too bad to see it again. This would mean that the pickup will inherit the clean and minimalistic but modern interior that the Atlas is known for having.

We are expecting to see digital gauges in the dash and the Car-Net infotainment system that VW frequently uses. A three spoke steering wheel design is also something that we will get and dual zone climate controls is a nice convenience gadget to have. Finally the car will also enable version sorts of connectivity features which takes care of its contemporary side.

The second row of seats will have to go though some changes. This is a must. We are not entirely certain what they will decide to go with. Still, it will be somewhere in the line of the Pilot crossover to Ridgeline. The interior volume should be adjusted that way and we can also expect to get a larger cargo bay for utility purposes.

How will the Drivetrain be Modified?

It would actually benefit the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Pickup the most if they simply transfer the engine options from the SUV car. It would give the pickup model more road worthiness. Additionally, it will allow it to behave similarly as an SUV and at the same time having the necessary power of a pickup truck. The Atlas SUV uses two different engine options and both could be transferred to the pickup easily.

The first one is a 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder, engine that can provide an output of 238 horses, while the secondary engine is a VR6 3.6-liter one which can go up to 280 horsepower in terms of output. Both of the engines use an eight-speed automatic shifter which comes with a manual shift mode. The primary engine has a FWD only while the bigger one adds an option of a 4Motion all-wheel-drive.


As we already estimated, 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Pickup will have its toughest test with the competition that it will face. In fact, the American market is sprawling with great cars. Therefore it might not be wise to go there and try to overtake the spot of the US-Based vehicles. We do not see the Atlas pickup going against those cars. It would best be suited for them to rival vehicle like the Toyota Tacoma or the Chevrolet Colorado. This is where we see the possibility of the VW Atlas Pickup making.

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Price

It is hard to estimate the price for the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Pickup in this stage of development. No matter when the vehicle comes out it will still be hard to guess what the price is going to be. However it will be higher that the Atlas car that they are basing it on. We are probably looking at a $33,000 for starts. Nevertheless, it could go all the way to $45,000 for the higher-trims of the model.

Hints of a 2019 Volkswagen Polo SUV Gradually Appearing on the Streets

We have been getting more and more hints of a 2019 Volkswagen Polo SUV car. We spotted a camouflaged version of a car on the streets. People are believing in this idea more and more after a new set of spy photos has appeared. The story about the first VW SUV is very interesting. It actually supports our claims that they are going to base it on their new Polo model.

First, the VW T-Cross Breeze concept model showcased at the Geneva Auto Show this year. This is a drop top model. However, the designers made it clear that this car is a basis for the SUV vehicle they have been developing. Also it is a way for them to introduce a new design language that they have been working on. This should appear on future Volkswagen models.

Secondly, the next-gen Volkswagen Polo should also appear. So many people have already thought that the mule wearing the camo is a next-generation Polo. But, upon closer inspection we noticed this was a different body. Namely a three-door car which reminds us on a Golf car.

So getting back to the idea of an SUV, the test mule is actually a covered up VW Polo SUV. This led us to believe differently. It is a great tactic from the designing crew. Yet it is only with a sharp eye that one was going to notice this.

It is very hard to determine how the 2019 Volkswagen Polo SUV may look alone on these facts. But we have looked to our rendering team to help us provide a possible picture of a model. We are sure this one is coming out really soon.

How will the Exterior of the new SUV Look?

The 2019 Volkswagen Polo SUV is covered with a lot of camo. It is pretty clear, though, that we are looking at a four-door SUV. There are some parts that we could discern and guess based on the current design. But some of them the company will only develop in the future.

The hood looks as if they have elevated it a bit. And we notice wrap around headlights as well. A large grille is imminent and with it we probably should expect larger air damns as well.

The side of the car shows us some sleek side view mirrors. They repositioned the mirrors and mounted within the front door parts. The lines of the side of the car are not recognizable for now. However, they seem to be soft and smooth. They may run from the headlights all the way back to the taillights.

This also leads us to believe that the lower part of the vehicle will have the same contour as the wheel well.

There is a lot of padding in the back. But even with those we are pretty certain that the back part is going to have a steep grade with a flat edge just below the window part.

We are expecting two piece taillights. There also seems that a ligh runs all the way the length of the hatch as well. The rear fascia is smooth and they might place a one character line there. But we cannot see them because the camo for now.

What Changes will the Inside of the 2019 Volkswagen Polo SUV Add?

The spy photos of the 2019 Volkswagen Polo SUV do not show anything significant about the interior of the car. However, we can look for inspiration in the Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze concept. We expect a very similar center console along with the door panelst.

Also, we hope to see the digital gauge cluster. We saw this one in the concept that, although toned down a bit, turned out to be great for the vehicle. This also places the HMI as one of the crucial parts of the car. And this car might also add an instrument cluster with two screens which would help with decluttering the inside.

They may add a different layout. But generally it will have the same elements. The bottom line is that the Polo SUV needs and should be more technologically advanced compared to the base Polo. And we will have to wait and see what they decide to put into it.

What About the Drivetrain?

The 2019 Volkswagen Polo SUV is still in its testing phase so it is pretty hard to say which engine is going to be used for it. The old Polo has a range of some solid engines and some of them could make a crossover and be used here for this version of the car.

The engines that we can see in the old VW Polo include a 1.0-liter gasoline which is capable of making 93 hp, a 108 horsepower 1.0-liter TSI engine, a 1.2-liter TSI which makes 88 horses and a 1.4-liter TSI that makes  147 hp or the 1.8-liter TSI  with 189 hp. Some of them might be considered for the SUV and but it is still a long way until the car gets to be made. So there are even some other options which might mean a completely new engine being developed.

Price Tag

Estimating the price for the 2019 Volkswagen Polo SUV is not easy to do in this phase. There is a lot that has to be considered and a lot which we have to take into account. Based on the given lineup and the competing SUV cars we are probably looking at a figure of about $27,000, but it all might change until the car is released for real.


Volkswagen will enter into the SUV segment with its 2019 Volkswagen Polo SUV. It is going to be a vehicle which opens the door for them and which will also define how future cars are going to fare. Let’s not further, this car will probably carry the latest VW design which they are proudly announcing for the future lineup. So the vehicles which they are probably going to go against include the Honda HR-V and the Mazda CX-3 which are some of the featured models in the market.